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first of all i would like to apologize for not being able to keep the blog up to date as it is getting busier and busier as the class started.
anyhow, i would like to share stuffs that i learned in Oslo during my trip last month.

Straight to the point, the first one is about.... 
Linda Bournane. Who is she actually? why i wanna mention about her?

I wanna stress that this is not a happy story. It is about a sad tragedy that happened to a girl named Linda whom now i reckon a very good photographer (professional). She was born some 30 years ago as a result of marriage between a Moroccan guy and a beautiful Norwegian women. When she was still a little girl, her parents separated an conflict arises. Her father whose a muslim wanted to raise her as a muslim but somehow her mom whom i reckon is still a christian think otherwise. And the sad story started when she had to be abducted out of Norway back to her father village. Her mom was so sad that her only daughter had been taken away and thus wanted to bring Linda back to Norway. 
I myself didn't really remember clearly if there were any court case brought up in term of the right to keep Linda at that moment. To cut the story short, her mom had failed a few attempt to bring her back to Norway diplomatically and finally decided to abduct her from her grandparent home in Morocco during one hot sunny day as everyone was asleep in the midday. She then had to live in secrecy with her mom. They had to change her address and etc. Sadly, she was brought up as a Christian and i reckon that was the reason why her dad want her to be with him. Finally, a girl whom maybe brought up as a muslim is now a christian. At the age of 28 if im not mistaken, she decided to go back to Morocco and find her dad. She pictured her journey in morocco in one of the exhibition in the noble peace center in Oslo. One of the picture show that she herself wearing a hijab and is wandering what would she look like if she was to be brought up as a muslim. Now things seems to be so far away from her being a muslim, but i pray that one day she will revert to Islam. 
Don't u guys think a similar story happened in Malaysia a few years back? Sound familiar right? luckily they were brought up as a muslim. Bravo to Mr-i forgot your name-from Terengganu. ^____^

2# The women behind a great man
It is very typical that behind a great man, there will be a women playing her role to boost the man and help him. As known to most people, Rasulullah's wives are the women that play quite an important role behind His success. But here, I would like to share some information that i got during my visit in Oslo regarding Alfred Noble. A great man during his life. Known to be the inventor of dynamite. Most people know that Alfred Noble did not marry any women thus he has no children to pass all his wealth and thus in his last and famous will, he asked the wealth to be given to people that contribute the most to the society in different field. Medicine, Chemistry, Physic, Peace and Literature. Up until now, people around the world still receive his wealth even decades after his death. 
There are a few women behind his success. two prominent figure were his mom and his friend, Bertha Von stunner. If you google the name, you would find that Bertha is not a normal women. She was actually the first women to won the noble peace prize. Apart from that? 
She is actually sort of 'Mr. Noble secret love' according to the lady-tour guide that brought us through the Noble Peace Center. they were never in real love but her short presence as a secretary of Mr. Alfred Noble had left a great impact on him. They met again after that but only for a short period and she already married to someone else. It was said that Mr. Noble love her so much but not wanted her to know, thus deep inside, he suffered. U know what im talking about right? ^__^ It was believed that he didn't marry anyone because of the same thing too. In the end, he ended up being a loner despite the great wealth besides him that even made a King of Sweden at that time also suddenly become greedy and want some of his wealth! 
So, we can learn that apart from being a successful person, a man always wanted someone he wanted to share his life with.  A friend alone isn't enough as human will always be human. The nature of being a human will never be completed unless you find the right one is your life... :) Dont suffer like our great Mr. Alfred Noble okay? :D

The last one, Malaysia from the noble peace center.
I was stunned and surprised when i read the story about Malaysia at the photograph exhibition in the Noble peace center. It tells the story i never heard of and never imagine would happen in our beloved nation. As known to some of the public, the process of seeking asylum and taking refugee can take a long time to complete. Even in Norway, it may take up to years before it can be completed. The same case happen in malaysia. Nothing out of normal until you observe closely, you'll notice a story about people missing during the resending home process (penghantaran balik). Most of the asylum seeker and the refugee in Malaysia come from Myanmar. Some are Muslim and some are Christian. They fled their country because of the military occupancy which is somehow cruel and threatening their life. So according to the Geneva convention, Malaysia is obliged to protect them and give them shelter. Our authority is very kind hearted and they follow this. One thing that i didn't expect to know is that some of them make an extra money out of their works. SO clever la. :p
They sell some of this refugee to third party for money and it is believed that those who ware not able to be sold will be killed and thrown out into the open sea. The photographer-cum-informer also claim that the issue was never brought up and kept between the officials due to certain reasons. 
I myself was not so sure about this story but since it was there in the prestigious noble peace center, i think it is worth to be investigated and we should clear our name if it was a total lie. the exhibition had been attended by people from all over the world and it will give a bad impression to our country. Malaysia which is known for the prosperity and 'transparency' is now known to be a no longer safe place to find shelter for the needy. Sadly, some of them are even our brother and sister of faith and they also had to endure this (if it is true). The Rohingya. May this story is a brutal lie and Malaysia's name will remain 'clean'.

So, thats all about the thing that i manage to pick up during my visit to Noble Peace Center in Oslo. For those who want to know more, dont forget to visit the center if you were in Norway. 55Nkr isn't much compared to infos that increase your general knowledge and broaden your view about the war and struggle around the world and how peace sometimes had been achieved.
Now is the time to go back to business. Bye...

The Noble Peace Center

ps: Next week, the noble laureate from various category will be announced and the noble peace laureate will be announced on 9th of october. They each will receive 1 million + if i'm not mistaken. o.O
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