Assalamualaikum dan Salam sejahtera semua,

it has been 16 days (more or less) since i first step my foot at my motherland after almost 2 years in Ireland. :)

after a few days kat Malaysia ni, i already drive for about 2o00Km after my whole family went for a trip around half of the peninsula (KL, Pahang, Terengganu and Kelantan). I am the offcial driver for that trip and everything went very well though it was a bit diffcult to find motel or places to rent in terengganu. i was very fortunate to be able to have my first mandi laut in terengganu. we stayed at Rusila. The sea was so amazing! dah hampir 2 tahun x mandi laut. :P
Taman Tamadun in Kuala Terengganu was also great. The idea to introduce all the famous mosques aroung the world is a great idea. If in europe they have the Mini Europe in Brussels, we at least have the mini-famous mosques in Kuala Terengganu. :P

Selain dari pusing2 malaysia, mostly i just stay at home playing games and resting. i do went to my friend houses around kedah since some of them still on holiday. Lama betul tak jumpa. Huzaimi, Izzudin and the latest info, Kasful Asra sekarang ni kat Indonesia. He went there senyap2...apa la Boll ni. Medan khabarnya. Esok, kami semua beserta a few more akan spend satu hari keluar jalan2. bermula dengan mandi di air terjun (waterfall) Bukit Wang and after that maybe going for bowling. the initial plan to have some BBQ had to be cancelled due to the unpredictable weather in the morning. Hampir setiap pagi sekarang ni, hujan sahaja setiap hari. Seronok betul sebab dah lama tak tengok hujan lebat. :)

The were also unfortunate event that i had to undergone such as my stomach problem and the computer breakdown. however these tiny little problem takkan effect anything very much sebab rasanya lagi banyak benda2 menarik yang berlaku. :P The doctor that i met told me maybe due to dehydration that the gastric problem somehow occur again. banyak berpeluh kot katanya sebab dah lama tak berpeluh banyak. XD
tapi mungkin jugak sebab masa awal2 balik dulu, kipas memang hampir setiap masa especially at night. kalau x memang berpeluh habes. Tambahan pulak, the news says malaysia is facing El-Nino at the moment. some sort of "extreme" hot weather in equatorial region if i'm not mistaken. no wonder i got dehydrated. lol

Apapun, i really enjoy my holiday so far in Malaysia. Terminator salvation just now and watching Kedah won against Negeri Sembila by 3-1 LIVE were awesome! Hopefully that the exam result expected in another 9 days will allow me to stay longer here. i really dont want to disappoint my mother. :(

okay, gtg. have a great holiday everyone.