When i go for travelling, i sometimes always look for an opportunity to board the high speed train that are available here in Europe. It is known to the mass that only a few company around europe provide this high speed train service such as the ICE by German DB Bahn, TGV in Paris and Thalys by the Dutch. I always look for these trains because i know that they are able to take me to the destination in a short time. Alhamdulillah, i'd been give chances to try all these three. ^-^ (any other high speed train here in Europe guys?)

Once in a while, when i know that all these option sometime unavailable, i have to move on and look for the 'normal' train. The one that isn't too bad for long haul journey. As long as the train can take me there, i'll be thankful enough. It may take twice or sometimes trice the amount of time that i need with those high speed train, but in the end, it doesn't really matter because what is more important is the destination that i was looking for. The journey with normal train may also not be as pleasant as the high speed train because it has to stop at more station, more people in it, no power point on the train (some) etc. but the fact that there are train to ride and bring me there sometimes worth more than having to wait for another hour or two for the high speed train. Not to mention, they are sometimes better in other aspect but the time that they need to take you there. If you dont wish to wait and ride any of the train available, get the Europass. It'll guarantee you the best experience ever. The downside, it is very costly!

A bit of patient can get you anywhere across the Europe and most importantly,to your dream destination. You can even enjoy beautiful scenery much longer than taking the high speed train and met new people along the long journey. The best example is in Norway. There is this one train that will take you to Bergen from Oslo and it will take like 12 hours for a one way journey. They purposely did this in order to let the passengers enjoy the trip along the breathtaking snowy mountain, beautiful clean rivers, fjord and the amazing natural landscape in between eventhough they can actually put some high speed train that can take you in just 3 short hours. ^____^

One thing to remember, once you commit to buy the ticket, bear in mind that usually they won't pay you back unless you have a strong argument. Think before you act. Be wise when making decision and enjoy the trip.

With that, have a pleasant and safe journey. I pray that everything is safe for those planning for their holiday this coming winter. :)

p/s: Rindu travel tapi dah tak banyak cuti. :(