Short and guilty

I bumped into this from a friend's fb status and couldn't help myself to feel guilty about my behaviour for the past couple of weeks towards someone.

"Ukhwah doesn't always need togetherness, doesn't need everyday conversation, as long as the friendship live in the du'a.. it remains Abadan Abada ...."

I hope you would forgive me.

Exam in less than 2 weeks  -.-

P/s: Congrats to my lil sister, Nurul Iman for getting straight A in your PMR. May Allah bless the success and you continue to work hard. I'm so proud of u sis!


End of IC2

Tomorrow will be the last day of this semester.
Then, by the end of January, most of my friends will fly back to Malaysia to continue their battle at Penang Medical College.

Today a smile (if i didn't misinterpret/mis-realized it) change my mood. Totally! Thanks. Even if it was not intended or not really meant for me or whatsoever, you surely change my day today. Thank you very much. ^__^  Sometimes, acknowledge the presence of someone around you don not require you to talk to them or even say "hi". A simple smile or nod will do. Months or even years of silence between two person may turn 360 with a simple gesture like that. Absence as they said makes the heart grow fonder. As for me, simple smile is enough fuel an empty heart. Full tank! 

The exam for Intermediate Cycle 2 is really around the corner. I have less than a month to revise everything. I don't know if i can even finish everything. I'll try my best and keep praying that Allah will grant me the memory to memorize everything that i read. Everything is from HIM and in HIM I trust.

After the exam, i have a month of holiday. I'm looking forward to go to Germany or UK this time but so far, i haven't bought any flight ticket or came out with any holiday plan. Nothing is finalized at this level. In any case, it seems that i would travel alone again this time. It is hard to live with people that you can't get along with. No other option but to be a lone ranger. -.-"

Final bit, i surely wonder why some people can act so strange onlinely. they add you, then delete and add and again delete. WTFish! Can you just be yourself and don't act so weirdly? The fact is, people do judge other by the appearance which sometimes is good (like during interview etc) but when they realize that you are not what they thought you are, then they gonna start talking about you (which is of course, very wrong), asking people that they think know you etc. I believe men and women alike in this case.(peace. ^__^) Its even weirder when they asked people that actually do not know much about you (whom-acted-strangely) why you act like so and so. Please, please, please, just be yourself. you are not a spy that you have to hide your identity and act strangely/differently when you face the mass. I myself has to admit that I do act differently when I am not talking to others face to face, but then...have some consideration please. dont just add random people, then delete and then add them again and then delete them again. its a social page for god sake! People do notice the change; specially the one that i believed stalked you silently!

One more thing, just a random info. A Lot of people do not realize what effect did the recent change in FB privacy level does. Most people are still with the old default privacy settings which means that after the recent change allowed people (whom are not in their friend list) to view their pics, album and see their wall. Check your privacy setting including each and every of your album and also the status privacy setting. Change it to "only friends" if you want to allow your friend only to view the album. If not, that album is available to ALL Facebook user. Available to ALL! You need not care much about this unless you have some pics that you dont want people to look at in the first place last time. Peace!

My apology to those offended by my writing above. My limited and improper choice of wordings may had caused some people to feel uneasy about the writing. I hope you would forgive me and get the message. I wouldn't withdraw the writing because everything that i wrote above is real. Thank you.


Barakallahulakuma wabaraka 'alaikuma wajama'a bainakuma fi qair

Tudia...hensem Haziq!

haziq 5D: wehhhhh
muaz: ye
haziq 5D: aku nk hadiah lg
muaz: hadiah?
haziq 5D: hahaha
muaz: oh
haziq 5D: aku nk nikah
muaz: oeh?
haziq 5D: mggu dpn
muaz: serius?
haziq 5D: aah
muaz: awalnya
muaz: x smpt nk p la
muaz: tahniah weh
haziq 5D: xpe
muaz: bdk mana?
haziq 5D: just nk gtau je
muaz: wa..
muaz: tergempar ni
haziq 5D: bdk trengganu
muaz: wawawa
muaz: laju seh
muaz: tahniah2
muaz: lg cepat dari **** (terpaksa sensored)
muaz: aku ingat ko yg plng slow
haziq 5D: haha
muaz: hehe
muaz: tahniah2
muaz: sama2 uia?
haziq 5D: yup
muaz: ic2
haziq 5D: satu kals
muaz: insyaAllah
muaz: ada rezeki summer ni aku g jmpa ko
haziq 5D: hee
haziq 5D: bereh
muaz: bila tarikhnya?
haziq 5D: aku lum post g kad nikah aku lam fb
haziq 5D: asyik lupe je nk scan
muaz: barakallahulakuma wabaraka alaikuma wajama bainakuma fi qair
haziq 5D: 18.12
muaz: alhamdulillah
muaz: sukanya aku dgr
haziq 5D: haha
muaz: thanks sbb inform
haziq 5D: ko de no contact napie?
muaz: xdak la aku kecik hati nnt
muaz:  :P
muaz: ym ada la
muaz: tp x nmpk dia online
muaz: bdk2 lain dah tau?
haziq 5D: lum
haziq 5D: aku senyap je
muaz: nk aku kaborkn ka camna?
muaz: hehe
haziq 5D: blh la kut
haziq 5D: sbb aku fkr dlu lmb lg
haziq 5D: 2 aku wat diam je
muaz: ok
muaz: nnt aku kaborkn
haziq 5D: beeh boh
muaz: ish2
muaz: senyap je eh
muaz: haha
muaz: terkejut neh
haziq 5D: nnt aku wat kt tmpt n9 ko dtg la
muaz: bila?
muaz: summer?
haziq 5D: lps aku grad
haziq 5D: hahaha
muaz: bila ko grad?
haziq 5D: dela lg 2 thn stengah
muaz: ic2
muaz: haha
muaz: boleh2
muaz: ni kira nikah dlu la ni
muaz: hehe
muaz: bgus2
haziq 5D: nikah n kenduri kt tmpt p'puan
muaz: mcm kawan aku kat sini gak sorang mcm gitu
muaz: 2 thn beza kenduri tuh
muaz: haha
muaz: xpa2
muaz: kenduri tu nk maklumkn saja
haziq 5D: xpe
haziq 5D: nnt blh rase mcm bru kawin blk
haziq 5D: haha
muaz: btol2
muaz: selamat la semuanya aku doakan
haziq 5D: aminnnnn
muaz: insyaAllah nnt aku bgtau bdk2 lain sama
haziq 5D: ok
muaz: thanks sbb inform
haziq 5D: berehhhh
muaz: tgh sibuk memanggil org ka weh
muaz: haha
haziq 5D: huiii siap wat post 2
haziq 5D: hahaa
muaz: haha
muaz: biasa lah
muaz: tumpang gembira
muaz: nak masuk dlm blog neh
muaz: haha
muaz: nnt post gmbar sket kalau x kisah eh
haziq 5D: gmbr nikah?
haziq 5D: blh je
muaz: aah
muaz: aku letak dlm blog aku
muaz: haha
haziq 5D: bllh2
muaz: yes
muaz: hehe
muaz: nnt aku letakkn dlm blog

Haziq ni salah sorang kawan aku kat Beseri sekali dgn Hilmi, En. Haa Kim, Atif dan lain-lain. 2 tahun satu kelas, bnyk jugak la yang kitorng share. Cuma yang paling tak sangka sebab tiba-tiba dia pulak yang awal dalam hal ini, padahal dulu sonyap ajo budok nogori nih. haha. Pokat sungguh kalau cakap dgn dia ni. ^__^

Last summer ka bila tah, mcm dengar-dengar gak khabar angin dia dah bertunang, tapi tiba-tiba macam terlupa sebentar hal tu. haha.
Anyway, tahniah la buat Haziq, moga rumah tangga yang dibina tu berkekalan hingga selamanya insyaAllah.
Haziq cakap nanti dia bagi gambar nikah kalau tiada aral melintang. Will be updated insyaAllah post ni nnt.

Apapun aku nak ucapkan,
Selamat bakal pengantin baru buat saudaraku Mohd Haziq bin Zawawi serta bakal isteri (maaf kalau salah eja nama sbb dah lama sgt tak jumpa enta haziq :p) yang bakal melangsungkan perkahwinan 18.12.09 ini. Semoga semua aturcara majlis dan urusan dipermudahkan Allah swt. Semoga kalian berbahagia dan dirahmati Allah selalu. Semoga kalian berdua nanti jugak jadi pasangan doktor yang beriman dan bertaqwa.

kalau nak kenal Haziq, cari aku. Haziq duduk atas kerusi, kat sebelah aku. Jumpa? O.o


Before you say I DO

“Of Love--may God exalt you! -the first part is jesting, and the last part is right earnestness. So majestic are its diverse aspects, they are too subtle to be described; their reality can only be apprehended by personal experience. Love is neither disapproved by Religion, nor prohibited by the Law; for every heart is in God's hands.”
Ibn Hazm

You can download the talk from a seminar by Sheikh Yaser Birjas from here and the notes if I'm not mistaken is somewhere in the white on this page or u can view it from here, here, here, here and here. (5 parts)
A very beautiful talk and about love. May Allah guide us in the right path as we can't always win the fight with the nature of human. Falling in love. ^___^

P/s: the actual talk about the topic only start on 2nd lecture (mp3 file). In the first file, Sheikh Yaser gave introduction about the topic and the backgroud of Ibnu Hazm. Do listen if you have time.



Dari Nukman bin Basyir, katanya ‘Suatu ketika kami sedang duduk2 di Masjid Nabawi dan Basyir itu seorang yg tidak banyak bercakap.

Datanglah Abu Saklabah lalu berkata ” Wahai Basyir bin Saad, adakah kamu hafaz hadis Rasulullah tentang para pemerintah?’

Huzaifah RA lalu segera menjawab.” Aku hafaz akan khutbah Rasulullah SAW itu.” Maka duduklah Abu Saklabah Al Khusyna untuk mendengar hadis berkenaan.

Maka kata Huzaifah RA, Rasulullah SAW telah bersabda:
“Telah berlaku Zaman Kenabian ke atas kamu, maka berlakulah Zaman Kenabian sebagaimana yang Allah kehendaki. Kemudian Allah mengangkat zaman itu seperti yg Dia kehendaki.”
Kemudian belakulah zaman Kekhalifahan (Khulafaur Rasyidin) yang berjalan sepertimana Zaman Kenabian. Maka berlakulah zaman itu sebagaimana yang Allah kehendaki. Kemudian Allah mengangkatnya.
Lalu berlakulah zaman pemerintahan yang mengigit (malikun a’adhun) Berlakulah zaman itu seperti yang Allah kehendaki. Kemudian Allah mengangkatnya pula.
Kemudian berlakulah zaman penindasan dan zaman penzaliman (malikun jabbar) dan berlakulah zaman itu seperti mana yang Allah kehendaki.
Kemudian berlakulah pula zaman kekhalifahan (Imam Mahdi dan Nabi Isa as ) yang berjalan di atas cara hidup Zaman Kenabian.”
Kemudian Rasulullah SAW pun diam.

Hadis ini diriwayatkan oleh Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal di dalam kitabnya Musnad Al Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal, Juzuk 4, halaman 273. Juga terdapat dalam kitab As-Silsilatus Sahihah, Jilid 1, hadis nombor 5.

the hadith above was copied from here.

A video for your free time. ^.^



Jelik melihat situasi sesetengah gerakan dakwah di bumi Allah ni. Claim itu ini, cakap laju begitu begini, last-last berlaku khianat sesama Muslim. SESAMA MUSLIM tu! Lemau!

Soalan ringkas kat bawah ni aku tujukan untuk semua yang terlibat secara aktif, tak aktif mahupun individu yang belum lagi kenal akan usaha dakwah di bumi ini dan secara umum untuk bacaan sesiapa sahaja yang singgah di sini. ^.^


Okayh, cukup setakat tu dulu kot. Fikir-fikirkan. Anda tahu siapa anda. Kalau yang rasa dia tak boleh nak faham, anggap saja ni satu renungan untuk difikirkan.
Sapa makan cili, dia yang rasa pedas.


Aidil Adha

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Esok, Jumaat 27 November 2009 bersamaan 10 Zulhijjah 1430, seluruh umat Islam bakal menyambut Hari Raya Aidil Adha. 
Hari Raya Haji atau Hari Raya Korban ini adalah satu perayaan yang aku rasakan penuh simbolik apabila dikaitkan secara langsung dengan kisah hidup keluarga Nabi Ibrahim, Nabi Ismail dan juga isteri baginda Nabi Ibrahim, Siti Hajar. Banyak pengajaran yang dapat aku belajar dari sejarah yang ternama ini. Semoga perayaan Aidil Adha kali ini dapat kita sama-sama hayati dan kita sambut dengan penuh kesyukuran.

Apapun, esok aku ada kelas. O.O
Kena berkorban untuk ke kelas ataupun mengorbankan kelas itu. huhu. Masih ragu-ragu mana satu yang nak dibuat. Kalau ke kelas, solat sunat terlepas, tapi raya masih boleh disambut. Lafaz takbir masih boleh diucap. Entahlah, agak bingung. Tapi kebarangkaliannya mungkin aku ke kelas sebab esok ada ward tutorial selain case-bases teaching pukul 8.30pg esok. hm....

Semoga kalian semua gembira menyambut Hari Raya Aidi Adha ini. 
Di kesempatan ini jugak, aku ingin memohon kemaafan atas segala salah dan silap. (Mohon maaf bukan khusus untuk hari raya sahaja, tapi sangat digalakkan bersempena hari-hari yang penting macam hari raya ni....^__^)

Ok lah, dah nak stop dulu. Tulis pendek saja sempena hari raya esok hari. Buat yang memandu pulang ke kampung, berhati-hati di jalan raya. Makan daging pun jangan lebih-lebih, nanti kolesterol naik mendadak. Ada pulak yang masuk ward nnt. :p
Pendek cerita, bersederhanalah dalam segala perkara termasuklah memandu dengan kelajuan yang sederhana. :D



This is it.

Maafkan aku atas segala kesalahan dari diri yang hina ini,
Terlalu tinggi yang diharapkan dari seorang budak kampung yang baru mengenal dunia,
Maaf, tak mungkin dapat aku tunaikan semua itu dalam masa terdekat.
Semoga kamu kelak beroleh apa yang dicari selama ini.
Terima kasih atas segalanya.

1. Aku berundur buat kali pertama dalam sejarah.
2. Sekeping hati yang ikhlas tidak akan pernah cukup untuk sesetengah individu.
3. Bagi yang mencari harta kekayaan serta pangkat, jangan cuba lagi mendekati diri ini.



Semalam aku ada kelas jam 8 pagi. Tutorial breast examination procedure.

Since kelas awal gile, aku pun bangun la pagi-pagi buta (5.30am). Bersiap semua dan tunggu bas macam biasa. Oleh sebab dah 2 3 kali bas pukul 7 di South Circular Road ni boleh sempatkan aku sampai di Eden Quay untuk ambil bas 7.15 yang akan ke Beaumont hospital, jadi aku pun keluar la rumah jam 6.50 pagi macam tu. Dalam pukul 7 macam tu, bas pun lalu la...aku pun naik. 

Nak dijadikan cerita, tiba-tiba banyak pulak bas pagi tu stop. Selalunya kalau bas pukul 7 pagi tu, dalam 10 minutes dah boleh sampai kat city center dan aku sempat la berjalan 5 minit untuk ke bas 27B di Eden Quay tu. So, sebab bas tu dah banyak stop, aku sampai kat city center dalam pukul 7.12 macam tu. 3 minutes gap adalah possible untuk berlari-lari ke bus stop yang lagi satu. So, dengan gaya yang tak sama dengan Usain Bolt (sebab aku galas beg), aku pun berlari-lari melintas jalan (sambil tengok kiri kanan takut-takut ada kereta yang sedang laju) menuju ke hentias bas 27B. Dalam 20 meter dari bas stop tu, aku nampak bas 27B tu bergerak. OMG! Tertinggal bas. Macam mana nih??!! Awal tu macam nak redah ja traffic dan pergi ketuk pintu bas tu mintak driver tu bukakan. Unfortunately bas tu pulak masuk lane yang sebelah kanan, so macam ada banyak kereta la pulak nak lalu-lalu kat lane kiri tu. Jadi aku pun rasa malas dan terus berjalan dengan harapan dapat tunggu bas tersebut di hentian seterusnya which is quite impossible sebab agak jauh. Dalam hati duk rasa "dah yang sure nih tak dan nak jumpa bas tu dah".

Tiba-tiba ja datang satu idea gila. Ambik teksi sajalah. haha. bukannya gila sebab apa tapi sebab memang diketahui umum yang teksi kat dublin ni sangatlah mahal. Naik saja dah kena charge 4.45 euro. pastu setiap kilometer dalam 1 euro lebih macam tu kot ka camna tah. tapi mahal la pendek katanya. So, dengan cuba menjadi bijak, aku berjalan melepasi dua hentian bas 27B selepas Eden Quay dengan harapan nanti tak la mahal sangat tambang teksi in case aku naik pun. haha. Sedap-sedap berjalan, tiba-tiba ada sebuah teksi lalu. Aku pun dengan ringan tangannya  pun tahan teksi tu....Pakcik driver tu awalnya macam dah terlepas aku, pastu dia memperlahankan teksi dia dan aku pun pergi la kat pintu teksi yang dah dibuka pakcik pemandu tu. Aku tanya dia "How much is it to get to Beaumont Hospital?" Dia cakap "Hm..about 10 to 12 euro". Aku saja tanya sebab duit dalam poket cuma ada 13 euro lebih macam tu. haha. Sebelum ni masa naik teksi dengan Abdul Malik ke Beumont tu 15 euro lebih. Itu pun pakcik driver masa tu macam sengaja bawak ke jalan yang sibuk so that kami (Abdul Malik sahaja sebenarnya) kena bayar lebih.

Then aku pun decide la, hantam jelah, teksi pun teksi la, nanti tak sempat pulak ke kelas praktikal tu sebab last semester aku tak join kelas Digital rectal examination (DRE) pun sebab lewat la. So aku pun cakap, "Ok". teksi tu pun bergerak menuju ke Beaumont hospital. Nasib baik pakcik tu macam bawak betul-betul. dia ikut laluan bas dan tak sibuk sangat, jadi dalam 10 minit kemudian lebih kurang aku tengok tambang dah sampai ke angka 12.08 euro. OMG, ni dah lebih dari bajet. Pastu aku cakap kat dia, "Excuse me, can you drop me at any ATM machine first because i dont think i have enough money to pay you". Kemudian dia cakap apa tah laju gila pastu aku cuma dapat tangkap yang dia kata tak jauh dah ni, depan tu dah Stesen Minyak Topaz dan Beumont House (pub terkemuka)  dan kat situ ada ATM ka apa tah macam tu. haha. Irish ni kalau cakap laju, mintak maaf la, aku pun gagau-gagau lagi nak tangkap sebijik-sebijik. Faham apa yang dia nak cakap sudey. :P

Kemudian baru aku perasan yang rupanya pakcik tu terlepas simpang ke hospital. Maybe sebab dia ralit sangat kot duk explain kat aku. So, aku pun cakap la kat dia, "Its okay, just leave me here (Beaumont  House). Its not far from the hospital, i can just walk". So since dia faham kot yang aku ni tak cukup duit ka apa tah, dia pun drop la aku kat situ. Aku pun kemudiannya baru sedar yang pakcik tu guna laluan bas 20B ke arah city kalau tak salah, sebab tu dia terlepas selekoh ke hospital sebelum jumpa Beaumont House. Aku pun bayar la duit kat dia semua dan berjalan kaki menuju pintu masuk hospital. Sampai sana saja aku lepak dulu minum-minum kopi dan terus ke kelas praktikal. Alhamdulillah Doktor Waleed yang jadi instructor. Doktor Waleed ni muslim dan aku rasa senang dengan dia sebab dia explain satu persatu dan tak kalut macam sesetengah instructor tu. 

Dalam kelas dia ajar kami macam mana nk buat breat physical examination. The best part is Ihsan pun ada dalam tu. Boleh la aku sembang-sembang melayu dengan dia. haha. Doktor Waleed mintak sorang jadi model lelaki untuk pakai fake breast. Ihsan dengan senang hati offer untuk jadi bahan volunteer dan awal tu semua maca gelak-gelak dengan Ihsan yang kepala hampir botaknya sambil menggalas fake breast tu. Aku pun tumpang sekaki la. Pastu bila dah semua habis, masa macam banyak lagi kot. Doktor Waleed cakap, "I'm going to teach you all something else, now take a seat.". Aku pun dah baik dapat belajar benda lain jugak selain breast physical exam. Tak rugi 12 euro aku. Then dia keluarkan mannequin untuk digital rectal examination...pergh..terbaiklah! Dah la tak datang last semester, dapat jugak belajar semester ni. Syukur sangat-sangat. So dia pun ajar la step by step etc dan akhirnya kelas pun tamat...

Alhamdulillah, bila dah belajar ni aku rasa macam mudah saja actually nak buat DRE tu. sebelum ni aku fikir, macam mana la nak sumbat jari dalam anal canal tu. Macam susah saja. huhu. Rupanya ada teknik tersendiri, bukan main sumbat. haha. *Ini adalah untuk pembacaan sahaja, bukan untuk dipraktikkan*  Legalah aku sebab dapat belajar cara yang betul, kalau tak, sure dah salah cara bila nak praktikkan nanti. ^___^

So, kesimpulannya, 12 euro dan tenaga larian aku tu tak lah serugi mana dengan ilmu yang aku dapat pagi tu. Itulah yang dikatakan hikmah dalam setiap perbuatan kita. Alhamdulillah yang ni kita nampak jelas-jelas sebab acaranya pun pendek saja. Hal lain dalam hidup ni pun macam tu jugaklah. 

Kadang-kadang kita terlepas pandang dan menyalahkan takdir bila ada sesuatu yang buruk (macam hilang 12 euro untuk teksi) berlaku dalam diri kita. Padahal kita tak sedar yang percaturan Allah itu adalah yang terbaik. Kalau sesuatu event itu panjang macam sebuah penantian ka macam tu, tentulah ada hikmahnya yang lagi besar. Mungkin Allah nak ajar kita erti kesabaran, kesetiaan, kepercayaan dan macam-macam lagi. Mungkin jugak Allah nak kita gunakan masa itu untuk memperbaiki diri sendiri supaya nanti dapat jadi manusia yang lebih baik... kn kn? Walaupun kita tak pasti apa sebenarnya yang tersedia di hujung sebuah penantian tu, yakinlah dengan janji-janji Allah, tentu tak kecewa sangat kalau apa-apa berlaku di tengah jalan sebab kita tahu semuanya itu dalam percaturan-NYA. Kita sebagai hamba perlu redha dengan segala yang ditentukan oleh Al-Khaliq biarpun kadangkala menyakitkan (bukankah kesakitan itu mengajar kita agar lebih tabah dan cekal?). ^__^


p/s: Bila agaknya masa yang sesuai untuk cubaan kali kedua? XD 
Bagi hint sikit boleh? o.O
Maaf sebab panjang sangat ye.


to halt or to stop?

Probably the answer is there in front of me but maybe I'm just too afraid to admit it. I tried to push it even further without realising the effect of my effort. It may give a fruitful outcome but will there be blessing by Allah?
Should I put everything to a definite stop or keep craving and praying? 



Cermin bukan untuk orang hensem saja


Sebentar tadi aku berkesampatan mendengar kuliah dari Sheikh Yusha Evans di Trinity College Dublin.
Lain rasanya bila dah lama tak dengar kuliah live. Online kuliah dari u-tube etc. mmg tak boleh lawan la orang kata. So kat sini sekadar ingin berkongsi apa yang aku dapat masa dengar kuliah tadi. Tapi sebelum tu untuk siapa-siapa yang tiada cermin di hadapan mereka, boleh ambik cermin dan sedia dengan cermin berhampiran anda.

Kuliahnya pendek dan padat. Beliau bercakap tentang:

1. Generasi muda. Banyak diberi contoh-contoh tentang golongan muda dari zaman Rasulullah dan sahabat2 selepas baginda yang menyumbang kepada perkembangan Islam. Antara nama yang sudah selalu kita dengan seperti Saidina Ali, Mus'ab ibnu Umair, Saidina Umar, Zaid bin Thabit, Saidatina Aisyah dan lain-lain.
Betapa tanpa hasil usaha golongan awal yang memeluk Islam ini, belum tentu lagi kita dapat menikmati nikmat Islam yang jarang-jarang kita hargai sepenuhnya di hari ini. Muda mudi adalah penggerak kepada gerak kerja agama la lebih kurang macam tu. So macam mana? :) Tengok cermin kejap...fikir-fikirkan.

2. Rancangan jahat pihak bukan Islam yang mahu memisahkan muda mudi dari agama. Menurut beliau, rancangan jahat pihak kafir ini bukanlah semata- mata untuk mengkafirkan golongan muda mudi, tapi lebih kepada menjauhkan golongan ini dari pengangan agama. Kerana tanpa berpegang teguh kepada agama, tidak guna menjadi seorang muslim yang kemudiannya hanya mendatangkan fitnah untuk Islam itu sendiri. Untuk pengetahuan semua, Sheikh Yusha merupakan seorang Kristian sebelum beliau menerima hidayah dan memeluk Islam. Jadi adalah tidak mustahil hal-hal sebegini menjadi pengetahuan beliau. Bahkan sesetengah kita mungkin sedar akan kewujudan hal ini, tapi masih tidak mampu melakukan perubahan, walaupun terhadap diri sendiri. Sedih kan? :( Nak tengok cermin ka kali ni? Kalau rasa segan, tak perlulah kot. :)

3. Kuantiti dan kualiti. Kuantiti tak penting, kualiti itu lebih penting. Contoh dari sejarah sendiri sudah banyak. Bagaimana sahabat-sahabat di zaman Rasulullah mampu menang dalam peperangan walaupun jumlah mereka jauh lebih kecil. Berbekalkan keimanan dan ketaqwaan yang jitu, jumlah yang sedikit mampu melakukan segalanya. Lihat sahaja bagaimana Rasulullah melatih golongan awal yang memeluk Islam, walaupun jumlah mereka kecil pada awalnya, kualiti iman yang dipegang itu membolehkan seorang sahabat Rasulullah mengislamkan kebanyakan penduduk Yaman hinggakan ada sebuah hadith yang menyebut pujian Rasulullah terhadap keimanan penduduk Yaman. Begitu juga dengan contoh Mus'ab yang dihantar untuk berdakwah kepada penduduk Yathrib (Madinah). Kita sekarang? erk. jauh panggang dari api. Nak tau jauh ka tak panggang tu, korek lubang sedalam yang boleh, letakkan api dalam lubang yang dikorek dah letak panggang tu pulak tinggi melangit. Jauh ka tak tu?

4. Islam dan akhir zaman. Beliau menyebut tentang hadis yang menceritakan bagaimana berpegang kepada Islam di akhir zaman bagaikan menggenggam bara api. Sukar serta payah untuk berpegang teguh dan pastinya ada pelbagai cabaran. Namun begitu, Allah menjanjikan ganjaran yang lebih besar untuk mereka yang berpegang di jalan Allah di akhir zaman berbanding mereka yang berada di masa Rasulullah masih di sisi. So, sekarang cari cermin tengok dalam cermin tu, adakah kita telah menjadi seperti yang dituntut oleh agama? Terjagakah perkara-perkara asas dalam Islam dalam diri kita? Oh, kesiannya En. Cermin terpaksa digunakan lagi kali ni.

5. Distraction dan golongan muda. Sheikh Yusha Evans ada menyebut tentang beberapa perkara secara spontan seperti hiburan dan lain. Namun satu yang menarik perhatian aku adalah wanita. Begitu jualah dengan golongan wanita, the opposite sex is the greatest off all distraction. Betul ka ni? Tengok cermin lagi la. tak nak kata kat sapa2. For me, yes i have to admit it. Sadis pulak rasanya. Menurut beliau, kahwin tu macam jalan penyelesaiannya la sebab nanti pasangan hidup tu dapat meredakan distraction tu. Oh, kalaulah semudah itu. Sedangkan diri sendiri belum terjaga, macam mana la nak jaga anak orang kan? Tapi sampai bila anda baru betul-betul nak menjaga diri sendir dalam hal-hal agama kalau dalam umur 20-an pun masih belum mampu. Oh, tengoklah cermin lagi sekali. (mata kuyu dah pulak :D)

6. Hari akhirat. Semua individu akan berpanas terik dan bermandi peluh kecuali 7 golongan manusia. Sheikh Yusha cuma menyebut satu sahaja iaitu golongan muda yang dibesarkan dalam agama. Dibesarkan dalam agama yang macam mana? Ha...itu cuba la tgk cermin sekali lagi. Okaykah kita ini. jangan pandang orang lain, tgk diri sendiri dulu sebelum berani nak menuding jari kesana kesini. Masih berkesempatan kot untuk mengejar yang ini sebab golongan muda ni sampai umur 40 lebih macam tu. so...tinggal berapa tahun lagi nak mengejar yang satu ni?

7. Kehidupan dan dunia. Salah seorang alim ulama ada menyebut bahawa kehidupan di dunia ini bagaikan bayang-bayang. lagi anda terkejar-kejarkan bayang-bayang itu, lagi itulah anda tidak akan mendapatnya. Tapi apabila anda berpaling dari bayang-bayang dan berjalan kearah yang lain (mengidamkan akhirat), bayang-bayang itu akan pasti mengikut anda. Ada sebuah hadith specifically menyebut tentang hal ini. Tapi tadi tak sempat salin la, sekarang pulak macam malas nak cari sebab dah mengantuk. :P
Research sikit yeah sendiri2. hehe.

Jadi itu sajalah untuk malam ini dan mungkin juga  bagi minggu ini. Aku tak sempat menjenguk kerap sangat dah blog ni. Sudah berhabuk macam laptop kapal angkasa yang digunakan untuk menulis entry ni jugak. Semoga semua sihat-sihat dan dirahmati Allah sentiasa. 

P/S: Aku menulis bukanlah sebab aku baik, tapi sekadar ingin berkongsi dan mudah-mudahan ada yang terbuka hati untuk berubah walaupun sekelumit rasa. Aku sedar saja yang aku pun banyak yang perlu diubah, tapi perubahan itu tidak hanya datang dengan kesedaran. Setuju?


On board

When i go for travelling, i sometimes always look for an opportunity to board the high speed train that are available here in Europe. It is known to the mass that only a few company around europe provide this high speed train service such as the ICE by German DB Bahn, TGV in Paris and Thalys by the Dutch. I always look for these trains because i know that they are able to take me to the destination in a short time. Alhamdulillah, i'd been give chances to try all these three. ^-^ (any other high speed train here in Europe guys?)

Once in a while, when i know that all these option sometime unavailable, i have to move on and look for the 'normal' train. The one that isn't too bad for long haul journey. As long as the train can take me there, i'll be thankful enough. It may take twice or sometimes trice the amount of time that i need with those high speed train, but in the end, it doesn't really matter because what is more important is the destination that i was looking for. The journey with normal train may also not be as pleasant as the high speed train because it has to stop at more station, more people in it, no power point on the train (some) etc. but the fact that there are train to ride and bring me there sometimes worth more than having to wait for another hour or two for the high speed train. Not to mention, they are sometimes better in other aspect but the time that they need to take you there. If you dont wish to wait and ride any of the train available, get the Europass. It'll guarantee you the best experience ever. The downside, it is very costly!

A bit of patient can get you anywhere across the Europe and most importantly,to your dream destination. You can even enjoy beautiful scenery much longer than taking the high speed train and met new people along the long journey. The best example is in Norway. There is this one train that will take you to Bergen from Oslo and it will take like 12 hours for a one way journey. They purposely did this in order to let the passengers enjoy the trip along the breathtaking snowy mountain, beautiful clean rivers, fjord and the amazing natural landscape in between eventhough they can actually put some high speed train that can take you in just 3 short hours. ^____^

One thing to remember, once you commit to buy the ticket, bear in mind that usually they won't pay you back unless you have a strong argument. Think before you act. Be wise when making decision and enjoy the trip.

With that, have a pleasant and safe journey. I pray that everything is safe for those planning for their holiday this coming winter. :)

p/s: Rindu travel tapi dah tak banyak cuti. :(


Bank Holiday

Dengan nama Allah yang Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Pengasihani.

Hari cuti 'Bank Holiday' di Ireland ni. Satu hari saja.

Ini adalah cuti pertama dah terakhir sebelum cuti panjang (Hari Natal) di semester ini. Walaupun jadualnya nampak penuh, tapi kelasnya tidaklah begitu padat. Banyak kosong di awal-awal semester ini. Secara peribadi rasanya kelas akan begitu padat di hujung-hujung semester. Seperti tahun-tahun sebelum ini. Kebiasaanya kelas akan mula padat apabila tiba di hujung-hujung semester. Pagi petang, pagi petang setiap hari. Harapnya semester ini lain. Namun berpandukan jumlah kuliah yang masih berbaki, semuanya nampak bagainya angan-angan kosong. Perkara sama bakal berulang lagi rasanya.

Daylight saving ended. Ramai tidak sedar dan ramai juga yang tidak tahu akan kewujudannya. Terumatanya pelajar baru. Malang sekali buat mereka. Ada antaranya sembahyang di luar waktu lantaran masih menyangkakan bahawa waktu solat belum lagi tamat. Sebagai contoh, waktu zohor semalam tamat jam 1439, bukan lagi 1539. Begitu juga dengan subuh yang tamat jam 0705 dan bukan lagi 0805. Paling malang sekali adalah bagi mereka yang sudah berada lama di sini, tapi masih terlepas waktu solat akibat perubahan masa ini. Kenapa tidak solat sahaja di awal waktu? :)
Semalam jugak adalah hari sukan PMCSA (Penang Medical College Student Association) antara RCSI dan UCD.  UCD sebagai tuan rumah menang lagi kali ini. Bagi yang kalah, mungkin tahun depan boleh cuba lagi. Aku dan rakan-rakan bola tampar berjaya memungut pingat emas. Lelaki dan wanita, keduanya dimenangi RCSI. Syabas. Juga buat pasukan bola jaring dan bola sepak serta badminton. Rasanya selagi RCSI belum mempunyai pusat sukan sendiri, UCD akan terus mendominasi hari sukan ini. Sungguh tidak adil! :P

Kelas seperti biasa. Alhamdulillah tiada kelas awal pagi. Tapi mungkin aku terpaksa ke kedai barangan sukan terlebih dahulu sebelum ke kelas. Ada tanggungjawab yang belum selesai untuk kelab badminton RCSI.
Kalau tiada aral melintang dan ada pesakit yang meninggal esok, aku dapat observe post mortem. Ini kali ketiga kami dijadualkan. Sebelum ini semuanya dibatalkan akibat tiada mayat untuk dibedah pada sesi tersebut. Kelas pun nampak gayanya habis awal esok. Aku perlu lebih pandai menguruskan masa. Banyak yang belum dibaca. semuanya memanggil-manggil untuk diberi perhatian. Tak mahu lagi aku anak tirikan subjek mikrobiology.  Pengalam lampau terlalu pedih.

Sebentar tadi,
Aku menelefon rumah setelah hampir seminggu lebih tidak bertanyakan khabar. Alhamdulillah semuanya sihat-sihat, Gembira dapat bercakap dengan baba dan mama (serta adikku seorang yang suka buat bising itu). Namun agak kecewa apabila mama seperti tidak menyokong sesuatu. Harapnya aku kelak tidak menjadi anak derhaka. Engkau permudahkanlah urusanku ya Allah. 

Aku hentikan dahulu catatan untuk beberapa hari ini. Mungkin ada masa, aku tulis lagi. Semoga kalian di luar sana dikurniakan hidayah dan diberikan kekuatan untuk terus menempuh dunia yang penuh cabaran ini.



Cara Mengelak Maksiat. ^____^

1. Solat 5 waktu di MASJID.
2. Membaca Al-Quran selepas solat 5 kali sehari.
3. Berzikir setiap kali selepas solat.
4. Berpuasa Isnin dan Kamis serta puasa sunat yang lain.
5. 'Busy'kan diri dengan kerja-kerja atau aktiviti riadah.
6. Kurangkan penggunaan komputer sehari.
7. Banyakkan membaca buku-buku agama/pelajaran

Nota diatas adalah hasil tinggalan tampalan di dinding bekas bilik Presiden PPIMI, saudara Afiq Izzudin. Selamat beramal dengan perkara kebaikan...


Till We Meet Again


where?- in the new chapter of our life. Somewhere on earth.
when? - in the future considering it holds something for us maybe.
how?- no idea at all. Coincidentally perhaps.
who?- who do you think?
why? - do we need a reason for this? ^___^


Fokus semula kepada tugasan utama. Jom study!!!!

"LOVE typically associated with flower. It blooms and finally wither. Strange enough, withered flower not normally blooms again but LOVE does. So i think LOVE should actually be symbolized by muscle, as atrophied muscle can regain it forms back with one condition, don't let it necroses.  ^___^ "


dead end

To whom it may concern,

Dear friend,

How are you doing at this moment? i hope you are in the best of health.
I'm writing this to express my greatest regret for not being able to continue walking with you for the time being. It seems impossible now for me to keep the pace and meet you at the crossroad as promised.  There is a big and well built wall halting my journey at the moment.  

Don't worry, I'll keep looking for other way to break through this big wall although all the odds seems to be against me at the moment. However, bear in mind sometimes it can be too long before I can finally walk the path again, or maybe if I were too tired of trying, I may take another route to continue the journey and the later means we may probably never meet at that crossroad as promised. 
Anyhow do not wait for me and keep on walking as I'm sure u'll reach the destination that we once thought we will arrive together. Someone else i'm sure is also walking towards the same direction and both of u might meet one another at any point along the journey. 
I'm deeply sorry as i wasn't able to continue the journey with you and not able to keep my word. Never my intention to hurt you, what else to ruin your peaceful life. I believe i was there for a reason but somehow i only find a dead end for the time being. We shall meet again if i'm able to keep the pace and able to break the wall and also the most important if Allah already planned our meeting there.
Until then, i pray you a safe journey ahead and again, forgive me for everything.

Best Wishes,
Muaz Adam Mohd Nabil.


Things u only get when u go to museums

Welcome and good afternoon to everyone,
wish all u guys are in the pink of health.
first of all i would like to apologize for not being able to keep the blog up to date as it is getting busier and busier as the class started.
anyhow, i would like to share stuffs that i learned in Oslo during my trip last month.

Straight to the point, the first one is about.... 
Linda Bournane. Who is she actually? why i wanna mention about her?

I wanna stress that this is not a happy story. It is about a sad tragedy that happened to a girl named Linda whom now i reckon a very good photographer (professional). She was born some 30 years ago as a result of marriage between a Moroccan guy and a beautiful Norwegian women. When she was still a little girl, her parents separated an conflict arises. Her father whose a muslim wanted to raise her as a muslim but somehow her mom whom i reckon is still a christian think otherwise. And the sad story started when she had to be abducted out of Norway back to her father village. Her mom was so sad that her only daughter had been taken away and thus wanted to bring Linda back to Norway. 
I myself didn't really remember clearly if there were any court case brought up in term of the right to keep Linda at that moment. To cut the story short, her mom had failed a few attempt to bring her back to Norway diplomatically and finally decided to abduct her from her grandparent home in Morocco during one hot sunny day as everyone was asleep in the midday. She then had to live in secrecy with her mom. They had to change her address and etc. Sadly, she was brought up as a Christian and i reckon that was the reason why her dad want her to be with him. Finally, a girl whom maybe brought up as a muslim is now a christian. At the age of 28 if im not mistaken, she decided to go back to Morocco and find her dad. She pictured her journey in morocco in one of the exhibition in the noble peace center in Oslo. One of the picture show that she herself wearing a hijab and is wandering what would she look like if she was to be brought up as a muslim. Now things seems to be so far away from her being a muslim, but i pray that one day she will revert to Islam. 
Don't u guys think a similar story happened in Malaysia a few years back? Sound familiar right? luckily they were brought up as a muslim. Bravo to Mr-i forgot your name-from Terengganu. ^____^

2# The women behind a great man
It is very typical that behind a great man, there will be a women playing her role to boost the man and help him. As known to most people, Rasulullah's wives are the women that play quite an important role behind His success. But here, I would like to share some information that i got during my visit in Oslo regarding Alfred Noble. A great man during his life. Known to be the inventor of dynamite. Most people know that Alfred Noble did not marry any women thus he has no children to pass all his wealth and thus in his last and famous will, he asked the wealth to be given to people that contribute the most to the society in different field. Medicine, Chemistry, Physic, Peace and Literature. Up until now, people around the world still receive his wealth even decades after his death. 
There are a few women behind his success. two prominent figure were his mom and his friend, Bertha Von stunner. If you google the name, you would find that Bertha is not a normal women. She was actually the first women to won the noble peace prize. Apart from that? 
She is actually sort of 'Mr. Noble secret love' according to the lady-tour guide that brought us through the Noble Peace Center. they were never in real love but her short presence as a secretary of Mr. Alfred Noble had left a great impact on him. They met again after that but only for a short period and she already married to someone else. It was said that Mr. Noble love her so much but not wanted her to know, thus deep inside, he suffered. U know what im talking about right? ^__^ It was believed that he didn't marry anyone because of the same thing too. In the end, he ended up being a loner despite the great wealth besides him that even made a King of Sweden at that time also suddenly become greedy and want some of his wealth! 
So, we can learn that apart from being a successful person, a man always wanted someone he wanted to share his life with.  A friend alone isn't enough as human will always be human. The nature of being a human will never be completed unless you find the right one is your life... :) Dont suffer like our great Mr. Alfred Noble okay? :D

The last one, Malaysia from the noble peace center.
I was stunned and surprised when i read the story about Malaysia at the photograph exhibition in the Noble peace center. It tells the story i never heard of and never imagine would happen in our beloved nation. As known to some of the public, the process of seeking asylum and taking refugee can take a long time to complete. Even in Norway, it may take up to years before it can be completed. The same case happen in malaysia. Nothing out of normal until you observe closely, you'll notice a story about people missing during the resending home process (penghantaran balik). Most of the asylum seeker and the refugee in Malaysia come from Myanmar. Some are Muslim and some are Christian. They fled their country because of the military occupancy which is somehow cruel and threatening their life. So according to the Geneva convention, Malaysia is obliged to protect them and give them shelter. Our authority is very kind hearted and they follow this. One thing that i didn't expect to know is that some of them make an extra money out of their works. SO clever la. :p
They sell some of this refugee to third party for money and it is believed that those who ware not able to be sold will be killed and thrown out into the open sea. The photographer-cum-informer also claim that the issue was never brought up and kept between the officials due to certain reasons. 
I myself was not so sure about this story but since it was there in the prestigious noble peace center, i think it is worth to be investigated and we should clear our name if it was a total lie. the exhibition had been attended by people from all over the world and it will give a bad impression to our country. Malaysia which is known for the prosperity and 'transparency' is now known to be a no longer safe place to find shelter for the needy. Sadly, some of them are even our brother and sister of faith and they also had to endure this (if it is true). The Rohingya. May this story is a brutal lie and Malaysia's name will remain 'clean'.

So, thats all about the thing that i manage to pick up during my visit to Noble Peace Center in Oslo. For those who want to know more, dont forget to visit the center if you were in Norway. 55Nkr isn't much compared to infos that increase your general knowledge and broaden your view about the war and struggle around the world and how peace sometimes had been achieved.
Now is the time to go back to business. Bye...

The Noble Peace Center

ps: Next week, the noble laureate from various category will be announced and the noble peace laureate will be announced on 9th of october. They each will receive 1 million + if i'm not mistaken. o.O
for more info, click here


Salam Aidilfitri

Assalamualaikum W.B.T,

Esok, 20 September, umat Islam kebanyakannya bakal menyambut Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Oleh itu, di kesempatan ini, saya nak ucapkan Selamat Menyambut Hari Raya Aidilfitri buat semua umat Islam. Eid Mubarak to all. Semoga hari raya yang bakal ditempuhi disambut dengan penuh kesyukuran dan tidak disambut keterlaluan hingga hilang keberkatannya. Bersederhanalah dalam menyambutnya agar kita tidak tergolong dalam golongan yang berlebih-lebihan. 

Saya jugak nak mohon jutaan kemaafan andai ada tersalah gaya, kata ataupun bahasa yang mungkin menyebabkan sesiapa saja di luar sana terasa hati dan sebagainya. Semoga di hari yang mana kita semua dianjurkan untuk bermaafan ini, kita dapat memaafkan antara satu sama lain. Semoga hidup menjadi lebih tenang dengan memaafkan orang lain (pesanan untuk diri sendiri) ^_^

Buat kaum keluarga tercinta, anakanda ingin memohon jutaan kemaafan andai ada tersalah silap disana sini, ada terkasar bahasa, termalas dan tersegan bila disuruh membuat sesuatu. Semoga tahun hadapan kita dapat beraya bersama insyaAllah. Doakan kesejahteraan dan kejayaan anakanda disini.
Khas buat Iman, jangan enjoy sangat raya. PMR dah tak lama...semoga berjaya hendaknya.  Rajin-rajin berusaha. Gambatte!!! ^__^

Sampai di sini dahulu, semoga kamu semua ceria dan bersemangat di hari raya esok. Jangan lupa bayar zakat...



Oslo in a nutshell

Easy access: 
9/10. Ryanair passengers landing at Torp Airport may use buses at a cost of 260Nkr (about 30 euro+/ for student only) for return ticket. You should not miss the return bus because it will cost u your flight. Bus from Oslo to Torp is only available for specific flight for each day. so if u miss the bus, u miss your flight.
At the city center, u can easily buy a daily ticket at a cost of 65Nkr (8 euro+) and u can use them for T-bane (metro) Tram, and some boat to Bygdoy and some small island nearby. Punch the daily ticket once only and u can use them for 24 hours. If you are not a truthful and reliable species, ride all the transport for free. no one cares.
Most of the attraction in the city are easily accessible by all these means of transport.

Oslo from the sky

About the same as Paris but dirtier than Dublin i think. 8/10. The city council was on election when i arrived there, so maybe the cleaner were somehow on holiday. :)

Where to stay:
I suggest you stay at Heraldsheimvein Youth Hostel (Hostelling International) which is literally 10 minutes from the city by tram 17. The hostel is up the small hill next to a football pitch and can be seen as you set off the tram. if u take the metro, stop at Sinsen Station but you may need to ask people for a direction from there coz it can be a bit tricky with the arrangement of the motorway there. This hostel is the cheapest i can find. it cost about 30 euro per night. Free from hustle and bustle of the city plus you can cook on your own if u want to for the meal. If you go there during winter, you may got a chance to try ice sledge off the small hill free of charge as long as you wish.

What to do:
-Museums and museums and museums (summer and winter alike)
-Winter activity mostly started on December and one should expect to spend a bit more for the sports.
-Summer activity mostly ended at 31 August including most of the waterparks and the TusenFryd Amusement Park (only open during weekend after this date)
-For a better experience of a lifetime in Norway, you should spend more and buy the ticket for FJORD TOURS that brings u to the west side of Norway where you can experience the breathtaking view of the Fjord. It is a 24 hour trip and cost you about 250 euro.
-Go outside the city for a better experience of the country. You may want to visit Gamlebyen, an old fortress town south of the Oslo. It took 1 hour and 7 minutes of high speed train to get there (Fredrikstad station) and believe me it is worth a visit. The city itself dated back to 1567 and among the oldest city in Europe that still maintain as it were before.
-Bergen and the Flam railway is a must visit. Maybe i'll go there again sometimes.

My travel mate at Gamlebyen

How many days do i need to spend in Oslo itself?
2 days is enough for you to stroll inside the city and pass thru every small and popular streets there. Everything is within the walking distance from the metro, bus and tram station. If u want to spend more time in the museums (more than 20 of them) around oslo, u may need an extra day for that. Some of the museums is worth visiting and some are fairly okay. Museum worth a visit: Nobel Peace Center/ Historical Museum/Munch Museum and the National Gallery. 

Muslim visitors:
no need to worry about halal food and places to pray because at the Gronland area, there are about 7 mosques and some of them even has the minaret. 2 of the most famous mosque are World Islamic Mission which is a bit far from the Grondland t-bane station and the other one, Islamic cultural center of Norway is only 3 minutes from the Grondland t-bane. The former provided good food for iftar and the one after the maghrib prayer. Halal shops available at almost every corner of the Grondland.

World Islamic Mission Norway

9/10. The youngsters are more open to visitors but for some reason, the elderly doesn't look like so. Let alone they move away once they heard you say "Excuse me". The hostel receptionist has very good English and also most of the visitor centers. However, none of them would really open their mouth and offer you a hand for a picture like most of the Irish i guess. The train station personal will try their best to keep you away from the ticketing counter. They will however assist you at the automatic ticketing machine. The gate keeper of the castle, guards in museum and the tour guide personnel are very friendly however.

important things to remember:
- Everything is Oslo is VERY VERY expensive. Shish kebab meal normally cost you 75Nkr (almost 10 euro). Its better to buy some pizza and share it with a few friends. Don't bother going to 7 eleven to buy milk! 500 ml milk cost u 59Nkr!! Buy chocolate milk from a shop with a green signboard (i forgot the name) thats available almost everywhere in Oslo. i think the shop is either RIMI or RIMA. Eat breakfast as full as you can before you start your day at the hostel.
- Pay a visit during winter if u want to feel the true coldness of the Arctic and don't afraid to invest a bit for the beautiful Fjord in the west. Summer visit is best in July. Lots of activities available in July.
- Almost every Norwegian women is beautiful! Treat them kindly. Especially the guards in the museums. :D

Quick fact about Norway
- There are too many lakes over there
- Tunnels are almost everywhere too. From Torp to Oslo, u'll go through almost 10 tunnels. Some are short and some are long enough to make u think when will this darkness ends. 
- Pakistani and Somalian make the two largest immigrant community in the country.
- Norwegian government policy about the asylum seeker is among the best in the world and most likely the best in europe. They at least provide the best "waiting area" for the asylum seeker thou it may take as long as 10 years before one application shall be accepted.
- if u travel far enough to the north, u'll likely end up in the Arctic Circle area. you can actually study in the town of Tromso which literally is in the arctic area. How cool is that?!
- Nudity is common in Vigelandparken. if u know what i mean. :D

i'll be back with more stories and opinion. Can't wait to tell what i found about Malaysia in the Noble Peace Center, a women behind a great man's success and also the story of Linda Bournane.