Alhamdulillah. One more to go and hopefully me and my friends are done with fouth med. Torturing year it is indeed.
No wonder they (seniors) said that its the hardest of all year although final year bear the most important result of all.
Pray for our success and hopefully one day we all can go back n serve the nation.
Not to forget, congratulations to all final year seniors from RCSI, UCD, TCD and Galway who already finished with their undergrads study. Congrats Doctors!

Lately there has been so much things happening in Malaysia espcially regarding the commotion made by PERKASA. As a malay, i feel so ashamed to have them as my countrymen. Plus, many of them are muslim and i personally think they probably don't know that they should never act in such a way.
Islam is a religion of peace and those shitheads act as if they are thw protector. From my point of view, they are not better than the Zionist. Suppressing and manipulating others using the name of race!

Malaysian style seafood noodles is very nice here. This picture has nothing to do with the post above.