To whom it may concern,

Dear friend,

How are you doing at this moment? i hope you are in the best of health.
I'm writing this to express my greatest regret for not being able to continue walking with you for the time being. It seems impossible now for me to keep the pace and meet you at the crossroad as promised.  There is a big and well built wall halting my journey at the moment.  

Don't worry, I'll keep looking for other way to break through this big wall although all the odds seems to be against me at the moment. However, bear in mind sometimes it can be too long before I can finally walk the path again, or maybe if I were too tired of trying, I may take another route to continue the journey and the later means we may probably never meet at that crossroad as promised. 
Anyhow do not wait for me and keep on walking as I'm sure u'll reach the destination that we once thought we will arrive together. Someone else i'm sure is also walking towards the same direction and both of u might meet one another at any point along the journey. 
I'm deeply sorry as i wasn't able to continue the journey with you and not able to keep my word. Never my intention to hurt you, what else to ruin your peaceful life. I believe i was there for a reason but somehow i only find a dead end for the time being. We shall meet again if i'm able to keep the pace and able to break the wall and also the most important if Allah already planned our meeting there.
Until then, i pray you a safe journey ahead and again, forgive me for everything.

Best Wishes,
Muaz Adam Mohd Nabil.