Do not ever give up.

Grab it when u have the chance. At times, you have to be selfish. if u watch KCB, that situation that Ana Althofunnisa talked about might be just one of the example.

I am doing the medicine rotation at the moment. Alhamdulillah, over the past 2 weeks, I get to practice quite a lot of knowledge. Thanks to Allah SWT again. At this rate, I believe the need to practice is as much important as the need to learn new knowledge because that is the essence of a doctor. If u have the knowledge alone and fail to practice, u are nothing. The same with practising something without knowledge.

Even in Islam, if u want to do something, you need to have the knowledge and not just following others without having any basic about that particular something.

The problem is I was a bit unfortunate because the team that I am attached with is not very keen in teaching. Only over the past few days, the consultant seems to pay more attention in teaching me. I was glad to see some changes but i don't know how long will it continues. So, in order to replace the missing hours walking around like zombie following the victim, i joined the doctor on call in the evening. Morning A&E teaching and on call at night is the best part of the learning and practising knowledge so far. Surgical team is no doubt the best teacher so far.

There were few stuff that i did during the on call session which is totally my first time ever such as taking blood and inserting urinary catheter on patients. Thanks to a few doctors (especially Dr. Houd, Dr. Wadi and Dr. Sunday) and nurses who were very helpful in teaching and allow me to steal some of their valuable time.

May Allah bless all your good deeds grant you the best future, here in the world and the hereafter.

"Some people just forgot that they also used to be medical students and they treat medical student like they never gone through it". Dr. Sunday.

oh, i need to revise the anatomy. :p