Alhamdulillah, thanks to Allah SWT that I just finish my JC3 (junior cycle 3) exam today at 4.00pm GMT. The last paper was very difficult and I’ll salute those who can get 1st class for this paper specifically. I can even dream of it I think after the paper just now. MCQ was the most difficult I ever attempt. Seriously I’m not joking. Some of my friends do agree with me but let’s just pray for the best. HE is the one whose control everything and may HE grant us the best out of our effort. The rest of the exams were fairly okay I would say. The clinical exam was very interesting considering all the practices that I had with my housemates a few days prior to the exam. Oral anatomy exam probably the best I ever attempted. Luckily this time, I only asked by Dr. Garry Duffy and Dr. Gynie. Both of them were very nice. Alhamdulillah. The previous two semester, I wasn’t very lucky as I got people like Dr. Tom Farrel, Dr. McRyan, Dr. Fitzgeral and not to mention, the beautiful-yet-not so friendly Dr. Clara ^0^. Enough with the exam but seriously, I would be very glad if I can pass the Evidence base health module. Hmm..

As now, its after the exam, many event is waiting to be done I would say. Usually I have plan after the exam but this time, I’m so lazy even to think of one. Just feel like wanting to do nothing at all really. However, tomorrow all of us probably going to have some guy get going at Dundrum Town (if everyone wants to go) for some movie and sushi maybe ^.^ and the next day, pot-luck during dinner at my house, all guys are welcome. It’ll be around 8 pm. Bring something okeh if u feels like coming over. Abdul Malek insyaAllah will also be here as our special guest (“,)

And now for the two weeks holiday, everyone will leave me behind. :( It’s my fault really coz I want to save some money konon2 I want to enjoy at Malaysia la. (Serve u right MUAZ!) So, I decided not to follow them to Spain and now, I left alone at home. KA is also going to UK. So, to compensate for my mistake, I decided to fly to Liverpool to visit my relatives and maybe also going to Manchester to visit some friend over there (if they still remember me coz I haven’t contacted them for a long time). The rest of the time, probably I’ll just stay at home with my faithful girlfriend. My laptop. Haha, what a loser am I right?

This holiday also possibly my the last chance for me to relax and enjoy the moment before I have to readjust everything within a week prior to new semester as we are now need to go to Beaumont Hospital which will take about an hour of travel by bus per trip. The hardest of all is it’ll require me to wake up as early as 6am (or even earlier) everyday and force me to sleep early which means less study time. Really hope I can cope with that. All the seniors were advising us to be prepared mentally and physically because according to them, class at Beaumont and life over there wasn’t so much fun anymore. You can easily feels like no energy after class and wanted to sleep straight away (believe me, I witnessed this myself!) but at the same time, everything is getting serious which means more time actually needed for study. No more playing time for me maybe. Should I wave my goodbye to DOTA?? Bye bye my dear friend, till we meet again once in a while. (sigh)

Okay, enough with my whole lot of crap. Anyway, I would like to invite all my dear reader to continue to boycott the product like Coca Cola and McD which had been proven to directly contribute to the prosperity of the illegal country of Israel! Stop buying those product! U won’t die if u didn’t eat double cheese burger or one Big MC or even their fries. Look at me! I hadn’t touch any of those for the last 6 months! I’m still alive and well. Yes it is not halal here but if I want, I can just buy the fish burger (I did buy really when I was travelling coz it’s the easiest halal stuff to get). Another thing, KFC, I’m not sure if this do contribute, but if you feels like wanted to taste some halal KFC, you can now go to Germany instead of France. My dear friend over there told me that some of the KFC branches started to provide halal chicken. But you need to recheck with your friend over there before you go and grab some. NOT all KFC in Germany are halal. Maybe one day, all will be halal.

Okay then, time time its really the end. Promise! This is the thing that going to happen after a long time of not writing anything. Just feels like wanted to write everything that lingering inside my mind. Lol. Ok ok, enough, have a great day guys.

P/S: if anyone feels like joining me to Liverpool, it’s still available. I’ll go there this coming Tuesday. Accommodation is sponsored. (4 stars palace!) Buzz my YM.



A friend of mine ask me to help with this. For those who want to make more deeds for the hereafter, this is one of your chance. Lets grab it. ^-^


Concerning the attack of Israel towards the Palestine, Cork Umno Club is really concerned to help collecting donations in aiding the injured civilians. This event is aimed to maximize the collections and the contributions will be channeled to Islamic Relief Organizations for them to buy medical supplies to aid the Palestinians. This event is co-jointly organized by Cork Umno Club and Muslim Cultural Society, UCC.

Charity sees the need and not the cause. Therefore, regardless of our political differences, religion, race, country and regardless who we are, there are people in need out there and it is our duty to help. Don't worry, as the purse is emptied, the heart is filled.

So, please do join us and give us your support!

We are also providing an alternative way of donation via banking. You can either do it online or lodge in your donation into our account. The details are as follows:

Account Name: Kelab UMNO Cork
Account Number : 13453099
NSC : 930121
IBAN Number: IE41 AIBK 93012113453099
Swift Code : AIBKIE2D

It is just a click away to make the life of others much better.

Please donate.


is it suppose to be this way? one way or another, it won't differ much.

i love these two clips. found them today as they are part of the featured video on YouTube. Sooooo sweet. ^o^
its about love really.

first, it has to start with this...or even if u wanna keep it within yourself, this is surely part of it. it entitles, how to say i love you.

Then, as the complexity find it ways out...this should be the happy ending...marry me! ^.^

but as for me, surely long way to go. the first step isn't even starting yet. :p


X IN 1, (2 < X < 9)

Assalamualaikum and good day to all,

Its not a good time to blog really though too many important things happening at the moment. But tonight, i am not able to sleep (insomnia? i hope not!), so i decided to write an entry. a short one hopefully as its already 1.30 am. First of all, i would like to say thank you and a very Happy New Year (both Hijriah and the conventional) to everyone especially for those who still visiting my blog although there are no new entries. the reason is examination. yep, i will have my first exam in the next 3 days. yes 3 DAYS! Please pray for me. :)

This new year was really nothing, seriously. For me, its just another day passing by as we are closely following the latest new from the holy land of Gaza. Yep, the tragedy this time is indeed a very cruel one. The army must be well-trained to reach this level of inhumanity! about 600 people died within 9 days, massacred by the ZIONIST regime. if u Ask me what will i do if i'm capable of, i want to send a nuclear bomb so that no one will fight for that piece of land (though i know it a holy land) for at least more than a century, just like the Prypiat, Ukraine which is inhabitable for at least a couple of hundreads of years. But surely, with warning that everyone must leave the area first, both the muslim the f****** Jew that support the ZIONIST (sorry for a bad language). Unfortunately, what most of us can do is by donating money and pray. Lets hope our prayer is answered immediately this time or at least, in the near time.

imagine the destruction this will cause

Another great thing happening recently is that i got a few new 'friends' which most of them are anti-Islam, aethist and surely Islamophobic. i got to know them as i left a few provoking comment on almost every Al-Jazeera latest update about palestine on YOUTUBE. i was very surprised to know that some of them really have made a tarough reseach about Islam coz they are using it against us. their propaganda was fantastic but since I know who am I dealing with, i tried to use it against them by asking questions that need them to ponder about. At first, one of them was very rude, he use all sorts of insults and everything against me but as the time pass by, it seems that he's a pretty good guy. judging by this, i am very surprised to know how they are misleaded to believe that Islam is forcing people and always wants others to convert into it no matter what it takes. Thats how the idea of spreading Islam using the sword came according to him. This guy did ask lots of question including some that we muslim are very used to like muslim as a terrorist, our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) marriage, Islamic state etc. Most of my answer are very vague and i used a logic approach rather than the explanation about evrything in detail since he'a an atheist, quite difficult to explain religiously as he don't believe in God's existance. The answes are debateable and thats what i'm hoping for, to know the actual problem that he has in their mind. okay, enough with the story about my new 'friends'.

Next, in relation to the recent war, people around the world are protesting by making a rally and gathering, not to mention the high-level-meetings that failed to come out with any beneficial resolution to show their anger and discontent with Israeli's 'defensive' act. Even in Dublin, there were more than one rally had been made and i heard that more are to come. Last sunday i think, i joined this activity.

The speech, mostly by local Irish

Its my first time ever! Seriously, so many people came by and marced toward the Irish Parliament and finaly to the city center. The best thing is, this peaceful march is taken care very well by the policemen here. I wonder if the same situation is possible in Malaysia. They do not mind even the buses have to be re-routed and at some point, were put at complete halt just to let people march! On that occasion, they are 3 things that they want the world to know.

1. They want to war to be stooped.
2. They want all the sanctions in Gaza are lifted.
3. They want the world to boycott the Israeli's goods.

Among the protestor, Dublin Mosque's Imam was there!

here is the interesting part, people from all walks of life were here that day to march but somehow, only a very little of us (malaysian) was there compared to Irish and the Arabs. Yes, we are a smaller community here but somehow, only small number of Malaysian was there! eh, dont we have more Malaysian here in Dublin? where were you guys? isn't this a global issue and not just an issue between the MUSLIM and the JEW (ZIONIST)?? I know that certain people are not interested in marching and shouting to show their protest but if the Irish can do it, why can't we Malaysian as a whole? isn't we are pround of our MALAYSIA BOLEH slogan? isn't this the only opportunity for us to march is peace? if u know what i mean.

The Irish people, except the one on the rightmost! ^^

The start of the march, Dame Street.

Among the few Malaysian. If this few final meds student can make it, why can't others!

Sorry guys to bring this out but i'm very suprised coz we can go to all the happy-happy party etc but when talking about serios issue, we prefer to silent. yes, i know the exam is just around the corner, but why can't we show our support alongside the Irish and the Arabs and other races? it only takes 3 episodes of your House MD to be in the march. surely you don't stare the notes 24 hours a day right. If you are RCSI student, yeah, i can understand it but how about the UCD student who's on holiday at the moment? not to mention the TCDians. Where are we Malaysian when discussing the global issue? owh i know, we are just waiting for our government to say sth right? Seriously unbelievable!!! I'm sick of people who only knows how to talk but rarely walk the talk!!!

next, lets get happy happy again. The exam is just in another few days for RCSI students and i wish everyone a very best of luck. to others who is having the same atmosphere, all the best to you guys too, May Allah make it easy for you to go through it. Ah, happy happy? exam is happy happy? no lah, just don't want everyone to get stress out. :D

ok, till then. have another nice day to all...