Let the game begins!

Sedar tak sedar, dah hampir setahun aku dalam tahun 4 di RCSI ni.
Harini aku memulakan satu rotation baru dan terakhir untuk tahun ni.
Rasa macam baru beberapa bulan lepas saja aku buat general practice. Rotation pertama tahun ni untuk aku.

So, ramai orang cakap this is the most demanding of all rotation. Pack schedule plus sooooo many stuff to read and many are new untuk aku sebab ObGyn is considered one of the specialty dalam medicine. Rasanya ada hampir 40 quizzes dan 14 cases untuk dihabiskan. Paling banyak setakat ini.

Satu minggu nanti akan ada labour ward untuk belajar dan menyaksikan sendiri kesusahan wanita melahirkan bayi. Lepas tu, satu minggu nanti aku akan ke Kilkenny, bagi peripheral rotation. Lain-lain masa, kami semua diharapkan agar menjadi seperti intern untuk membantu dan belajar sendiri (first hand) dari team-team di hospital dan juga dari nota-nota. oh, nanti ada juga surgery dan kena revise balik anatomy. [-.-']

Jadi, harap korang semua doakan aku. Lagi 6 minggu, ada exam dan selang 2 hari kemudian, bermulalah peperiksaan akhir untuk tahun 4 ni! Semoga Allah membantu aku dan rakan-rakan dalam menjalani rotation ini dan juga peperiksaan yang menanti kami.

The books that i will probably never finish reading them

Rabbish rahli sadri wa yas-sir li amri wahloul uqdatam mil-lisaani yafqahu qawli
رَبِّ اشْرَحْ لِي صَدْرِي وَيَسِّرْ لِي أَمْرِي وَاحْلُلْ عُقْدَةًمِّن لِّسَانِي يَفْقَهُوا قَوْلِي
[25-28: طه]


Know your right

To take part in election is exercising your right. Sometimes, we don't even know whether the election process is being done either truthfully or not. So, hopefully with this short video (obviously will never be from RTM) will raise some awareness about your right as a citizen. Before this, i heard that one of my relatives said to me that the vote could be trace thus for government officer, it would be bad if they choose to vote for the opposition. I thought it was an excuse that she gave so that she does have to go out to vote. Now, i know it is true. So, after this, you should not afraid anymore about your vote being trace.

I still remember that during the general election in 2008, the undi post did not reach Ireland. It stucked somewhere in UK according to the person from embassy at that time. I was wondering at that time what happened to those votes that did not reach the people that they were supposed to. Hopefully no one cast the vote for them and it was considered as undi rosak.

In Malaysia, we (you) are rarely being educate about our right because if they (government) do, they know that people will go against them. That's why they are able to manipulate and do as they wish. The reason that they are afraid of internet also could be linked to increase in level of education and awareness among citizens. For years, we have be bullied indirectly by not being able to know our own right, be it in education, health, legal, banking system etc.

People would only know about their right if they go to lawyer and looking for some legal case to be sorted. The best example was how the saman ekor was being manipulated all these while. That way it was constructed was illegal as being exposed recently and now, the JPJ and the authority are looking a way to restructure it so that they will be able to continue collecting the money from rakyat. New system is on the way, so be careful. ^__^

As shown in this video, some worker (including police, doctors, teachers etc) who was paid by the government to serve the rakyat (people) act as if they were the only truth. Whatever they say is right and you cannot go against them. If only you know your right, they won't be able to do that. The same about doing a rally which was suppose to be control by the police, not being held by them!

This is only a little exposure of your right as a citizen although it would give a great impact on the future of our beloved country, Malaysia. Hopefully, Malaysians would be able to exercise their right without any fear anymore.  

yours truly,
A young generation of Malaysian


Their Secret?

Assalamualaikum wbt and good mornig everyone,

The whole Japan today are combating a battle with the destructive force brought by the 'nature' (so called by the 'westerners')  about 7 days ago. Earthquake and tsunami. As they are struggling to cope and make a comeback, 'nature' brought another weapon at the destructed area, snow and cold weather. It probably will take some time  for them to win this battle. Expert opinion predicted that it could take as long as 10 years to bring everything as they were before. In some places, probably never.

Since the first day of the tragedy, i'd been following the live news from CNN, BBC and some other sources such as newspapers, blogs etc. I always find that following 'natural disaster' interesting. I am amaze by the scale and the kind of thing happened. For me, it was a reminder and at the same time, you can try to imagine if something were to happen during the end of the day. As a Muslim, we believe that Allah SWT created something for a purpose. Even in such a disaster like this. I don't want to go into the debate about 'why HE did this is he were the most merciful etc' because then it will be out from my initial reason when writing this. If you want a good explanation about that, feel free to watch a short video by Dr. Zakir Naik.

At the moment, a nuclear plant is becoming a nuclear time bomb. You probably know in detail about this thing. In short, all the 3 safety plans that supposed to contain the explosion had failed and now they are preventing what is worse to come. All are because of earthquake and tsunami. As a human, we planed for the best. In the end, it was HE that determined everything. But the point here is that we have to be prepared and don't just rely on nothing. We have to plan and work towards it and remember that at certain point, we might need to change it accordingly. The backup is a must.

Amid the chaos at the moment, some people are starting to rebuild their life. What struck me the most is to see how they can do it in a very orderly manner. Very beautiful indeed. Normally, after every disaster, all that we can see are pictures of people 'fighting' against one another for the free stuffs. The flood in Pakistan and Bangladesh, rice truck accidents in Malaysia, 2004 tsunami in Indonesia and so on. However, the scenes in Japan is totally different. All we can see is that people are helping each other to cope with the tragedy. More stories could be read here.

20 years of my life, I haven't seen anything like this. After any disaster, all sources that I read from tell me that people struggling for themselves. However, since a week ago, another unfamiliar scene came out from Japan. After seeing this, now it all makes sense that they could recover very fast after the 2nd WW. And is you visited the link above, we can see that the Japanese were able to practically applied the theories that we were thought as a human especially as a Muslim. Be kind to others and not to only think about ourself. It doesn't just stop at individual level but even companies.


We talked a lot about creating Muslim individual, Muslim family, Muslim community and all the hierarchy up to the Muslim governing the world but so far, very little have been shown to the world when it comes to the practicality. The Japanese probably has shown us how we shall behave as a community and if you think closely, the only thing that they lack is Islam itself. If not, they probably would be the best Islamic Nation in the world. So, what are their secret? Care to share your thoughts? Maybe those friends who is in Japan at the moment or who have been there could share their thoughts or anyone who have read something about the Japanese would like to share something? ^___^

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.




Bukan hanya pada paras rupa


3 minggu

Harini tiba-tiba rasa nak menulis pulak lepas lama tak menulis kat sini.
Banyak benda berlaku dalam 2 3 minggu ni. Assignments yang tertanggung-tanggung (jangan ikut perangai ni!), belajar pasal budak-budak comel dalam paediatrik dan lain-lain lagi. Kesian bila tengok budak-budak kecik ni yang dah kena masuk hospital awal-awal usia macam ni.

Antara perkara terbesar yang berlaku dalam 2 3 minggu ni ialah rasa down dan malas. Motivasi diri agak kurang kot , so rasa susah nak gerak sendiri-sendiri kebelakangan ni. Patutnya benda yang boleh habis dalam satu dua jam tertangguh sampai berbelas-belas jam. Bayangkan satu nota power point yang boleh dibaca kurang dari 1 jam hanya boleh betul-betul habis lepas 12 jam! Bukannya banyak sangat distraction, tapi lebih kepada kurang motivasi. Haih. Ni lah yang pada aku adalah cabaran terbesar duduk kat luaq negara ni. Anyway, harapnya tak berlaku lagi lah lepas ni benda-benda macam ni. In fact, bila cuba trace balik apa sebab yang berlaku, rasanya aku sendiri pun tak sure. Idiopathic. Haha.

So, sekarang aku dah halfway through rotation paediatrics ni, ada lagi 3 minggu, lepas tu exam on the last week tu. Tak pasti la setakat ni apa yang dah lekat dalam otak ni. Minggu depan (mula Ahad), aku akan ke Drogheda semula macam waktu aku buat rotation GP dulu-dulu. Tapi kali ni akan ke hospital Drogheda. Jadual dah dapat dah tadi. Nampak macam pack sungguh. Harapnya sempat la aku nak study sama.

Apapun, harap korang semua terus mendoakan agar aku diberi kekuatan untuk menempuh tahun-tahun terakhir pengajian ni insyaAllah. Semoga dengan berkat doa korang semua, Allah SWT akan mempermudahkan urusan aku dan rakan-rakan lain di sini.
Jumpa lagi di lain masa no.



Start fresh

Assalamualaikum wbt and good day to all,

Post-posting letters to Malaysia.
A very quick entry just to let you guys know that I'm starting a new project. A picture for a day.
It is on my tumblr site.
I decided not to post it here coz it would just be too many entry of a picture with some short description.
My plan was to post a picture of any kind, every day (constantly insyaAllah) unless out of sudden the site was taken down or something technical happen to the site/me.
I got the idea from a guy who capture a picture every day of his life until his death. It is like a memoir or some sort I think. Many have done this. I think it would be very interesting. ^__^
So, you guys can actually contribute (if you are interested) because there is a section where you can submit something to my tumblr page. It does't have to be a picture. It could be jokes etc.
Just click the 'submit' button on the page if you wish to do so.
Only one reminder, please.....be nice okay! ^__^
Maybe in a few years time we can look back and smile at all those pics etc.

That's it for now.

Till we meet again


P/S: I love paediatrics!