La Tahzan

Sesungguhnya Allah SWT menjadikan hati itu sangat unik. Jasad raksasa itu mungkin boleh dipaksa-paksa, namun hati yang kecil itu akhirnya penentu segala.

tujuannya satu cuma
menjadi hamba buat pencipta
maha berkuasa maha segala
DIA yang memiliki semua

kadang tersasul kadang terlupa
menjadi adat diri tak sempurna
usaha kebaikan perlu sentiasa
sebab diri ini memang hina

Sentiasa usaha untuk bahagia
tapi Allah itu lebih tahunya
niat dan hati para hamba
juga rezeki untuk semua

penuh luka dan lara
ada suka ada duka
manusia ini pelakon sementara
sampai masanya diambil jua
pergi buat selamanya

  1. Kepada sesiapa yang berkenaan, terima kasih kerana berusaha.
  2. Al-Fatihah buat senior SMKAK (Nadmin) yang baru kembali ke rahmatullah beberapa hari lepas. Semoga roh allahyarham ditempatkan di kalangan roh orang-orang beriman.
  3. Target untuk habiskan buku yang telah dibeli tahun lepas tapi tak sempat dibaca. La Tahzan.


Exam and holiday

Just finished the IC3 exam. Current mode-stressed out.

Physical exams was seems fair enough. Precordium examination, inspection of the distended leg with ulcers and worst of all, hips examination!

History My mistake for not reading about benign prostatic hyperplasia and not taking enough history of this condition before going into exam.
Screwed up at almost all section. From history taking up the the questions. I was asked about the clinical exam and  investigation for this condition that could be done in GP setting.

Unfortunately the answer of digital rectal examination didn't come across my mind at all.
Investigation? i still have no idea. PSA perhaps? argh!!

Continue to pray and just hope for the best. Make du'a for me. :,(


This monday, i'm flying back to Kedah! Hopefully this holiday could last as it was planned. Now lets packing and get all the stuff sorted out before going back.

This time i'm taking Malaysian Airlines.

Okeh, lets put some weight on for the holiday. A tons of nasik minyak this holiday, not sure which one i'll be able to attend. Close relatives and friends alike. I want to apologize if i'm not able to attend any of these wedding ceremony. However, InsyaAllah i'll try my best to make it.

So for those of you that getting married this summer, May Allah grant all his blessing to all of you and give barakah to you guys and your family.


I hate to wait, so having to wait for something indefinite are worst! This is the last time. I will never put myself in this situation again.

Still have to wait for the exam result to come out. -.-"
Life is never easy. Maybe this is how HE teach me to be more patient.

roger and out.


the illegal state

a country illegally build on corrupted basis. The chosen people? Haha. Way to go!
i choose to read a book which inside it i was told that i am chosen to have the state of America. So America belong to me? LOL.
The world biggest joke is what most of the jew believe in. Sad to hear that even the brightest of all also could not see the light.

Al-fatihah to those who died during the attempt to send the humanitarian aids to GAZA.