Selamat Hari Raya

Maaf dan Ampun Kupinta,
Kerana tak banyak kesempatan masa,
untuk diluangkan di blog hamba,
lantaran internet belum tiba,
sekadar sedikit ruangan yang ada,
Kemaafan daku pinta,
Buat semua yang meluangkan masa,
membuka membaca blog hamba,
Semoga bergembira hendaknya,
di hari mulia yg bakal tiba,
Selamat Hari Raya Buat Semua,
Maaf Zahir Dan Batin.

Buat keluarga di Langgar, Kedah Darul Aman,
Anakanda dari menadah 10 jari memohon kemaafan dari kejauhan dengan harapan semua menyambut hari raya dengan penuh ceria walaupun tanpa kehadiran anakanda.
Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir dan Batin

Library of RCSI, Dublin


Renungan Ramadhan

I just encountered a few video while u-tubing a few moments ago. Some scenes in the video were expected but some were really unbelievably true.
This somehow create a question in me, is it wrong to be a racist which i mean against the Jews? Have your own judgment.

The rest of the video can be found on U-tube.

this is another one that i found regarding the same stuff.

Look how cruel the women J (Jew) in the video can turn into though i think she knew that the women M (Muslim) trapped in the "cage" can cause no harm as she (M) is inside whereas she (J) is outside.

Enjoy n remember to notice that this sort of thing will never going to end, believe me! We need to remind ourselves about the situation happening there in Palestine is always going to continue as it is happening at the very moment. Don't be a seasonal when it comes to this thing. Plz all my friends.



Sejak 2 hari lepas, perut dah x sakit lagi dah. Sudah boleh tidoq malam. Yes! Malang sungguh bila 2 3 hari sblm posa ttba2 sakit perut yg mcm selalu (berbulan2 yg lalu) ttba menyerang. Adehla...sudah la kena posa pulak tu. hm...tapi...segalanya nampak bagai sudah berakhir. Berkesan sungguh ubat yg doktor suruh beli tu. thanks doktor yg comel... ^^

tapi sebenarnya kali ni makan ubat tanpa arahan doktor sbb malas nk p jumpa doktor. Nasib baik la last time (bulan Februari) masa sakit yg sama dulu2 tu, tak beli semua ubat2 tu. cuma beli separuh, so kali ni bleh la guna transcription yg sama untuk beli baki ubat2 tu. Baki ubat tu cuma 7 bijik saja. Berkesan lagi ka ha? last time doktor tu dah sumbangkan percuma 7 bijik dan dia suruh beli lg 14 saja.

Tapi sebab terkejut dgn kemahalan ubat tu, cuma beli separuh saja. korang bayang la 7 bijik ubat (proton pump inhibitor untuk gastrik problem) harganya 20 euro lebih!!! gilo mahal. dekat 100 ringgit lebih. harem gilo! Tapi alhamdulillah la, berkesan ubat tu. so x kisah sgt la. (ye ke x kisah?? :( abes duit!!! huhu) 

Namun, disebabkan kali ni lepas dah berbulan2 x sakit, ttba pulak sakit, kena la beli jugak ubat tu kali ni.. huhu. abes lg 20 euro jugak..nasib baik la murah 20 sen. What?? murah 20 sen saja. adeh..makan darah btol diorng ni. hm...takpa jelah, sbb tu la kena jg kesihatan btol2. kalau sakit nnt semua ssh. xleh tidoq malam la, abes duit la, kena p jmpa doktor la. adeh.. ssh2.

so buat kawan2 semua kat luar sana, especially yg kat overC ni, jg kesihatan btol2. hidarkan diri dari kesakitan supaya hidup anda x susah dan menyusahkan org lain. dan jugak supaya x abes duit beli ubat2 yg mahal gilo kat sini. 

ok, kena chow dulu, nk g beli pump beskal kat argos n p potong rambut (sudah panjang macam abg alleycat ^^). Angin tadak pulak beskal ni...hayyo..petang ni pulak kena p amik 'Non-violent Course' kat pejabat Nurse on call kat Raneilagh plak. Dah la pkol 5 br mula, habes tatau la pkol bpa. Pastu kena bayaq pulak 80 euro!! Hm...nk buka posa kat mana ya mlm ni. Semayang lg.  adeh...ssh btol nk kerja kat sini. banyak la pulak course nk kena amik sbm bleh kerja.

ok la, gtg. Bye...

P/s: Ops, sori2, sblm lupa, sapa2 yg bleh tolong carik ubat di bawah ni kat Malaysia dan beli bawak balik sini, tlg bgtau na.  I'll pay u later. Harapnya lg murah dari kat sini. 
Zoton Fastab 30mg (Lansoprazole). Keluaran Wyeth Company. Sekotak ada 28 bijik, kotak kaler pink n dark red. Thx...


WTH is this?

Read this whatever thing below only if u have free time or u'll regret it. trust me!

Here how it starts.

Once upon a time, there was a boy who loves to stare at his laptop screen and watching movies. He watches almost all genres of movies as long as he finds them interesting. One day, he got a brilliant idea that he wants to write down the title of the entire movie that he watched from that moment onward.

A week later, the boy revised the list. It turns out that he watched almost 20 movies in that week alone! What an achievement! To his surprise, most of the movies are loves and romantic movies. “What! Oh, don’t worry its normal as some people have more tendencies to watch certain genre of movie” he tried to comfort himself. However, it seems that the boy was actually standing on the ground of reality as he is turning 21 and still single. So he decided to just let things going on as it gives him some sort of relieves over the loneliness.


And now, this boy was so boring and he wanted to share his thought on the loves story he watched and why he kept watching those movies. It is me. Yes, me, the writer. The lame and lazy bump who feels so bored!


There were few reasons that made him loves those romantic movies. One thing is that somehow it tells the reality rather than the theoretical stuff. Most of the theories that he knows about loves usually doesn’t work perfectly as they seems to be in the real world. Even though it was just a movie which someone had created the storyline and all, but this boy believes that things doesn’t just come out of the blue. At least, there must be a basis that made the producer or the script writer interested to create the storyline in the first place.

He believes that loves story usually come from an actual experience of someone even though there might be lots of stuffs exaggerated in the movie. This at least teaches him that love usually doesn’t end in a typical happy ending that he used to hear when reading books like Snow White, Cinderella and all the fairy tales he encountered. This evening, he watched a movie called Definitely Maybe. It was a new movie released around last march but he never had a chance to watch it. Now, since he has lot of ‘free’ time, he decided to watch all the movies he had missed including this one.

This movie, Definitely Maybe was special as it involves a very complicated storyline. It starts with a girl who is trying to make her father reveal her actual mom. The father was so brilliant and he wanted her daughter to make a guess of her mom from the story he is about to tell her. Then the father started to tell his daughter his love story. In that story, there were 3 girls involved and this is when things are getting interesting as the daughter trying to rule out the character one by one by reasoning. Here we can see how a pure thought of a child trying to understand about a real love and at the same time figuring out his actual mom. Though in the end there was a happy ending but the happy ending in this movie was a bit different from the typical one we used to seen as we can see how a daughter tried her best to make her dad happy. (Just don’t want to spoil the ending for those who haven’t watched it yet)

From the movie, the boy thinks that he can get lots of values. Though it was made purposely in the movie, he believes that nothing wrong to learn from the movie as somehow it reflects the actually situation happening outside there. The more he watches the movies, the more he can learn. In fact, it is parallel with the way that most normal human learn. By watching! He (I) strongly believes that it helps him to make decision by deduction when it comes to certain thing such as love matters.

Yes, this love matters are so complicated and full of surprising choices that he need to choose although actually the answers was never certain. Still blur. Sometimes, he himself wonders why it was difficult for him as some people around him can find the ‘answer’ easily. Is it luck or it is destiny? Did he destine for it or not? The biggest question ever! Does it has to be in a correct time and situation to make it happen or it requires something which is more important to make it a reality? With lots more questions to be answered, the boy left it for the readers to give some thought about it.

-Off to bed-

P/s: I'm not really sure if i did write this whatever thing it is but somehow i found the file while trying to clear up my 'my doc' folder. I must be damn boring when writing this piece of s*** that even i myself cannot remember it. I possessed while writing this? :S lol. Thx for reading....happy ramadhan...


Testing testing, 1 2 3. (First movie review)

I just finished watching another movie. This time, it is Keith. I accidentally found it on ninjavideo as there were still no banner or adds for this movie on the site (ninja). This is actually a new movie which had been released in USA last 2 days. However, it was screened during the Palm Beach International Film Festival last April. (info from IMBD)

At first, this movie seems like another normal teenagers movie which usually circulating around love life among high school teenagers but the twist (disclosure) in the end made it soo touching (at least for me :p)

It has more to offer than the normal movie about teenager. For me, it seems so special coz it shows how someone who has nothing more to offer in his life live the remaining time that he has. Though it was actually based on how he wanted to win or rather be with his lab partner(a girl), i just can't ignore to say that it seems like there are more than that. So, maybe that is why it was screen during the international film festival.
The attitude that this boy (Keith) shows early in the movie seems like he is totally a jerk but deep inside, he is not. It is actually the secret that he kept that make him act like ones. The scenes that both of them spent together on a 'not-a-date' session that Keith call are more or less like the one that u can find in A Walk to Remember. Not a typical dating scenes but rather a special on their own. If u like to watch A Walk to remember, u might also wanna try this one.

For those who want to watch this movie, i have to remind you that there is one scene which might not suitable for minor but there are nothing too much i think. :p Just another scene that the Hollywood producer usually put to make the movie more appealing maybe. Other than that, u can expect to witness the life of western civilisation like those that u can find in One tree hills, Greys Anatomy and etc. U know what i mean rite? :) For girls whose fan of Jesse McCartney, this might be the movie that u want to watch ^^.
I don't intend to put up the synopsis here coz u can find it at IMDB and wikipedia, but for my personal rating, i give this movie 8.5 out of 10. Owh, before i forget, i think the genre is romantic movie. Happy day guys...


PUISI 2008

Promotion clip.

Untuk keterangan lanjut, hubungi pihak2 yg berkenaan.


Who Need An Islamic State

I put this video so that you lads out there can have more thoughts regarding this topic which i find sometimes were being manipulated by some irresponsible so-called "Islamic Organizations" in order to justify their existence and their ideology. Spend some times to understand both side's points.


end of long summer holiday

WOW! Time flew so fast. It is already 3 months passed since i officially started my summer holiday on jun 6th 2008. All this summer, I did learn numerous things be it while i was on travel or just at home sitting comfortably on my bed. Early in the holiday, i did plan to do stuffs that may help me to kill the boredom which i expected to experience as all my friends started to return to Malaysia. 

By the end of last week, i did revised all those plans. YES! it did help me to kill the boredom but unfortunately, it doesn't really happen according to what was planned. All the books that i suppose to read, i only manage to read half of the list. All those movies that i planned to watch, I amazingly manage to watch more than i expected! The games (DOTA particularly) that suppose to occupy only small percentage of my initial plan however have taken part more than i can imagine! What a waste of time! YES YES, i did realize that i kill my free time and remind myself that i don't really feel the boredom but unfortunately, with a wrong weapon and it almost cost me my life (just some exaggeration).

The plan to work as nurse on call was nowhere to be found as the bureaucratic process is horror than i expected. Unfortunately, the horror stuff will be continued on this September 16th. At least i still have chance to get back all the money that i spent for the sake of working here during the holiday which has not happen (sigh). May I survive the horrific moment dealing with that unfriendly-looking receptionist guy!

The thing that i learn most is about the summer in oversea (Dublin) IT IS A VERY DAMN BORING MOMENT IN MY LIFE! Though i did travel and so on (which i really enjoy), life without my buddies around (in DUblin) was very horrible. (maybe i'm the type that cannot live without friends around)

Imagine that u wake up at 7 am and u live alone in your small room until midnight and you only get out for 15 to 30 minutes to pray and get some foods but other than that, u do nothing else butstaring at your dusty screen of your old-broken laptop. Or...maybe even boring that u wanna kill yourself when every time you wanted to go to the cinema, u go there and watch the movie alone??!! What a life endured by me for the past 3 months. Luckily the once-in-a-blue-moon football hours with Muhaimin,Eros,Zul and others relief my grief a bit.

Possibly for some of us who stay here during the summer, life isn't so boring coz u guys have stuff to do (apart from traveling) which might had occupied your holiday interestingly. Probably I won't feel this bad if i had did something beneficial other than watching movies and playing DOTA most of the time. However, my plan to start reading did work a bit thought i wasn't really educational book that I read but rather some novels that I find quite interesting. may i'll be able to finish those novels. ^^

This is just an entry to condemn myself as i failed to fulfill my holiday according to the plan and i had wasted so much time for the last 3 months. May all you guys take this experience as some example that not to be followed and to be banned your entire life. Now i really understand why there saying that too much free time can kill.

p/s: after watching so much movie in this summer, i know realize what type of movie that catch me the most. Guest what genre they are? :D
Another stuff that at least i learn about myself which i fail to realize before. :P


Eid Milad


Segala puji-pujian bg Allah tuhan segala makhluk yang tidak pernah lena dan tidak lalai walau sesaat. Satu hari lagi berlalu dengan penuh nikmat dalam bulan yg mulia ini, bulan Ramadhan Al-Mubarak. Entry ini hanyalah satu entry pendek. Aku cuma ingin memanjatkan kesyukuran kepada Allah S.W.T kerana telah memberikan aku peluang untuk hidup di muka bumi ini selama 21 tahun. Juga ingin aku ucapkan jutaan terima kasih kepada rakan2 yg berada di serata pelusuk dunia, dari Australia nun jauh di bawah sana hinggalah ke USA dan Russia di atas sini yg mengucapkan selamat sempena hari lahir aku yg ke 21 hari ini.

Sesungguhnya apabila umor makin meningkat ni, bila kita kenang semula segala perjalanan hidup yg lampau, banyak sudah benda yg dilalui dan juga banyak perkara baru yg dipelajari. Meningkatnya umor ni jugak mengingatkan kita bahawa ajal juga semakin hampir. walaupun 'baru' 21 (muda lg tu), takdak sapa yg boleh guarantee umor ini akan menjangkau hingga 60 dan ke atas. Tambahan pulak dengan baru2 ni bnyk berita pasal kematian, sememangnya agak kecut perut sbb rasanya diri belum bersedia untuk bertemu Yg Esa. Dengan segala dosa2 lampau yg entah terampun ka tak tu, sememangnya cukup mendukacitakan kalau 'kembali' dalam keadaan mcm tu.

So, again, aku nk ucapkan syukran jazilan kepada semua yg mengucapkan selamat di Fs dan Facebook serta YM. Semoga kalian semua beroleh hidayah dan redha Allah di bulan yg mulia ini. Semoga persahabatan yg pernah terjalin akan kekal selamanya insyaAllah.




Alhamdulillah, selepas seminggu ber'travel' ^.^ akhirnya smpi balik ke Dublin 2 hari lepas. Syukur Alhamdulillah perjalanan kali ni tiada sebarang kekacauan berlaku melainkan gastrik yg tidak pernah kenal erti kasihan ini. :(. well, anyway at least only terasa waktu hmpir2 balik ke sini. So, in short, i was very glad dapat pergi jalan2 mcm ni, dpt tgk bnda2 baru dan pemandangan2 yg cantik. Subhanallah...sgt bnyk benda baru yg dapat dilihat kali ni.

Kalau dulu masa dalam kelas Geografi Cikgu Rahman Atan dulu, ada belajar pasal glacier, geyser, gerbang laut, plat tektonik, gunung berapi dll bnda yg ada kat atas bumi ni, kali ni Alhamdulillah aku dapat menyaksikan semua bnda2 ni secara live. What an experience! Sungguh menakjubkan. Thx a bunch to Jhazz yg telah meng'initiate'kn untuk travel ke sana.

Iceland is a very unique and beautiful country full of natural wonders. Dengan population yg hanya seramai 300000 lebih, negara ni sememangnya dapat mengekalkan alam semula jadi di sana tanpa dihakis pembangunan yg agak rancak. iceland juga merupakan suatu kurniaan yg mungkin tiada tandingan dari segi kepelbagaian geografi yg ada di sana. One of the thing yg sgt2 menarik perhatian aku adalah kewujudan the only place on the surface of the earth yg korang boleh tgk dua plat tektonik berpisah dan membentuk suatu jurang yg memanjang. Selain dari tu, korang gak bleh jumpa geyser yg betul2 memancutkan air setinggi lebih 50m + pada waktu aktiviti gempa bumi aktif. This kind of place cuma ada di beberapa tempat di bumi ni selain dari di sini dan di Yellowstone National park kat US. Selain tu ada jugak tmpt2 menarik lain seperti The Blue Lagoon, The Golden Waterfall dan jugak pantai hitam dgn pasir batu.

The North Atlantic Ridge

Kawasan tepi laut kat sana jugak tidak kurang hebatnya. Kalau org kagum dengan Giant Causeway di Belfast sbb ada batu bersegi pelik tu, kat sana pun the same thing happen. Batu2 mcm tu turut boleh didapati di sana. Bahkan di kawasan bukan tepi laut pun ada. Yg lebih menariknya, kawasan tebing tinggi di salah satu taman negara di stu juga seolah-olah merangkumi kedua-dua kawasan Giant Causeway di Belfast dan jugak Cliff of Moher di Galway dengan kedua-dua keunikan bentuk muka bumi tersebut boleh didapati di satu tempat saja.
Kat sana gak ada satu gunung berapi yg popular. I'm not quite sure kenapa popularnya, tp rasanya sbb its one of the active volcanos yg boleh didapati di sana n it has the glacier on top of it dan ianya juga adalah setting dalam novel asal Journey to The Center of The Earth. Menakjubkn bukan? Gunung berapi dengan glacier (ice) kat atasnya. Subhanallah... Yang lebih menakjubkan adalah kitorng yg pergi melawat ke sana adalah antara yg bertuah sbb dapat tgk glacier tu secara terang2 dari kejauhan sbb menurut pakcik tour-guide tu, bnyk org x dpt pun nmpk glacier tu sbb cuaca selalunya x begitu mengizinkan.  (gunung berapi tu yg ada ais kat atas) Alhamdulillah...sungguh bertuah rasanya diri ni. 

So nasihat aku kepada kawan2 yg dah bosan dgn bangunan2 yg hmpir serupa saja di mainland Europe tu, cuba tinjau2 negara yg kaya dengan keindahan alam semula jadi ni. Memang tak rugi insyaAllah. Tapi, it must be in summer or else u can only see the whiteness saja in whole country saja masa winter. (sebab tu namanya Iceland kot). Tapi ada la jugak sedikit kekurangannya ke sini. Semua bnda agak mahal dan untuk ke tempat2 tersebut, anda terpaksa invest quite a sum of money sbb ianya sama ada pergi dgn bus tour (yg mmg mahal) ataupun anda drive sendiri (sebelah kiri) selama ber-jam2 untuk ke tempat2 tersebut yg sememangnya terletak jauh antara satu sama lain (duit petrol dan kereta sewa). either way, its gonna consume lots of ur duit poket. huhu. Apapun, mcm iklan master kad, pengalaman penting, lain2 biar masterkad yg uruskn ^^.

One of the tour company available in Iceland

Amazing mountainous scenery

Þingvellir National Park

Snæfellsjökull National Park

The Golden Waterfall

Sunset at Reyjavik (capital of Iceland)

The Blue Lagoon (jgn lupa mandi di sini kalau dah ke Iceland)

Setelah puas berendam

Pengalaman di tempat asing sememangnya indah dan tidak dapat diganti dengan wang ringgit yg telah habes dgn banyaknya, huhu. 4 hari di Iceland, sehari masing2 di Manchester dan Liverpool dan satu hari travel pegi balik, habes seminggu dan bermakna waktu bergembira sudah semakin hampir tamat. In a few weeks, maka akan bermulalah sesi pembelajaran formal semula...huhu. Puasa juga sudah masuk hari ke 5. Semoga semua rakan semua selamat beramal dalam bulan yg mulia ini dan terus meningkatkan ketaqwaan insyaAllah.