the assignments are halfway done. Just finish uploaded one or two a few minutes ago.
InsyaAllah more to come tomorrow. Due date is this Friday. eh, is it? haha

I went to Bray today for another session of the ATP tutor. Part of the module in the GP rotation. Our group had a new ATP tutor today. A very lovely lady doctor. Very nice to all of us.

I was alone in that one whole train compartment today from Dunloghaire Station to Bray Station. Ashraf may still remember these few places that he got to visit last 2 year. do u realize that Ashraf? It was almost 2 years already since we last me. :) How fast time flies these days.

Oh, talking about time, recently i started to question myself again regarding some of the decision that i made in the past. Not that i regretted but more like a reflection to myself. Among them is kind of allowing myself to be in the position to be hurt AGAIN. Not just that, but i think i even go to the level of suppressing some of the natural feeling (unconsciously) that sometimes i feel such a loser that i can no longer feel that.

I miss something so much, but looking at myself right now, it is just not possible. I just pray that they all went back to normal. Probably because of  a sudden change in priority that i dont even realize about these feelings anymore. Hurm...

enough for another episodes of unplanned short story today.

good night.

P/s: i heard my village got affected by the recent flood that hit Kedah and Perlis plus Jitra is now a new Pantai merdeka. :)