The Countdown

Initially it started with three digits and all of sudden only two digits left with number 2 in front. That is how close it is.

So far everything has been going quite smooth. Thanks to Allah.

Only left with a few stuff that is beyond my control including fitting for the dresses on the day of both ceremonies.

Invitations also yet to be handed out to friends in hospital because I haven't met my specialist regarding my 14 days long holiday that also include 6 days of extension in orthopaedic department. :P 

Expecting extension as a houseman is like expecting hell to fall onto you. Anyhow, certain things have to be prioritize and 6 days is almost nothing considering that it could effect your entire life. In fact, even a split second also can change your whole future.
(seen too much MVA in orthopaedics make me realise how precious life is)

May the rest of the countdown to that sacred day of 14/12/2012 also also be going smoothly.

Lets pray for the best insyaAllah.


retrospective entry. somehow got stuck in the daft for 2 years:)
Sorry Ana...


after 2 years

coming back to writing after a long hiatus?
maybe. we'll see

2 years to tell. I wonder how many post will it takes?