Watchful waiting

Apapun jua keputusannya, aku berdoa supaya Allah memberikan kekuatan untuk aku menempun cabaran yang bakal menyusul selepas itu.

Whatever the outcome might be, there are consequences that follow.
For sure, some might not be easy despite their positiveness or negativeness.
So, the best is to pray that Allah will grant me strength to face whatever that might arise after that and also prepare myself, physically and mentally.

Don't get me wrong. I am not waiting for the result of any PSA test or anything to do with prostate cancer or BPH.
It is the action of 'watchful waiting' that i am interested in at the moment which somehow is one of the option for patient with elevated PSA level. ^___^


Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S

To unlock the samsung galaxy S, Follow the instruction below. (try this at your own risk)

1. Install this apps called "SGS Unlockwhich can be found in the android market on your phone.

2. Open the SGS Unlock apps and copy (write down) the unlock code and the unfreeze code.

3. Watch the video below and follow all of his instructions carefully. [While working on your phone, you might get an extra code called "mcc/mnc lock". This guy however only had two of them (unlock code and the unfreeze code). Refer the video on the 6th min and 11 sec. This mmc/mnc code shall be use if you want to lock your phone again.]

All the stuff that you need to download as seen in this video (only one software) should be available on the link from this page.  Unfortunately you have to register before you can download it.

It should be work and if you want to lock it again, just follow this instruction from the same forum. Read the 3rd step section.

It worked well for my phone and I already tried to use maxis simcard from Malaysia. :)
Alhamdulillah, so after this i don't have to worry to need to call Meteor again and ask them to unlock the phone for me. :)

Thank to xda developers forum for the great work. ^___^
Should anything bad happen or anything did not work, i hold no responsibility at all. 
Again, try this at your own risk!
I just share this information because it works well for me. For a detail explanation, refer to the link attached.




Alhamdulillah, almost all the 4th med student yesterday had received a new gadget to add to their collection.

This time it is a Probook 5310m by HP.
Thanks to the college (RCSI) for giving us this new laptop although i think you are capable of giving a much better platform...
InsyaAllah  i will be using this superbly light laptop only for educational purposes and perhaps some facebooking and surfing only. no game will be installed insyaAllah. ^___^



May i have your attention please?

Follow the instruction in this video.


We were shown this video today during one of the introductory lecture. This is a proven experiment, a very famous one (that is why i was not fooled today! Yay...!!) that how sometimes we tend to overlook some stuff just because we are focusing on other thing. Too attentive maybe. i watched this many many times earlier actually. Half of the class actually missed to see the gorilla and they were laughing at themselves afterwards.
This technique has been utilise by many in order to distract people attention when an issue arises. They bring some other thing to surface at the same time while people are trying to focus on one thing thus making the actual problem 'invisible' to many that of cause focusing their attention to the side stuff that going on at the same time.

Funny how we tend to overlook at things that is right in front of our eyes. many of you guys actually did not see the gorilla thumping his chest on the first view? LOL
Look at the various changes to the actual experiment from youtube and even if you see the gorilla in this video, you will be surprise on things that you may overlooked in the other video. ^___^
Selective attention, that is how human function by default anyway.



Phone casing

I bought a casing for my new phone last week from ebay. The company that I bought it from is from UK. Only after awhile then I realize that it has something like the pic below. I remember someone told me or maybe i read from somewhere that to check if the leather that you use is from pigskin or not, look if they have the 3 dots or some 3 star shape dots that look like a pinholes.

I never thought this thing really is from leather since it cost only 3£. Anyhow since I have a strong doubt about the material, I think I'll stop using it.
Do you gus think it is really from what I think it is?
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Lets amuse ourself in a nerdy manner by watching collections of nerd-like videos from the famous university of Nottingham. For those who like sciences and bemused by the universe and the science behind the creation of the universe, these videos are probably among the best way to kill your time and of course at the same time, get to increase you knowledge about the universe, quantum physics and the chemistry.

Look how beautiful and intricate Allah has made this earth for us. Let us be thankful and say Alhamdulillah.

this is the video from the first channel and below are the one from 'the sixty symbols'


By train

Today I was away from the dublin city. Went to some scenic area outside the city. And my friend for today is this book.

A place worth visiting especially during the spring and a book worth giving attention made my day today. Alhamdulillah.
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Banyak isu semasa yang berlaku baru-baru ni. Yang mendapat liputan meluas. Ada isu lokal dan ada isu dunia.
Aku malas nak mengulas kah? Ada jugak betulnya tu plus kalau kurang pasti, baik senyap dari bercakap kan?
Tapi, some of it worth mentioning it sebab it can open a lot of half-sleepy eyes out there.

1. Quran Burning Day.

This one is very popular even got the attention of Barrack O'bama which somehow has a muslim background in his family (they said his grandma sat on the stage during his inauguration ceremony wearing burqa/niqab). May Allah give him guidance (boleh ke x doa nih? ^__^)

This issue actually brought into attention by one pastor from a small church (hardcore group) in Florida. Here, we can see how the media actually play a big role in influencing something. If it were not brought to attention by media chain (facebook group and tv news), i believe that no one would really care because all these time, these sort of event does happen. Even in Malaysia! Still remember about those black metal that do all those disrespect things towards the quran back in early 2000. Do you guys think that sort of thing stopped right after it was exposed?
Okay, let us all assume that it stop. But do most of us (muslim especially) really respect the Quran in a way it should be? What about implementing basic things in Quran in our life? Do we really do it? Ask yourself?
I don't say that you should not be angry when someone do that to the Quran, but then again, let us look at ourself first before we go and hate what others that doesn't even believe in Quran do!

2. New sultan
Allahuakbar! God is the Greatest!
Kelantanese are happy people nowadays. They just got their new Sultan. Hopefully Your Majesty could help bring changes in our society. I heard this new Sultan is very down to earth kind of guy. Glad to hear that. It is a rarity nowadays. The elite don't normally know who did all the works for them. Hopefully this Sultan is a new generation of sultan that could help bring Malaysia towards a better place to live. 
Hundred years ago, sultan is a very powerful people. They get all the respect that people can imagine in the society. Even in the history of the early settlement of Malacca, once the Sultan embrace Islam, it was thought that the whole people actually embrace Islam. Same stories also applies for most of the earliest civilisation. Once the king/sultan embrace a religion, everyone would/have to change to that religion. Unfortunately because they lead for too long, some of them misuse this and bring disaster to the people and came Dr. Mahathir Mohamed during our time to save us. So they were no longer has too many power in them and no longer invisible to the law. 
The changes that took place reduce their (Sultans) importance in the society. They are now only seen as a symbol of the guardian of Islam and the culture. At one stage, one of my friend ask me "why do we need sultan? why do we pay him (tax) to live that luxurious life? They are of no importance to us! I think we should abolish the sultanate in Malaysia". I am totally clueless at that time because there are some degree of truth in it. 
So why do u guys think that we need sultan nowadays? ^___^

3. The Turks Story.
Does anyone know what happened in Turkey recently? See how politics works?
U don't jump into power and straight away change everything because that would create havoc! Bit by bit  and they actually did it. Congratulation to Mr. Erdogan. Although he is seen by many people in Turkey as a religious guy (unfortunately the turks do not like that), the secular society of Turkey still vote in favour of changing the constitution.
Educating the people (millions) is not easy. Even after you got majority of people schooled, some of then still do not understand one issue as one! As the saying goes, not all blonde is stupid! LOL. This is when politics plays an important role. Politics is an art of governing people. The same reason also allow us to have our 1Malaysia. Unfortunately, because of the incoherent that happens in implementing it, 1Malaysia seems about to fail. BIG TIME
I am not happy because i know a lot of money had been used to make billboards, adds, button badge and everything that you can name to help spread the idea. No one should be blame other than the gov. themself that failed to planned it properly even after they got the best help from APCO.
So, from this, what we can learn is that it is a good thing to try to unite everyone but you must know the base for that. If it were only for people to support you, you are making a big mistake because in the end, truth always win although it may takes hundreds years for that to happen!

4. Other issues that you might want to check regularly because of the ongoing problem are about the Palestine, and also the flood in Pakistan. I would have to be newscaster if i were to write about it. Hehe. InsyaAllah everyone knows what happened right? Please continue to ease the burden of our brothers over there. A lot of channel could be use to do that. Here are some of them. Muslim Aid and Islamic-relief

So, i think i should stop before i bored more people. Haha. Anyway, the conclusion is, to not to be left behind, please do read news everyday. AVOID TV3, TV2 and TV1 if it is about Malaysian politics. ROFL. You surely do not want to be someone who only works to full his own stomach and never think about other right?

P/s: Resident Evil Afterlife 3D Rocks! ^___^. Can't wait for the next movie. Oh...rumah masih berselerak.


pindah randah

harini hari pertama operasi pindah rumah. nasib baik dekat. takdak la letih sangat. :-))

3 beg tu penuh dengan barang untuk dipindahkan. 3 tahun kat sini, banyak gle barang yang aku dah beli. nak buang sayang. huhu. abaikan bilik yang macam sarang tikus tu ye. ~____~
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Syurgamu Ramadhan Review

Assalamualaikum wbt dan selamat sejahtera kepada semua.

Skema sikit setiap kali nak mula. Macam ala-ala bagi ucapan gitu. O.O

Ok lah, tengok tajuk pun mesti kebanyakan orang dah tahu kan.
Syurgamu Ramadhan is a title of a drama series sempena bulan Ramadhan yang baru lepas beberapa hari lalu. Seperti yang dirancang semalam, harini aku menulis berkenaan drama ni.
Drama ini yang awalnya ditayang di Malaysia mungkin lepas ni akan ke negara jiran since mendapat rating yang agak tinggi.
Tahniah tuan direktor which is Shahrulezad Mohameddin! Tak pernah tau pun nama nih. Haha.

So, kalau korang belum tengok drama ni. Meh sini aku bagi sedikit insight untuk masa yang bakal dibazirkan/  dimanfaatkan. 15 episode altogether. 1 episode +/- 22 minutes. so...overall dalam 330 minit. dalam 5 jam plus minus berhenti keluar masuk jamban, berenti makan etc. Ada la dalam 6 jam. Walao! Banyak gila masa. Cuti lagi..sempat la. Huhu. Maaf ye yang rasa saya banyak masa lapang (kenapa saya tak study) sebab saya korbankan malam saya untuk drama ni. ^___^ Siangnya dah sibuk semula. Hoooray!

Jadi...jom kita tengok. Apa yang bestnya drama ni?

1. Storyline. Jalan cerita...pergh...melekat aku dari pukul 10 malam sampai 3 pagi. Walaupun ada cliche (yelah...nama pun drama ma...) tapi pengarah begitu bijak untuk menggunakan banyak teknik penceritaan semula di awalnya dan kemudian bersambung dengan plot masa sekarang. Campur aduk plot penceritaan menjadikan cerita ini menarik berbanding drama-drama lain. Lagipun, aku bukan jenis layan drama sangat. Tambah pulak semua boleh buat masuk dalam tong sampah, so...nak buka pun malaslah. Jadi, ni merupakan drama terbaik lepas Nur Kasih (sebab drama jiwang) yang aku tengok. See....dah lama kan tak tengok drama. ^___^

2.  Pelakon dan perwatakan. Fulamak, terbaiklah. Muka semua baru-baru belaka. Fresh from factory kot. hehe. Yang adik-adik tu pun, pandai betul belakon. Sapa perasan something. Watak Along tu. Budak perempuan tu...yang jadi anak yatim tuh. Muka dia macam sapa? Cuba teka? Kalau tak salah aku macam sorang pelakon melayu tu. Maybe anak dia kot.
Well, anyway, pengarah memang pandai la. Last-last tu, dengan twist storyline semua, dia masukkan awek cun pulak...Adora...Jenuh stalk, baru jumpa nama dia. LOL. Siti Saleha Mohd Baharum.
Orang cakap hero dia tak hemsem. Ala bang...perempuan ni bukan tengok muka je hensem, kalau baik hati, cair tak kak? Lagipun mat tu punya lakonan ok la. Not bad. Apapun, pelakon-pelakon dia memang terbaik. Geram habis dibuatnya tengok nenek yang sebegitu rupa plus mak cik yang garang mengalahkan mak tiri gitu. Itulah tandanya lakonan menjadi....kan kan? 
Part yang paling menarik ialah pengarah dan penulis skrip bijak menunjukkan ketidaksempurnaan manusia. Walaupun pada awalnya tengok hero yang tak hensem tu (Yasin) macam innocent dan taat semua, last-last dekat-dekat nak habis tu dia still bongkarkan salah laku Yasin. Walau bagaimanapun, tahniah sebab berjaya menunjukkan bahawa seburuk-buruk mana manusia itu pun, perubahan kearah yang lebih baik is still possible. Teruskanlah berdoa. Hidayah itu milik Allah. Adora pun last-last pakai tudung. Comel lagi kn? ^___^ Puisi suami isteri masa episod terakhir tu memang cool.

3. Air mata. part yang paling tak tahan sekali. Plot dia...wa...menyentuh hati...orang kata, kalau lelaki macho (bukan macha ye!) tengok dengan family tu, orang kata jatuh la saham sebab tersentuh dengan jalan cerita drama macam ni. Haha. Apa aku kira, aku manusia, punya hati dan perasaan. Bayangkan kalau betul-betul jadi macam 4 orang adik beradik tu kat korang. Dah la dengan aku jauh dari family pulak kan. Huhu. Last time aku rasa tengok drama air mata ni masa lepas KMB. Tu pun tengok drama jepun, One litre of Tears. Cerita jepun ni memang sedih sebab base on true story. Tapi drama ni pun tak kurang hebatnya. Rasanya pengarah patut letak tajuk Litres of Tears. Adik-adik yang berlakon pun memang pelakon air mata lah. Orang kata, kalah la jaguh pelakon air mata Malaysia tu. Sapa nama dia. Lupa da. Apapun, jangan tumpah ait mata kat sini saja, cuba juga tumpahkan dengan menginsafi dosa-dosa lama. Kalau yang dah tengok tengah-tengah malam macam aku, lepas je drama tu, terus tahajjud. Pergh...sure masyuk!

4. Sound track. Dia punya lagu tema tu memang kena sungguh la! Pandai betul pengarah musik dia. Aku suka sungguh. Lagu tu memang sedap habis lah. Dia punya lirik pun memang nice! Untuk yang macam aku, memang kena sangat lah. "Ku takkan pernah cuba berhenti...." sambunglah sendiri ye. ^___^. Apapun, nasihat aku,carilah cinta kearah akhirat (Ilahi) kerana cinta dunia (manusia) itu mudah-mudahan akan jatuh dengan sendirinya. Yakinlah walaupun letih menunggu. Jangan bisa putus asa dong. Jom terus berusaha.

Walau macam mana pun. Since ini kritikan drama atau movie review, so aku rasa kena la bagi negative sama kan. Baru adil.

Apa yang kurangnya drama ni?

1. Jumlah episod. Oleh sebab nak cut budget atau mungkin percubaan ka apa tah, diorang cuma letak 14 episode eh? Ka 15 sebab last episode tu kalau tengok online memang panjang habis. 48 minit lebih kurang lepas tolak intro dgn final punya footage. So...banyak la adegan yang patutnya lebih mendalam dan melengkapkan cerita dimansuhkan. Maybe kalau abang pengarah boleh panjangkan kepada 20 episod okay bab nenek dia insaf tu kejap sangat...macam kurang lojik pulak. Patutnya ada a few event yg lead to tamparan pedas di muka menantu tu pun nice jugak ye tak? ^__^ Banyak lagi scenes lain yang boleh dimasukkan untuk menambahbaikkan lagi mutu cerita yang dah memang gempak!

2. Realisma. Unsur ni banyak hilang sikit dari drama ni. Pada pendapat aku la. Kalau korang perhatikan betul-betul, masa Marlia (ka marlina tah) dia ke KL tu, dia macam perak habis. haha. Bukan pear-rak, tapi pe-rak or in other word, jakun. 17 tahun saja bai. KL tu takde la berubah sampai ko tak cam langsung. Ko pun masa  keluar KL tu, bukan zaman 60-an. Adohai...Pastu konon duduk jauh dari KL, tapi masa nak ke KL tu, pergi nak balik hari saja? Naik kapal terbang ke makcik kiah? =_=
Lagi satu, si adora tu, alhamdulillah dah bertudung. Tapi...apa kes ke pejabat guna tudung warna pelangi???!! LOL. Tak professional langsung kot. Confirm takde orang ke pejabat macam tu sekarang ni! Atau memang ada orang macam tu? Meh sikit aku nak gelak. ROFL
Satu lagi, se se orang kaya, rumah...mak aih...mesti besar bagak macam datok-datok wakil rakyat yang banyak makan duit rakyat punyalah. Yang kayakan perut sendiri tak fikir orang lain. Sederhana cukup la. Berapa ramai yang macam tu sangat??! (Oh lupa, negaraku penuh korupsi sejak sekian lama). Kalau nak cakap si nenek tu berjaya sekalipun, tak perlu la rumah sampai macam tu...dah jadi macam kat cerita-cerita hindi pulak gayanya. Kaya saja....pergh, duduk istana. Miskin, mak aih, duk dalam paya saja??
Banyak la contoh lain kalau korang perhatikan. Tapi itulah klise drama melayu. Takde dah unsur realisma. Susah sungguh mau cari yang macam itu.

3. Klise. Ala..korang ni...ini drama la...Macam aku cakap la. Mesti la ada dan in fact dalam drama ni, klise dia takdak la teruk sangat. Dia masih sempat putar twist jugak jadi lebih menarik...apapun, kalau boleh kurangkan okay jugak abang pengarah. Meniggal eksiden la. Buat la cara lain sikit ka apa ka. Sure tak habis berkarat lagi idea tu kan? :D 

4. Dialog. Biasa sahaja, cuma bagusnya kena dengan tempat dan situasi. Intonasi suara juga pandai dimainkan para pelakon. CUmanya, kadang-kadang watak nenek tu macam over-reacted sekali pandang. Haha. Kawan aku budak baling (Leh) cakap geli tengok watak nenek dalam drama tu. LOL. Walaupun tak secantik dialog dalam drama jiwang Nur Kasih, tapi memang kena dengan drama ni la aku kira. Tapi maybe lebih boleh menyentuh jiwa kot disamping tak menepikan unsur realisma. Kalau ayat cair-cair drama macam ni, nanti hilang pulak realisma ya tak? Hehe.

Pergh...panjang betul review kali ini. Tapi confirm lah. Terbaik dan sangat menarik ceritanya pun. Banyak pengajaran dan keinsafan sebab memang bila muka-muka innocent yang berlakon, lagi la lentok ye tak?
Pengajarannya, kena tengok sendiri lah kalau nak tau. Boleh saja aku listkan semua kat sini. Tapi tak menarik nanti sebab takde feel. Setakat dengar dan tak rasai sendiri, apa kes ye tak?
So, overall, aku grade 8/10. Ye ye, aku tau, bukannya sapa nak kisah pun aku punya grade ni. Tapi ni my

AnywaY. Selamat menyambung puasa 6 bagi yang tekun mengejar redha dan pahala dari Allah SWT dan buat yang menggantikan puasa juga, selamat menggantikan puasa diucapkan. 
Kepada yang terkena cirit birit serta muntah-muntah selepas hari raya pertama di bumi Dublin ini, semoga Allah memberikan kesembuhan kepada kalian semua. Kesian budak-budak Dublin cik kiah, kena keracunan makanan pulak. Alhamdulillah aku dah lega.

Okay. Pen-off.
Salam wbt


Perutusan raya

hehe. Jangan ketawa. ^__^


New Gadget


How is everyone. just testing my new gadget. hehe. posting a new entry from this platform.
insyaAllah after this i can blog much easily. hehe.
so see you guys in my special aidilfitri enty after this.



Danke shun!


Syukur kepada Allah SWT kerana masih memberi peluang untuk melihat dunia ini lagi, masih memberi peluang untuk memohon ampun dan taubat di bulan Ramadhan yang mulia ini. Masih memberi peluang untuk terus beramal dalam saki baki bulan Ramadhan ini.

Umur aku dah meningkat setahun lagi dan bermakna lebih dekat dengan kematian yang entah bila bakal menjengah. Meningkatnya umur perlu selaras dengan peningkatan amal kebajikan supaya masa yang dihabiskan di dunia ini nanti tidak menjadi fitnah di akhirat kelak. Harapnya aku mampu untuk berubah menjadi lebih baik. Macam selau orang cakap, there is always rooms for improvement, so…nak ke tidak sahaja lah kan?

Credit to
Kepada ahli keluarga, mama, baba, Sanak, Syuhaib dan Iman, terima kasih tak terhingga Along ucapkan. Maaf tak dapat beraya di Malaysia tahun ni. Setiap pejuangan itu memerlukan pengorbanan, anggaplah ni salah satu bentuk pengorbanan yang kita semua kena hadapi. InsyaAllah, ada rezeki, umur panjang, nanti kita beraya bersama-sama di tahun-tahun depan.

Kepada kawan-kawan yang turut tak ketingalan mengucapkan selamat, semoga doa ikhlas kalian dimakbulkan Allah di bulan mulia ini. (especially yang berdoa supaya cepat kawin tu!) Patutnya doa jumpa jodoh dulu, bukan kawin terus. ^__^
Semoga Allah membalas jasa baik kalian semua.

Semalam, lepas asar, Imam dari Mesir yang datang ke Dublin bagi tazkirah tentang Hurul ‘Ain (wanita-wanita syurga). Dia cakap, the only mahar for them are iman yang sempurna, banyak berbuat kebaikan dan meninggalkan larangan Allah. Anyway, according to him base on one of the hadith if i am not mistaken, the women of the world who enter Jannah (heaven) is much better in the akhirat because they endured all the hardship in this world before they can get there.

Jadi, beruntunglah wahai wanita-wanita beriman sekalian kerana kalian itu lebih mulia di akhirat kelak berbanding Hurul ‘Ain.
Tetiba bagi tazkirah pasal ni pulak. haha. Berkongsi sedikit sebanyak sebab plan asalnya nak menulis petang semalam. ^__^

Alhamdulillah, hati ini lebih tenang sekarang ni. Mungkin tandanya it is time to stop doing thing that i hate the most and focus on apa yang sepatutnya diberikan perhatian terlebih dahulu. Rezeki itu dah tertulis, cuma kita sahaja tak tahu bila dan di mana. Aku sendiri pun naik pelik kenapa aku menjadi terlebih sabar padahal i hate  endless waiting so much. So kalau ada yang nak suruh aku tunggu apa-apa lepas ni, bagitau time frame. At least text me and cakap, "aku lambat 10 minit". Jangan cakap "aku lambat saja". Okayh???!

Okay. I am officially 23. Dah tua. Mari terus beramal dengan saki baki bulan Ramadhan ini. Some say that this is the mega offer of pahala, which i believe is true. So, kalau kita suka dengan offer, why not take this chance kan. ^___^

like this latest single by my all time favourite band. ^__^


Tazkirah pagi

O you who have believed, whoever of you should revert from his religion - Allah will bring forth [in place of them] a people He will love and who will love Him [who are] humble toward the believers, powerful against the disbelievers; they strive in the cause of Allah and do not fear the blame of a critic. That is the favor of Allah ; He bestows it upon whom He wills. And Allah is all-Encompassing and Knowing.

Your ally is none but Allah and [therefore] His Messenger and those who have believed - those who establish prayer and give zakah, and they bow [in worship].

And whoever is an ally of Allah and His Messenger and those who have believed - indeed, the party of Allah - they will be the predominant.


P/S: sometimes our emotion do get the best of us thus we tend to forget a simple reminder from Allah SWT. May Allah forgive all our actions that result from our forgetfulness.


Safety reminder

Hi all,

If you are planning to cycle in Dublin, make sure:

1. Wear the high visibility fluorescent jacket (even during the day). And make sure that your bike has lamps that works at night!
2. Wear all the safety gear. At least wear the helmet. If you want to be more caution, also wear the knee and elbow pads.
3. Follow the road signs and the traffic lights.
4. Avoid riding on the pavement as you also would not like to be the one who hit the other!

I just saw an accident involving a cyclist with possibly a car near south circular road about an hour ago. Specifically in Clanbrassil street which has a very wide cycling lane. Still, you never know when it gonna happen. So, as the saying goes, prevention is better than cure.
That bloody scene that i just saw reminded me how previously i took thing for granted by assuming it is safe to cycle without all those safety measures. Thanks God that there are no life lost.
Luckily I wont be cycling a lot like usual anymore, so for those newcomer which i assume many would like to have bicycle, please do be careful especially if you only start to ride a bike here, in Dublin.


Don't miss this!

Assalamu'alaikum (Peace be upon you) and good morning to everyone.

First and foremost, a warm welcome (an early one) to those who will be coming to Dublin specifically and Ireland and europe in general.
I hope you guys do feel comfortable staying here (away from families)  and get to study well. Below are some events that awaits you guys. Hopefully these events would cheer you up and help you guys getting started in this new environment. Just contact me if you need any help at all.

This event will be followed by events below. So, please check your calendar and make sure you do not miss any of these events. :)


Maintaining computer

Okay, here is the thing. Many of us have computer. Some even more than one. Maybe a laptop and a desktop and some maybe two laptops. The number does not  matter. As long as you have money, you can get as many as you want. But the thing is, why buy so many laptops or have more than one if you can just use that single laptop efficiently. One might argue that if that the one they use broke down, so they have the back up. Indeed it is true. For these people, i just wonder if you guys ever know what the external hard disk is? Kidding kidding. However, for some, even if they have more than one, their laptop/desktop still broke down easily. Why is this so?? Oh, maybe they didn’t use it carefully so it broke down easily. Some of my friend even had incomplete keyboard button only after 6 months. Okay okay, 12 months. So…do they play more games than i do until it went off? The answer is that, NO! They did not. Maybe because they are too rough (much more than games!!) on their computer. I have no clue at all. It baffles me.

Anyway, that is not the main thing i am going to touch here today. I only write this entry because i found that many of us are not really good in maintaining their computer no matter how new it is. It is seriously a waste if you have the latest edition of desktop with super speed lighting processor if after 3 months, the computer infected by the virus  and had to be sent to the IT center to repair it. Alhamdulillah, over the past 2 years, i only get to reinstall an OS (window)  once or twice and able to install new OS (Ubuntu) on both of my PC. One or twice episodes of virus attack which easily dealt with and thats basically it. all the 3 PC (including one in Malaysia) still working well and one of them even after 5 years, still working pretty well although the screen holder is already broke.

So, what you computer really need to stay away from viruses, trojans, backdoor programs malware etc. are only a few softwares which from my experience really do work very well to keep the PC safe. They don't just keep your PC safe but also in many occasion become faster (please do not compare your 1.73Ghz with someone that has a quad core processor!)