Warning. This entry is very lame. Don't waste your time reading it.

No one is similar. Even if u try to imprint someone from the outside, you'll only end up realizing that you are never going to be the same. 
The best is to be yourself and change it naturally. By that, what i mean is that do not change because of someone else. Make sure the intention is pure when decide to change. Hopefully it will be a permanent change towards a much better self.


Back again talking about the story of William and Kate. If you still have no idea who they are, you might wanna read one or two of my previous entry. Yes i know it's kind of lame to take advantage of this famous love story but i definitely find it interesting. Haha. 

From one of the docu about them, few persons that got interviewed were saying something like, what make their bond stronger than ever are because of their differences. Weird isn't it. Normally people would look for the similarity rather than the differences. I remember they said that the couple actually have different hobbies and lots of the time they were spending their time alone because William somehow stuck with helicopter as he is one of the search and rescue pilot for the military whereas Kate on the other hand is working in the shop belongs to her family or some sort. Although this may only be true before the engagement because after the announcement, seems like they are busy having interview etc. One thing that both are seems to have passion into is humanitarian works. That's probably why both took history in the beginning although William decided to change into Geography later on during the university life.  

I find that there are lots of interesting stuff about their stories that i can learn. The most important is maybe i was amazed by the fact that they endured so much before reaching this stage. Perhaps it motivates me because at one stage I almost give up when it comes to all these love-related things. All those mistakes, I definitely would not repeat them again although it would incur a great cost in my life.

One other thing that i find interesting is, once, Kate is the last person any boy want to date while she is in high school. After seeing her old pic on the tele, i myself would definitely think trice before making decision. Haha. Jahat kn? :P Anyway, as she get older, she evolved into a beautiful lady and with her supportive attitude and of course the look, William finally fall for her. Ups and down, the trials of 8 years together, they finally engaged with the ring belongs to Diana. Yes, the late Princess Diana.

Oh, enough with their love stories. Lots of values could be learn from this fairy tale turned reality.
You must have think if obsess with their love stories, aren't u? I would have not if i don't turn on the TV which almost every night talk about them. haha. One thing for sure, i wont be google their love stories if u were thinking down that road. lol.


wasted 0.5/24

1. I am waiting as well to witness one other ending of love stories similar to this but could have probably started earlier than university time. May Allah eases your path my friend. :)
2. The blue dress that Kate wore when they first appear on the tele to announce it officially was sold out in many stores according to one of the newspaper that i bumped into today. LOL. I bet if the ring is available on the shop, it could be out of stock as well. 
3. Random. Do you think it will work if we have a lot of differences? Could that one or two similarities work best to keep us together?