It was very heavy last night.
I went out after a very long conversation with mama on skype for a couple of pictures. Somehow, I heard people screaming from afar enjoying themselves. The only possibility is those who never play with snow yet in their life coz it is 2am in the morning. ^.^
I am absolutely right. When I get closer to the voices, they were actually belong to those juniors in 218. What else could i do but to join them. Haha
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Dah turun

Salji dan turun! ALhamdulillah... It is not even December yet and as far as i can remember, Dublin never get snow as early as this. Does this means that we are going to have another rough winter this year? Hehe.
Lets wait and see.

through my window


I was testing a new apss on my android a few min ago and guess what, I found a ticket cost only 694 euro to go back to Malaysia using Turkish Air on August! 2 days stopover in Istanbul. hehe, should i just buy it maybe. ^________^  
Yup, its still early, i know it. Just accidentally found the flight while testing the apps called OnTheFly.


The difference

Warning. This entry is very lame. Don't waste your time reading it.

No one is similar. Even if u try to imprint someone from the outside, you'll only end up realizing that you are never going to be the same. 
The best is to be yourself and change it naturally. By that, what i mean is that do not change because of someone else. Make sure the intention is pure when decide to change. Hopefully it will be a permanent change towards a much better self.


Back again talking about the story of William and Kate. If you still have no idea who they are, you might wanna read one or two of my previous entry. Yes i know it's kind of lame to take advantage of this famous love story but i definitely find it interesting. Haha. 

From one of the docu about them, few persons that got interviewed were saying something like, what make their bond stronger than ever are because of their differences. Weird isn't it. Normally people would look for the similarity rather than the differences. I remember they said that the couple actually have different hobbies and lots of the time they were spending their time alone because William somehow stuck with helicopter as he is one of the search and rescue pilot for the military whereas Kate on the other hand is working in the shop belongs to her family or some sort. Although this may only be true before the engagement because after the announcement, seems like they are busy having interview etc. One thing that both are seems to have passion into is humanitarian works. That's probably why both took history in the beginning although William decided to change into Geography later on during the university life.  

I find that there are lots of interesting stuff about their stories that i can learn. The most important is maybe i was amazed by the fact that they endured so much before reaching this stage. Perhaps it motivates me because at one stage I almost give up when it comes to all these love-related things. All those mistakes, I definitely would not repeat them again although it would incur a great cost in my life.

One other thing that i find interesting is, once, Kate is the last person any boy want to date while she is in high school. After seeing her old pic on the tele, i myself would definitely think trice before making decision. Haha. Jahat kn? :P Anyway, as she get older, she evolved into a beautiful lady and with her supportive attitude and of course the look, William finally fall for her. Ups and down, the trials of 8 years together, they finally engaged with the ring belongs to Diana. Yes, the late Princess Diana.

Oh, enough with their love stories. Lots of values could be learn from this fairy tale turned reality.
You must have think if obsess with their love stories, aren't u? I would have not if i don't turn on the TV which almost every night talk about them. haha. One thing for sure, i wont be google their love stories if u were thinking down that road. lol.


wasted 0.5/24

1. I am waiting as well to witness one other ending of love stories similar to this but could have probably started earlier than university time. May Allah eases your path my friend. :)
2. The blue dress that Kate wore when they first appear on the tele to announce it officially was sold out in many stores according to one of the newspaper that i bumped into today. LOL. I bet if the ring is available on the shop, it could be out of stock as well. 
3. Random. Do you think it will work if we have a lot of differences? Could that one or two similarities work best to keep us together?


Almost crossed

Human is a very complicated creature. 

The complexity of human is an evidence of the greatness of the creator. Allah SWT. Allahuakbar!

I am a human. So, am i just a plain simple creation? U wish!. ;-)

Today i wasn't able to attend the hospital, or rather decided not to go.[ O_O ] Feverish over the weekend and still sneezing today. Also, I just found out that panadol active fast is SUPER expensive last night!

I don't know what to put the title for this entry actually. *sigh* So i took it from the documentary about Prince William and Kate Middleton. "Their path..."

Lately been following this particular love stories. I wonder why?? lol 

Pen off.


Raya Haji

Salam wbt,

Harini saja mau kongsi sedikit pengalaman beraya haji tahun ni. Kalau tahun lepas, raya haji rasanya jatuh weekend, so semua orang sempat la beraya dan tak perlu ponteng kelas. Tapi, untuk aku, tahun ni aku beraya dengan semangat raya dan tak boleh ponteng kelas (sebab dah takde kelas), kerana ada rotation di hospital. ^___^ Tahun ni jugak kali pertama tak rasa daging korban masjid sebab tak berada di Dublin.

Seminggu sebelum raya la lebih kurang, aku terjumpa sorang abang ni. dia orang Malaysia (Chef) yang tinggal di Mullingar. Dia cakap nanti kalau nak pi semayang raya, bagitau la dia, dia mai ambik sebab tempat solat tu jauh sikit dari tempat tinggal aku di Mullingar tu. Jadi, malam raya tu, aku contact la abang ni untuk arrange meeting point untuk pagi esok.

Kerrigans B&B, Mullingar, Ireland

Lebih kurang pukul 745 pagi macam tu, Abang Yaiz pun datang la ambik aku untuk ke tempat solat (ruang atas kedai halal) tersebut. Kami sampai agak awal dan sempat la bertakbir dari awal. Lainnya di sini adalah sebab irama takbirnya lain dari malaysia, so takdak la rasa sedih mendayu-dayu. Allahuakbar-Allahuakbar-Allahuakbar. La..ila...haillallah...Allahuakbar-Allahuakbar, walillah-hilhamdh.

Lebih kurang jam 8.20 pagi, solat raya pun bermula diimamkan oleh imam muda dari Mesir yang tinggal di situ jugak. Usai solat, imam pun mula la bagi khutbah. Malangnya aku cuma dapat tangkap a few point...Bukan sebab aku tido ok! tapi sebab khutbah penuh dalam bahasa arab. Kalaulah bahasa arab aku tak berkarat teruk, maybe la dapat faham lebih sikit. 0.0

Bermesra selepas solat raya
Lepas saja khutbah, semua orang pun bersalam-salaman dan berpelukan tanda ikatan persaudaraan sesama Islam...walaupun takde la kenal semua orang kat situ pun. Budaya ni rasanya tak dak sangat kat Malaysia sebab kita cuma berpelukan dengan orang yang kita kenal saja. Bukan calang-calang orang, surgeons dan doktor-doktor lain pun semua saling berpelukan dan layan orang-orang biasa macam aku seolah-olah dah lama kenal masa.. Lebih-lebih lagi sebab ada sorang registrar dalam team aku yang kebetulan solat di sebelah aku. Sedap saja dia sebut, "Adam" dalam loghat Asia Selatan dia. :)

Right after solat, Abang Yaiz terus hantar aku ke hospital untuk start rutin harian iaitu ward round...Thanks very much Abang Yaiz. Moga Allah membalas jasa baik abang.

Sekian coretan ringkas pengalaman beraya Aidiladha tahun ni. :)


Learning and practising

Do not ever give up.

Grab it when u have the chance. At times, you have to be selfish. if u watch KCB, that situation that Ana Althofunnisa talked about might be just one of the example.

I am doing the medicine rotation at the moment. Alhamdulillah, over the past 2 weeks, I get to practice quite a lot of knowledge. Thanks to Allah SWT again. At this rate, I believe the need to practice is as much important as the need to learn new knowledge because that is the essence of a doctor. If u have the knowledge alone and fail to practice, u are nothing. The same with practising something without knowledge.

Even in Islam, if u want to do something, you need to have the knowledge and not just following others without having any basic about that particular something.

The problem is I was a bit unfortunate because the team that I am attached with is not very keen in teaching. Only over the past few days, the consultant seems to pay more attention in teaching me. I was glad to see some changes but i don't know how long will it continues. So, in order to replace the missing hours walking around like zombie following the victim, i joined the doctor on call in the evening. Morning A&E teaching and on call at night is the best part of the learning and practising knowledge so far. Surgical team is no doubt the best teacher so far.

There were few stuff that i did during the on call session which is totally my first time ever such as taking blood and inserting urinary catheter on patients. Thanks to a few doctors (especially Dr. Houd, Dr. Wadi and Dr. Sunday) and nurses who were very helpful in teaching and allow me to steal some of their valuable time.

May Allah bless all your good deeds grant you the best future, here in the world and the hereafter.

"Some people just forgot that they also used to be medical students and they treat medical student like they never gone through it". Dr. Sunday.

oh, i need to revise the anatomy. :p




Salam wbt,

A quick entry just to let you know (if you are not aware of) that Kedah and Perlis are currently battling a major flood. So, we (GALAKSI) are conducting an emergency appeal so that we can help those affected in the disaster.

My village (cilok from FB)

Sea of water. Used to be vast are of paddy field (FB cilok again)


For those in Ireland and UK, below are the details for account that you can help to contribute.
May Allah bless the all the effort to help these people. InsyaAllah, your euro/pound will be very meaningful to them.

Name: MSMR

Account Number: 28095568

Sort code: 30-96-91

Reference: KFEA


Ireland Bank Account;

Name: MRAM

Account Number : 72508064
Sort code : 930121
Reference: KFEA

Students from other countries such as Aussie and any others that want to contribute may as well do so by appointing someone who can be trusted to collect the money.
May Allah bless us.




the assignments are halfway done. Just finish uploaded one or two a few minutes ago.
InsyaAllah more to come tomorrow. Due date is this Friday. eh, is it? haha

I went to Bray today for another session of the ATP tutor. Part of the module in the GP rotation. Our group had a new ATP tutor today. A very lovely lady doctor. Very nice to all of us.

I was alone in that one whole train compartment today from Dunloghaire Station to Bray Station. Ashraf may still remember these few places that he got to visit last 2 year. do u realize that Ashraf? It was almost 2 years already since we last me. :) How fast time flies these days.

Oh, talking about time, recently i started to question myself again regarding some of the decision that i made in the past. Not that i regretted but more like a reflection to myself. Among them is kind of allowing myself to be in the position to be hurt AGAIN. Not just that, but i think i even go to the level of suppressing some of the natural feeling (unconsciously) that sometimes i feel such a loser that i can no longer feel that.

I miss something so much, but looking at myself right now, it is just not possible. I just pray that they all went back to normal. Probably because of  a sudden change in priority that i dont even realize about these feelings anymore. Hurm...

enough for another episodes of unplanned short story today.

good night.

P/s: i heard my village got affected by the recent flood that hit Kedah and Perlis plus Jitra is now a new Pantai merdeka. :)