Short and guilty

I bumped into this from a friend's fb status and couldn't help myself to feel guilty about my behaviour for the past couple of weeks towards someone.

"Ukhwah doesn't always need togetherness, doesn't need everyday conversation, as long as the friendship live in the du'a.. it remains Abadan Abada ...."

I hope you would forgive me.

Exam in less than 2 weeks  -.-

P/s: Congrats to my lil sister, Nurul Iman for getting straight A in your PMR. May Allah bless the success and you continue to work hard. I'm so proud of u sis!


End of IC2

Tomorrow will be the last day of this semester.
Then, by the end of January, most of my friends will fly back to Malaysia to continue their battle at Penang Medical College.

Today a smile (if i didn't misinterpret/mis-realized it) change my mood. Totally! Thanks. Even if it was not intended or not really meant for me or whatsoever, you surely change my day today. Thank you very much. ^__^  Sometimes, acknowledge the presence of someone around you don not require you to talk to them or even say "hi". A simple smile or nod will do. Months or even years of silence between two person may turn 360 with a simple gesture like that. Absence as they said makes the heart grow fonder. As for me, simple smile is enough fuel an empty heart. Full tank! 

The exam for Intermediate Cycle 2 is really around the corner. I have less than a month to revise everything. I don't know if i can even finish everything. I'll try my best and keep praying that Allah will grant me the memory to memorize everything that i read. Everything is from HIM and in HIM I trust.

After the exam, i have a month of holiday. I'm looking forward to go to Germany or UK this time but so far, i haven't bought any flight ticket or came out with any holiday plan. Nothing is finalized at this level. In any case, it seems that i would travel alone again this time. It is hard to live with people that you can't get along with. No other option but to be a lone ranger. -.-"

Final bit, i surely wonder why some people can act so strange onlinely. they add you, then delete and add and again delete. WTFish! Can you just be yourself and don't act so weirdly? The fact is, people do judge other by the appearance which sometimes is good (like during interview etc) but when they realize that you are not what they thought you are, then they gonna start talking about you (which is of course, very wrong), asking people that they think know you etc. I believe men and women alike in this case.(peace. ^__^) Its even weirder when they asked people that actually do not know much about you (whom-acted-strangely) why you act like so and so. Please, please, please, just be yourself. you are not a spy that you have to hide your identity and act strangely/differently when you face the mass. I myself has to admit that I do act differently when I am not talking to others face to face, but then...have some consideration please. dont just add random people, then delete and then add them again and then delete them again. its a social page for god sake! People do notice the change; specially the one that i believed stalked you silently!

One more thing, just a random info. A Lot of people do not realize what effect did the recent change in FB privacy level does. Most people are still with the old default privacy settings which means that after the recent change allowed people (whom are not in their friend list) to view their pics, album and see their wall. Check your privacy setting including each and every of your album and also the status privacy setting. Change it to "only friends" if you want to allow your friend only to view the album. If not, that album is available to ALL Facebook user. Available to ALL! You need not care much about this unless you have some pics that you dont want people to look at in the first place last time. Peace!

My apology to those offended by my writing above. My limited and improper choice of wordings may had caused some people to feel uneasy about the writing. I hope you would forgive me and get the message. I wouldn't withdraw the writing because everything that i wrote above is real. Thank you.


Barakallahulakuma wabaraka 'alaikuma wajama'a bainakuma fi qair

Tudia...hensem Haziq!

haziq 5D: wehhhhh
muaz: ye
haziq 5D: aku nk hadiah lg
muaz: hadiah?
haziq 5D: hahaha
muaz: oh
haziq 5D: aku nk nikah
muaz: oeh?
haziq 5D: mggu dpn
muaz: serius?
haziq 5D: aah
muaz: awalnya
muaz: x smpt nk p la
muaz: tahniah weh
haziq 5D: xpe
muaz: bdk mana?
haziq 5D: just nk gtau je
muaz: wa..
muaz: tergempar ni
haziq 5D: bdk trengganu
muaz: wawawa
muaz: laju seh
muaz: tahniah2
muaz: lg cepat dari **** (terpaksa sensored)
muaz: aku ingat ko yg plng slow
haziq 5D: haha
muaz: hehe
muaz: tahniah2
muaz: sama2 uia?
haziq 5D: yup
muaz: ic2
haziq 5D: satu kals
muaz: insyaAllah
muaz: ada rezeki summer ni aku g jmpa ko
haziq 5D: hee
haziq 5D: bereh
muaz: bila tarikhnya?
haziq 5D: aku lum post g kad nikah aku lam fb
haziq 5D: asyik lupe je nk scan
muaz: barakallahulakuma wabaraka alaikuma wajama bainakuma fi qair
haziq 5D: 18.12
muaz: alhamdulillah
muaz: sukanya aku dgr
haziq 5D: haha
muaz: thanks sbb inform
haziq 5D: ko de no contact napie?
muaz: xdak la aku kecik hati nnt
muaz:  :P
muaz: ym ada la
muaz: tp x nmpk dia online
muaz: bdk2 lain dah tau?
haziq 5D: lum
haziq 5D: aku senyap je
muaz: nk aku kaborkn ka camna?
muaz: hehe
haziq 5D: blh la kut
haziq 5D: sbb aku fkr dlu lmb lg
haziq 5D: 2 aku wat diam je
muaz: ok
muaz: nnt aku kaborkn
haziq 5D: beeh boh
muaz: ish2
muaz: senyap je eh
muaz: haha
muaz: terkejut neh
haziq 5D: nnt aku wat kt tmpt n9 ko dtg la
muaz: bila?
muaz: summer?
haziq 5D: lps aku grad
haziq 5D: hahaha
muaz: bila ko grad?
haziq 5D: dela lg 2 thn stengah
muaz: ic2
muaz: haha
muaz: boleh2
muaz: ni kira nikah dlu la ni
muaz: hehe
muaz: bgus2
haziq 5D: nikah n kenduri kt tmpt p'puan
muaz: mcm kawan aku kat sini gak sorang mcm gitu
muaz: 2 thn beza kenduri tuh
muaz: haha
muaz: xpa2
muaz: kenduri tu nk maklumkn saja
haziq 5D: xpe
haziq 5D: nnt blh rase mcm bru kawin blk
haziq 5D: haha
muaz: btol2
muaz: selamat la semuanya aku doakan
haziq 5D: aminnnnn
muaz: insyaAllah nnt aku bgtau bdk2 lain sama
haziq 5D: ok
muaz: thanks sbb inform
haziq 5D: berehhhh
muaz: tgh sibuk memanggil org ka weh
muaz: haha
haziq 5D: huiii siap wat post 2
haziq 5D: hahaa
muaz: haha
muaz: biasa lah
muaz: tumpang gembira
muaz: nak masuk dlm blog neh
muaz: haha
muaz: nnt post gmbar sket kalau x kisah eh
haziq 5D: gmbr nikah?
haziq 5D: blh je
muaz: aah
muaz: aku letak dlm blog aku
muaz: haha
haziq 5D: bllh2
muaz: yes
muaz: hehe
muaz: nnt aku letakkn dlm blog

Haziq ni salah sorang kawan aku kat Beseri sekali dgn Hilmi, En. Haa Kim, Atif dan lain-lain. 2 tahun satu kelas, bnyk jugak la yang kitorng share. Cuma yang paling tak sangka sebab tiba-tiba dia pulak yang awal dalam hal ini, padahal dulu sonyap ajo budok nogori nih. haha. Pokat sungguh kalau cakap dgn dia ni. ^__^

Last summer ka bila tah, mcm dengar-dengar gak khabar angin dia dah bertunang, tapi tiba-tiba macam terlupa sebentar hal tu. haha.
Anyway, tahniah la buat Haziq, moga rumah tangga yang dibina tu berkekalan hingga selamanya insyaAllah.
Haziq cakap nanti dia bagi gambar nikah kalau tiada aral melintang. Will be updated insyaAllah post ni nnt.

Apapun aku nak ucapkan,
Selamat bakal pengantin baru buat saudaraku Mohd Haziq bin Zawawi serta bakal isteri (maaf kalau salah eja nama sbb dah lama sgt tak jumpa enta haziq :p) yang bakal melangsungkan perkahwinan 18.12.09 ini. Semoga semua aturcara majlis dan urusan dipermudahkan Allah swt. Semoga kalian berbahagia dan dirahmati Allah selalu. Semoga kalian berdua nanti jugak jadi pasangan doktor yang beriman dan bertaqwa.

kalau nak kenal Haziq, cari aku. Haziq duduk atas kerusi, kat sebelah aku. Jumpa? O.o


Before you say I DO

“Of Love--may God exalt you! -the first part is jesting, and the last part is right earnestness. So majestic are its diverse aspects, they are too subtle to be described; their reality can only be apprehended by personal experience. Love is neither disapproved by Religion, nor prohibited by the Law; for every heart is in God's hands.”
Ibn Hazm

You can download the talk from a seminar by Sheikh Yaser Birjas from here and the notes if I'm not mistaken is somewhere in the white on this page or u can view it from here, here, here, here and here. (5 parts)
A very beautiful talk and about love. May Allah guide us in the right path as we can't always win the fight with the nature of human. Falling in love. ^___^

P/s: the actual talk about the topic only start on 2nd lecture (mp3 file). In the first file, Sheikh Yaser gave introduction about the topic and the backgroud of Ibnu Hazm. Do listen if you have time.