Minutes before I started to write this, i reveived a text from faiz. It says "Salam. Kami dah sampai Frankfurt. Tgh tungu nak boarding. Tkg jaga laptop aku." It was sent at 10.07 am but since i just woke up, i only realize it :D

After a week of holiday, most of my close friends started to leave Dublin one by one. Last night, Yunus, Faiz anf Rifhan went back at 2.00am as their flight was at 6.50am and they do not want to be rushed. The night before, it was Fihr (Cikur) who left to London to met his family who's coming for the summer holiday in UK and Tun (my cooking partner) went back to Malaysia. Two or 3 night before, Cai went back and Alhamdulillah he arrived safely at his house. After a week of summer holiday, only a few people left behind in dublin. I hope Faiz, Rifhan and Yunus will have a safe journey home.

After a week of holiday, i already finished watching all these movies, dramas and reading this book:
1.Superhero The Movie
2. Kung Fu Panda
3. Mongol
4. The Forbidden Kingdom
5. Man Of Honor
6. 2 seasons of Roswell
7. Latest episode of Grey's Anatomy, and One Tree Hill.
8. Half of the book 'Aku Terima Nikahnya'.

Some of the movie above, i watched them in the cinema but most are just by streaming the net. Seems like more to come in the next week as more movie will be release during this summer.
Those in my wish list are such as Hancock, The Happening, wall-E, Narnia: Prince Caspian,The Ruins, Gone Baby Gone, In Search of Midnight Kiss, The Mummy: Tomb Of Dragon Emperor, The Dark Night and many more. Actually i was planning to become a member of the cinema so that i can get unlimited access to the movie but thinking again, it wasn't really economical as i only watch most of the movie during the summer but i need to continuously pay 19.99 euro each month for a year. So it means that at least i need to watch at least 3 to 4 movie each month to be in a 'profitable' condition.

After a week of holiday, i already finished 2 most important thing that i procrastinated so long ago; the application for the student credit card and the nurse on call thingy. Alhamdulillah, though i cannot really work up until probably August, at least i know that i still have 4 years to come to at least work once. This is just for the cv and i also planned to make some extra money here :D. Regarding the credit card, hopefully i can get them before i start to travel this 1st of July.

After a week of holiday, i find myself always wake up everyday at about 10 or so finding myself in a very boooooooooring situation and seems like i'll be playing more DOTA and leveling fast so that i can make my own clan though i still am a noob in this game. :P. My daily routine also seems like not to have any big change for the time being. I'll be reading Utusanonlie, Thestaronline and CNN and more and more blogs. Seems like i'm getting bored of Friendster and the Facebook. Sorry for those who i didn't replay any of your comment or messages. At 3 am after subuh, i'll be sleep up until about 10 and the cycle will repeat itself possibly until after i get back from the July travel.

Today i woke up and planning to go to the AIB Street Performance world championship that will be held in Merrion Square up till 15 June. Thanks to wafi for the links which if not, maybe i'm going to miss this and having to spend my day at home again.
Check it out at http://www.spwc.ie/ for further information.

I think i need to pen off. Haven't taken my breakfast yet :D

Happy Holiday to all