Almost a month ago i turned 24. Life feels so short when I look back. As if I just arrived last week in Ireland although it was already 4 years. Leaving high school back in 2004 doesn't feel too long since i can still remember some of the question from the SPM examination (i think! :D)

thanks Afni ^__^

As usual, I would like to thank my mom, dad and the rest of my close family members who keep praying for my safety and successin this foreign land. Although it had been more than 4 years since we last celebrated it, for me, the thoughts that matter the most. Millions thanks to all.

To all my friends that helped to cheer me up with those cakes, lunch and dinner and well wishes, thanks very much. Your efforts were priceless. It is surely one of the best I ever had for the past few years.


At connoly hospital. Got no clue on how to rotate the pic. Sorry

At the moment, everything seems to be going very well. My pace is still quite slow but in getting there. Please keep praying and make dua' for us to face the final year of this tiring college life successfully Insyaallah.
I feels like I need to know more than the time I actually have to read everything. May Allah ease the efforts Insyaallah.

Till we meet again. I dont think i can write as frequent as i can but if anything important or i feel like rant, i'll definitely will post it here.
Okay, bye...