Dah cukup bersedia ke nk provoke2 tu bang? nanti perang korang semua jugak la yg lari ke luar negara. Nampak semangat semacam saja. Tapi muka cuak. :)

Enough said. Korang nilai la sendiri. Guna akal fikiran bukan perasaan. Please.


The residents (baca protestors) is not to be blame (so who to be blame?).OMG, bloggers pulak yang kena? Scapegoat? be careful.

Any action will be taken at all? Oh lupa, ini bukan politik pnya sebab, so x perlu tindakan. X payah tahan siapa2.
Mana keadilan di sini? Tgk saja muka abg yg hepi sebelah YB Menteri. Harap2 lepas ni abang tu belajar balik pendidikan islam dan moral.

Tgk cara org bijak (individu pertama) menjawab. :)



This happened to me yesterday when i was waiting for iftar. it was 8.25pm, 2 minutes before the iftar (base on the dayless calendar and my watch that i refered to assuming that yesterday is 29/08/09) and i was sitting alone (besides the manager and the kakak kaunter) inside the shop. i looked at my watch while eagerly waiting for the food to be served. then i asked the manager for the time of iftar just so to confirm that it is 8.27pm. then he said "its 8.30 today brother". what? i thought it was yesterday, on the 28th of august. i look at my watch again and clearly i can see number 29 there.

I wonder if it was the date on my watch is wrong or the manager just lost track of the date. As my mind wondered to find any significant event that happened lately, i suddenly remembered that hadi told me last week that he is going to go back to Malaysia on 28th. it was early yesterday morning (the day this incident happen) that hadi took a cab and went to the airport. So, it means that my watch shows a wrong date!!?? no way! i never set my watch like weeks ago and at that time, its still okay. Nothing wrong. Anyhow, i decided to just follow the 8.30 time and had my iftar meal. Just some burger meal if u wonder what do i ate over there ^.^

As i got home, i checked with the computer calendar and NO... it is 28! not 29. how come my watch said 29? i tried to re-set the date on my watch before realized something. To change the date, u have to turn the button at the side twice. if u turn the button at side once only, it wont move to the next date, the same thing goes with turning the date back. so, i guess my watch is actually somewhere like 12 hours early. At the time that it indicates 8.30pm, it maybe actually indicates 8.30am the next day, that why it shows 29th, not 28! lol. And the prove is that now at the moment where it is about 12pm in Dublin, the date was about to change to 30 where it suppose to shows 29. I never realized this before. Silly me. ^.^

thinking again, it is true that for the analog watch, the hourly indicator need to goes around twice before the date add up. in addition, it doesnt tell us whether it is am or pm. so, if your analog watch indicate 11.30 at the moment, u might wanna ask whether it is am or pm. maybe i mistakenly set my watch when i took the flight from malaysia to Dublin. haha.

Take home message:
1. Dont rely too much on your watch. it maybe dead or set at a wrong time before u notice it. especially the analog.
2. keep track of the day even if u are 22 hours/day inside your room.
3. Dont break your fast before its time. :D
4. If u cannot understand what am i writing above, feel free to ask coz with the grammar and everthing, i might confuse u more than u can imagine. O.o


Minuman Special untuk berbuka

Assalamualaikum and selamat pagi semua,

Sempena bulan Ramadan yang mulia ni, saya nak kongsi sedikit ilmu memasak/bancuh air. ^^
Hari ni jom kita belajar cara-cara membuat manggo lassi. Mudah saja sebenarnya. Jauh lebih jimat dari beli di Medina atau Kebabish. dengan hanya berbekalkan 4 euro, anda telah boleh membancuh 1 jug besar manggo lassi. Di Kebabish Original, satu jug besar berharga 7 euro. itupun harga hingga 31 ogos ni saja. Kedai baru... :)

Mari kita lihat bahan-bahannya.
1. Jus mangga (manggo) yang pekat. Saya cadangkan anda beli jus magga Enjoy. 1.95 euro
2. Satu bekas kecil yogurt segar. 2 euro. Boleh didapati dengan mudah di Dunnes ataupun Tesco (bagi yang tak boikot) :p
3. gula? sebolehnya yang sudah dicairkan.

Cara-cara membuatnya:
1. masukkan bahan 1 dan 2 dalam pengisar yang dah dibasuh terlebih dahulu serta bebas dari bau-bauan cabai, bawang, halia dan lain-lain. haha
2. Putarkan sehingga campuran sebati.
3. Masukkan bahan 3 bagi penggemar gula. (sebenarnya tak diperlukan langsung sebab jus mangga manis banget!)
4. Sedia untuk dihidang.

Gambar hiasan
A. Campuran 1 dan 2 dimasukkan mengikut citarasa sendiri. Kalau rasa kurang rasa mangga, lebihkan jus dari yougurt. Untuk lebih sedap, anda boleh masukkan soda, mangga sebenar dan lain-lain. Anda juga boleh putarkan sekali ketulan kecil ais bersama-sama campuran bahan 1 dan 2.

B. Sesungguhnya yang lebih penting untuk membancuh manggo lassi adalah kerajinan...sebab kalau malas nak membeli semua bahan-bahan dia atas (konon macam banyak), tak jadi jugak...
Selamat mencuba... :D
Selamat berpuasa dan beramal ibadah


Teka Dialog

Jom harini kita main teka teki sikit. Ni antara beberapa dialog yang macam cool sgt. So cuba teka dialog ni diambil dari drama apa.

1. "Kita memang tak boleh jadi orang lain. tapi kita boleh jadi orang yang lebih baik."

2."saya pasti suatu hari nanti awak juga akan berubah, Nur (kalau nak sedap lagi korang ubah la nama apa-apa yang korang suka ^^). Awak akan cinta...awak akan sayangkan saya. Seperti mana saya cinta dan sayangkan awak"

sure dah boleh agak kan drama apa nih?
streaming pun jadi la...haha.
Jalan cerita macam tipikal saja, tapi pengarah dengan dia punya jurukamera memang gempak. Jom layan... :P



Good morning and Peace be upon everyone,

Intriguing is it the title for this time? ^^
just would like to bring the attention of everyone to this topic since this summer i found out that a few of my friends already gone thru this process of engagement. not to mention, a few that already tied the knot. Praise to Allah SWT for making their dua' approved. May their marriage last as long as they still breath the air of the earth. Those in turn at the moment, i pray that u guys also got the best of the marriage and be bestowed by Allah SWT with HIS blessing.

credit to

1st case.
Here is the thing. from my understanding, the actual engagement is suppose to be the taa'ruf (get to know the fiancee aka future husband/wife) and it is should be as low profile (forgive me for the lack of vocabs here) as possible. The only people that should know is the family i suppose. The ring that a girl wear is only a sign that she is no longer available at the moment since someone is seriously considering to make her their future life partner and they are in a process of getting to know each other better. So, in case of anything unexpected suddenly happen during the engagement process and the couple find that they are not suitable for each other, it is permissable to break the engagement (with full of respect). So, since 'no one knows' about the engagement, it suppose not to cause any humiliation for any of the parties.

2nd case.
On the other hand, what is widely practice knowadays is totally different from my understanding. Engagement for most people is a step closer to tie the knot. Somehow it is no longer a process of getting-to-know-your-fiancee since it is futher preceded with the taa'ruf which had been lasting probably for years. Getting engage is almost as a certain promise of 'i will make u my lifelong partner and not going to re-consider it anymore since i already know you' (for perhaps years). The only thing that cohere with the classic engagement is the engagement ring. Letting the public know that they engaged somehow for me is totally their call [Considering that they have calculate all the probability of a disaster along the way]. about the grand engagement function etc. leave it for the moment as that can be just a way to announce the process.

Here are the few thing that i find quite, amusing maybe for some of us and me especially.

1. What are the odd of someone who u dont really know to propose and get to know u more during the engagement if this is the case? -refer to the 2nd case- If your excuse always been 'i dont know u. so, how am i gonna get married with u' and u reject him straight away, how the heck is the first case ever gonna happen? (i thought this is when the engagement plays it roles and allow both the fiancee to know each other.)
2. I find it rather difficult to find classic example of engagement in actual practice since people tend to choose the 2nd option which assuming that the engagement is a little step away from becoming husband and wife. Thinking again, it is actually true because in both cases (1 and 2) it is a little step away from marriage but in the 1st case, u have the choice to take a step back and not harming (humiliating) anyone unlike the 2nd one which i think might cause a lot of humuliation for the girl since public is well aware of her status. How about u guys or is it really outdated and not suitable for the moment that we are living now?
3. A guy may manipulate the opportunity on a girl during the engagement as he can withdraw at any moment he want. This may be true. Unfortunately, this is totally depends on the seriousness of the proposal. This then goes back to the responsibility of the proposer as a human being to take full responsibility on his/her action. It should also be difficult for a guy/girl to propose and withdraw as many time as he/she wishes since the process involve family too. unless if the parents aren't responsible to0, this may happen in actual life. (O.o)
4. if u think u are traditional, why making fuss using middleman or whatever u wanna call it if your excuse would still be 'i dont know that guy/girl and i dont like him/her'? Why cant u decide only later after u got engage (exclusively for the classic example so that no one got humiliated)? *.*
5. Is it necessary for one who got the proposal ask his/her friends about the proposer? i guess no way one can resist the curiosity of getting to know others especially the one that come out with the proposal. ^^

1. this is my first entry using chrome from google. cool browser but i dont find the marker for wrong spelling yet, so sorry if lots of typos here.
2. i though that buried deep the cut months ago. unfortunately it surfaced naturally when looking at those who got engaged recently. Im happy for you guys but at the same time it bleeds inside. silently.
3. Am listening to latest Black Eyed Peas album E.N.D. may this too finally signal the end of bloody helplessness tragedy. lalalalalala. getting high at 2.30 am. WTH!!!
4. Just got email from smart telecom about getting flagged coz unfortunately downloaded lots of crap movie recently. lol
5. This is not an entry to say anyone wrong or right, but totally based on my curiosity since i maybe a little traditional. o.O perhaps it may also help me to follow the right path as shown by the prophet Muhammad PBUH.
6. Someone told me this evening that Rasullullah left Muaz bin Jabal RA a dua' which he ask Muaz to always practice it (more or less). here how it sounds, 'Allahumma inni a'la zikrika, wa shukrika, wahusnil ibadatik.' Sound familiar rite? but do u know the story behind this word from Rasulullah?

Klik to enlarge the image.


newspapers and lies

i give you an article plus a few pics and you make your own judgement.

Perhimpunan berjaya dihalang

Oleh wan noor hayati wan alias, tan ming wai dan ashriq fahmy ahmad

KUALA LUMPUR 1 Ogos - Langkah awal polis mengadakan sekatan di setiap pintu masuk ke ibu negara berjaya menghalang perhimpunan membantah Akta Keselamatan Dalam Negeri (ISA) yang dirancang berlangsung hari ini.

Tindakan pihak polis 'membendung' kemasukan penyokong Gabungan Mansuhkan ISA (GMI) itu menggagalkan cubaan kumpulan tersebut untuk berkumpul dan berarak ke Istana Negara bagi menyerahkan memorandum.

Sekatan polis bermula sejak pukul 12 tengah malam tadi.

Walaupun 100,000 penyokong disasarkan menyertai perhimpunan haram itu, hanya lebih 5,000 orang menghadirinya.


Mereka berhimpun di beberapa lokasi yang menjadi tumpuan orang ramai pada hujung minggu seperti pekarangan pusat beli-belah Sogo, Masjid Negara, Dataran Merdeka, stesen LRT Masjid Jamek dan Pasar Seni.

Tindakan kumpulan terbabit tidak mengendahkan larangan pihak berkuasa daripada berhimpun bukan sahaja menyebabkan kesesakan lalu lintas yang teruk di pusat bandar bahkan menyusahkan orang ramai yang ingin membeli-belah di sekitar kawasan berkenaan.

Beberapa premis perniagaan termasuk pusat beli-belah Sogo dan Kompleks Pertama terpaksa ditutup bagi mengelak kejadian tidak diingini ekoran kedegilan mereka.

Ketua Polis Kuala Lumpur, Datuk Muhammad Sabtu Osman berkata, pihaknya terpaksa melepaskan gas pemedih mata, bom asap dan semburan air ke arah penyokong setelah mereka enggan bersurai.

"Kami mohon maaf atas kesulitan orang ramai. Ini bukan yang dirancang pihak polis tetapi direncanakan pihak-pihak tertentu sehingga menyebabkan kesesakan lalu lintas dan menyusahkan banyak pihak," katanya pada sidang akhbar di Ibu Pejabat Polis Kontinjen (IPK) Kuala Lumpur di sini hari ini.

Tinjauan Mingguan Malaysia mendapati perhimpunan haram itu turut disertai pelajar dan pemimpin pembangkang.

Kehadiran ribuan anggota polis termasuk anggota Unit Simpanan Persekutuan (FRU) yang berkawal di semua lokasi perhimpunan bagaimanapun berjaya mengekang perarakan kumpulan tersebut ke Istana Negara.

Sehingga pukul 6 petang, masih terdapat penyokong yang berkumpul di Sogo menyebabkan polis terpaksa menahan mereka yang enggan bersurai. Seramai 589 orang ditahan dalam perhimpunan itu.

Pakatan pembangkang dalam sidang akhbar di ibu pejabat Pas petang ini mendakwa perhimpunan itu berjaya mencapai matlamatnya. Bagaimanapun, mereka difahamkan gagal menyerahkan memorandum ke Istana Negara.

Sementara itu, perhimpunan menyokong ISA anjuran Majlis Permuafakatan Ummah (Perwaris) dan Pertubuhan Pribumi Perkasa Malaysia (Perkasa) yang juga dijadualkan hari ini, dibatalkan atas arahan polis.

Penasihat Undang-undang Majlis Gabungan NGO Pembela Negara, Khairul Azamdin berkata, pihaknya akur dengan arahan pihak berkuasa tetapi berjaya menyerahkan memorandum kepada Istana Negara melalui seorang wakilnya petang ini.

Sebelum itu, seramai 2,000 penyokong Perwaris dan Perkasa berhimpun di Padang Merbok sebelum berarak ke Dataran Merdeka dan Pasar Seni.


there are lots of videos which you can find especially on youtube about the rally.

its not that i'm totally agree with it but somehow in a democratic country, i think the people should have some space to voice out their thought. why dont the police just control the situation and make sure that the rally run smooth instead of hurting the protestor?

i joined a rally here in Dublin last year but somehow it seems totally different that we had in Malaysia. they even gave us a space to pray on the street? why couldn't our police do that?

i had to put this video coz it involves the whole lot of family of a junior of mine in MRSM Beseri who's in germany at the moment.

i pray that all his family will be released soon.