Alhamdulillah, exam dah pun abes and officially my first summer holiday begin!!! yeay... :D
Anyway, nothing much to rite today coz i'm actually busy watching Roswell at this moment. Planning to finish all the 3 seasons that already ended in 2002 which i never had a chance to follow all since i was still in the hostel at that time. :) [budak asrama la katakan...]

Hope we all continue to pray not just until the result is out but as long as we live coz it is not just for the exam that we are praying for but for the goodness of all people, our family and also for everything that we wish to have in our short life.

I'll be writing more after this just to fill my 3 months summer holiday and hopefully i can cover more latest things that is happening here and also in my beloved country, Malaysia. :'(
sedih minyak naik. Kesian sama mama dan baba serta adik2 di sana. Sabar ye.

Wait for the next entry okay...