As of today, it has been 5 days since my first ever summer holiday started. Before this, i never had such a long holiday like this one which is almost 4 months in a foreign land with only a few friend left behind. I did plan to do quite a number of things just to make sure that i did not get bored and stay fresh like this flower! :p

Last time after SPM, i worked a cashier in a book store to fill in the long holiday but now my plan to work as a nurse on call seems like falling apart for the time being as i need to attend a newly-introduce course before i can start my work. It was very difficult for me to learn that they just introduce this course last 2 months and only because of a few document that i procrastinate, I have to face the consequences of my foolish action. Things surely would be different of I put more effort to send all those document earlier! To make thing worse, I was scheduled for the course on 25.7.08 which means that i only have one whole month of August to work, if i'm lucky enough to get called for works.

However I already have some back-up plan to fill in the Jun and July. Probably i'm just going to stay in the house and having some nice and great own time with myself and some other friend. I did plan to travel around europe early in the July but since i need to be here on 25 July, maybe i'm going to re-scheduled all the travel plan. InsyaAllah if everything are okay, i'll be meeting my friend Faris in Dusseldof on 27 June and Ijoy in Chezch Republic on 12 July. Then after that i'll be traveling with Ijoi possibly.

Regarding staying at home, i plan to finish some of the books that i already have with me which before this i never had a chance to read them due to the busyness of the medical school stuff. Even though some of them already with me since i arrived in Dublin, it was very sad as i rarely spend my time to read them but prefer the internet and gaming. I know that i need to change my lifestyles as i think that it didn't suit my responsibility as a medical student, but certain things are so difficult to change. Even with such a great courage, it can never be as easy as learning the to play DOTA. :D Among the books that i plan to finish are:

1. Book of Lost Things (novel)
2. Aku Terima Nikahnya (motivational biography)
3. Maidens Of Paradise (Religious)

4. Apa Ertinya Saya Menganut Islam (Religious) -thx to the person who suggested me this book

5. Thank You For Loving Me (Novel) - still haven't got this one

Other than reading, most probably most of my time will be spent with anime (One Piece) , dramas (One Tree Hill, Roswell, Greys Anatomy, House) and latest movies which has been put to halt for quite sometimes as i rarely got free time with all these stuff due to too much of gaming thingy! :p

One Piece

Grey's Anatomy

Anyway, hopefully I'll be able to make use of my 4 months of holiday and able to get rid of boredom since i know how miserable it was like to be in such a situation! (After IB syndrome :)) Regarding the tour de europe plan, i hope Ijoi and Faris can wait as i need to plan carefully as it require lots of monetary investment for the-almost-one month-tour-of-Europe. I also need to consider some other nearby country which i can also visit apart from germany and Checzh.

To all my friends, just wanna wish you guys a great summer holiday. Take care and have a good quality time with your family for those who went back to Malaysia. Hope to see you guys again at the end of September. Wassalam.