Assalamualaikum and hello to everyone.

Woah...just realised that i haven't write anything here for a few months. Longest gap ever. As usual, blame it on the lazyness and the 'busyness'. 

It wasn't too busy that I have no time to write but rather I feel that better for me to keep certain things to myself.
Looking back, my 5 year journey in medical school almost come to an end. The undergraduate study at least. To be exact, the final of final undergraduate exam is only 22 days away! So much things to do and prepare. Wow, time flies sooo fast!

Again, as usual, when I have an exam the next day or around the corner, somehow the urge to waste my time to write something here become more and more apparent. In fact, I actually have mock exam tomorrow at 1 pm. LOL. Just pray that my brain didn't stop working during the exam, insyaAllah everything will be fine.

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Last 5 weeks or so, I already had an exam, the OSCE (Objective structured Clinical Examination) or commonly known as short cases. All praise to Allah, I think i did quite okay in the exam. Although some of the cases were quite rare for me, i think I managed to handle them pretty well. Not able to answer one or two question is not the end of the world! The medicine cases were mitral valve replacement, lower lobe lung lobectomy (removal of the lung lobe), parkinson disease and ascites. On the other hand, surgical cases were full of surprise! I got bilateral breast reconstruction case, bilateral knee replacement, renal transplant and stoma.

This OSCE exam made 12.5% of overall final marks and hopefully i was able to grab 3/4 out of that percentage. 

Before the OSCE, we already had continuous assessment (TOSBA and TOSCE) during the compulsory Beaumont Hospital Rotation in which I think I did quite a good job to impress the examiner at that time. Alhamdulillah that Allah made it easy for me. The review at the end of the 4 weeks medicine and surgical rotation, each were very promising. The tutors were very happy with my progression. This continuous assessment actually contributed more marks than the OSCE exam itself. Nothing else that I could say than Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah and Alhamdulillah.

Since my last post in December, lots of thing have been happening. I went to travel during winter (I will elaborate more after the exam), I finished my exam as above, I'd done a few different rotations,  meet lots of patients in hospital, ranted a lot within myself, feel unhappy about how certain things are, get angry to peoples etc. LOL.

I mean, nothing major really other than exam and probably that is why I didn't feel the need to write here. Obviously a lot of major things has been happening around me like my dad just had a cataracts surgery, my little sister got her SPM result etc. but on personal level, nothing much changes.

At many stage, I did feel like writing about issues that have been happening in the world and malaysia but i think there were many more good places (blogs, news portals) that you guys can go and read about that so why bother. In fact, sometimes all it did was more trouble instead.

Politically, I am sure that many are aware that if I were to write anything, it will be against those stupid changes that the government did and their desperados attempt to remain in power, I better go pray instead of writing here coz i am well aware that the reader are mainly among my close circle of friends and family. So no major impact would came out of it since many are actually on the same side as me. Unless Najib or Tun Dr. M read my blog, I may write something useful.

So before I continue this endless rant, I pray that everyone out there is having a blissful life and always guided by Allah SWT. Please keep continue for my success and also to everyone in my class. May we all one day be able to give back to the community to our best.

Lastly, to the dearest friend that keep asking about any special summer event for me, other than graduation, do not expect to get a wedding invitation or anything. Nothing is happening this summer. 
Other than Captain Jack Sparrow, no other sailor has the ability to sail the big ship on his own! :)

Adios and assalamualaikum.

1. Selamat hari lahir ke 50 buat ayahanda tercinta. Semoga Allah terus memberikan kekuatan untuk terus beribadah dan beramal.
2. Tahniah buat adinda Nurul Iman diatas keputusan SPM tersebut. SPM is not everything, your actual journey just about to begin :)