it is not even spring yet and i already feel very lonely. This is bad. -.-

the gloomy weather and rains only make things worse

and the 12 assignments due this Friday. WORST!

hopefully this sort of things could help cheer me up.



Kepada para pelajar yang tinggal berdekatan dengan South circular road, Dublin,

Jom ramai-ramai datang. Setiap jumaat lepas isyak. Tempat akan dimaklumkan kemudian.

Terima kasih kepada tuan rumah minggu ni yang menyediakan juadah istimewa!
Thanks to akmal calculus, pali, ammar, syafiq dan jugak abg pres isoc trinity college kita, adib.

Dalam kesibukan study, paling kurang seminggu sekali kita berhimpun untuk sama-sama mendengar tazkirah. Pengubat hati.
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Figure it out

this is for you who can solve the above QR code

Idea asal, dari sini. Very unique. hehe.
Jangan kutuk gua pulak ye bro Obefiend. Peace



So which one are u guys today?
Have you tried anything to lift up the mood a bit?
If not, why not try something now?


The above picture is actually a pain scale. Got it for free. Haha. Among a few free item collected during this rota. ;p
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The plate

I'll let the picture do the talk this time. I hope that you all can read the black square plate on the top corner of the right hand side.
Sorry because it's too small.
That us the plate that I was taking about on my previous entry. I'll put another close up picture later on.

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Peace be upon you,

How are you guys doing? I hope that everyone is having a good time. Just a quick update for this blog.
I am now on the general practice (GP) rotation. I started with GP, then after this I'll have medicine and surgery follow by psychiatric, paediatrics and finally obstetric and gynecology (OnG).

Each of this rotation is only about 6 weeks long and we only have the weekend of the last rotation as a break before changing to another rotation. Great isn't it? :)
That is medicine anyway

As some of you might have noticed, I stay in a quite luxury hotel in a town called Drogheda which is approximately about 1 hour drive from dublin. This small town had a very unique history of its own.

During the great famine in Ireland, the people from the islamic republic of turkey which at that time is under the ottoman empire had sent ships full with foods in order to help the irish in this town. Today, the local in this town commemorate this by having a black square plate embedded to the front wall in one of the famous bar in the city to thanks the turks at that time.

I'll put the picture later on because I haven't take the picture of that plate yet. I read somewhere earlier about this and finally I can see the proof on my own. I heard that it is the same case when they had their football team using the 'crescent and stars' as the emblem.

However, i am left to wonde whether this is true or not because apparently there is a writing from local newspaper who said those claim are actually a myth and it never happens. All are myths.?? Why is there a plate to tell about this if all are myths? Maybe someone tried to hide something maybe.

So, I think that's it for now. I'm going back there again today. 2 more weeks to enjoy this rotation. Insyallah I'll try to do the quick update as frequent as I can. Really don't want to let this blog into hiatus.
At the same time, please make du'a for me and all of us so that Allah will make it ease for us to continue our journey.

See you guys again.

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The anniversary

Last few days (on 30th Sept of 2010) was the 3rd anniversary of my presence in Dublin. 
Alhamdulillah, all praise to Allah SWT for giving me this golden opportunity. 
The journey that so far has been a very interesting one. 
Full of ups and downs that helps me to be who i am right now. 

218 in 2007. The first Hari raya away from home. :,(
Thanks to all the seniors especially in 218 (Jermz, Ghani, Jhazz, Tun, Abadi, Rizal, Aimi, Eros and Zul) which had helped me so much early in my presence here in this foreign land. For me, they had shown a very good example as seniors. The moment that we share in 218 will always be treasured.

To all friends which keep my spirit alive and give the supports when needed, thanks very much. You guys have been part of a very interesting journey of my life.

first morning in Dublin. 1st october was much colder at that time.
And not to forget to my dad and my mom and also to my siblings, thank a million for all the support and the endless spiritual reminder cum boost which keep me stay strong away from you guys.

The future must have holds a lot more interesting experience. Unknown paths waiting to unfold 1001 stories. A lot have changed and i am quite sure that much more will follow later on. All these experiences will always be remembered. Part of the stories of my life. My journey. The amaranthine.

Grand Canal, South Dublin
Please continue to make du'a for me and my friend so that one day, we can go back to Malaysia and serve the Malaysians.