Any of u even seen this video before?. I know its lame. Just a video. Really? or could it be more?

Have you watch it? What do u think? Cute isn't it?
Superficially, it seems like just another cute video (it is?) from Youtube where some random guy posted a video and somehow become famous instantly like a quick 2 minutes instant noodle. ^___^ .
Obviously inappropriate symbolism i got here. LOL.

Anyhow, the video itself might mean nothing to many but rather just enjoy it for whatever reason be it the cuteness or just simply amazing voice of the fathers for some.

Only when you read more or maybe stalk more about it, then you'll know that it was not just another video.
It was a therapy session for the girls and i'm quite sure also for the father himself.

It was a love story. Something that many are afraid to venture into after multiple failure. Hopefully after read the article below, you-who-had-multiple-failure would not stop from venturing into those area again because whatever happen, life must go on.

It is also a prove that Allah The Almighty is in power to bring about the wealth or whatever goodness to you if he desired in a way that you never expected.

Marry those among you who are single, or the virtuous ones among your slaves, male or female: if they are in poverty, Allah will give them means out of His grace: for Allah encompasseth all, and He knoweth all things. (An-Nur: 32)

Click here you'll be touch after you finish reading it. I hope so. ^___^

P/s: my obs n gynae rotation almost comes to an end meaning that final exam is only 2 weeks away. Pray for me lads. Wassalam



Just a quick lame update as i'd already left this blog unattended for a few weeks.

Interesting experience so far while doing the ObsGyn rotation.

1. Met a lady today who is already 5 months into her pregnancy unaware of the baby and had a PV bleeding a few times before which she put down to her irregular cycle. 
Everyone was laughing like hell while she had her abdominal U/S following her reaction. Surprisingly her abdomen was not as distended as you would expect it to be. Another example of how everything was not like a textbook. 


2. Attending clinic has been good experience so far for me but not to others. I'm very sorry for you guys except to those who keep complaining and exert a negative effect to others by discourage them to go to clinic just because you have a bad experience. Not everyone will get the same treatment for sure but you don't discourage others. yes you may tell them whom and whom not to go with during the clinic but as usual, there are other good doctors who is caring enough to teach you one or two things.
Keep complaining would not make the situation any better unless you really go and see prof!

3. Newborn baby is actually almost light blue in colour. I only saw one delivery so far and it was by caesarean section. Hoping to see more in the next 2 weeks and possibly do one or two or maybe more delivery. At least when I'm ready to have my own child, I won't be fainting next to my wife (insyaAllah) who is in a great pain waiting for the baby to come out. ^__^


4. Today i took a history from a nurse and a doctor. Both are inpatient because of their blood sugar level was elevated. One is a type 1 DM patient while another is being investigated for a possibility of gestational induce diabetes. "Being a patient was absolutely a different experience from treating one. you will only know if you have gone through it on your own" more or less what they said to me.


5. Everyone who is doing ObyGyn rotation in Rotunda got an email yesterday saying that starting today, the attendance will be taken for every tutorial because the attendance has been very poor for some. If you fail to get 100% attendance, there will be no exam for you this coming May. Finished reading it the only thing i can say is "Alhamdulillah....". Part of the lesson that we have in Rotunda Hospital is about its old heritage and the legacy of this hospital and its founder. Bartholomew Mosse. I never thought that we would be spent about 3 hours just to listen to the historical lecture. Anyhow, it was much more interesting that i thought. Didn't even took my usual lecture nap. ^___^


6. Birds of the same feather would always try to flock together but sometimes even the similar species would eat on their own if food supply is scarce. (does this make sense?LOL). In shorts, respect your teacher or your name would be known to others as someone who do not know how to respect them. Yes we could be friend with our teacher but respect their position is a must. lesson learned! ^___^

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