Banyak isu semasa yang berlaku baru-baru ni. Yang mendapat liputan meluas. Ada isu lokal dan ada isu dunia.
Aku malas nak mengulas kah? Ada jugak betulnya tu plus kalau kurang pasti, baik senyap dari bercakap kan?
Tapi, some of it worth mentioning it sebab it can open a lot of half-sleepy eyes out there.

1. Quran Burning Day.

This one is very popular even got the attention of Barrack O'bama which somehow has a muslim background in his family (they said his grandma sat on the stage during his inauguration ceremony wearing burqa/niqab). May Allah give him guidance (boleh ke x doa nih? ^__^)

This issue actually brought into attention by one pastor from a small church (hardcore group) in Florida. Here, we can see how the media actually play a big role in influencing something. If it were not brought to attention by media chain (facebook group and tv news), i believe that no one would really care because all these time, these sort of event does happen. Even in Malaysia! Still remember about those black metal that do all those disrespect things towards the quran back in early 2000. Do you guys think that sort of thing stopped right after it was exposed?
Okay, let us all assume that it stop. But do most of us (muslim especially) really respect the Quran in a way it should be? What about implementing basic things in Quran in our life? Do we really do it? Ask yourself?
I don't say that you should not be angry when someone do that to the Quran, but then again, let us look at ourself first before we go and hate what others that doesn't even believe in Quran do!

2. New sultan
Allahuakbar! God is the Greatest!
Kelantanese are happy people nowadays. They just got their new Sultan. Hopefully Your Majesty could help bring changes in our society. I heard this new Sultan is very down to earth kind of guy. Glad to hear that. It is a rarity nowadays. The elite don't normally know who did all the works for them. Hopefully this Sultan is a new generation of sultan that could help bring Malaysia towards a better place to live. 
Hundred years ago, sultan is a very powerful people. They get all the respect that people can imagine in the society. Even in the history of the early settlement of Malacca, once the Sultan embrace Islam, it was thought that the whole people actually embrace Islam. Same stories also applies for most of the earliest civilisation. Once the king/sultan embrace a religion, everyone would/have to change to that religion. Unfortunately because they lead for too long, some of them misuse this and bring disaster to the people and came Dr. Mahathir Mohamed during our time to save us. So they were no longer has too many power in them and no longer invisible to the law. 
The changes that took place reduce their (Sultans) importance in the society. They are now only seen as a symbol of the guardian of Islam and the culture. At one stage, one of my friend ask me "why do we need sultan? why do we pay him (tax) to live that luxurious life? They are of no importance to us! I think we should abolish the sultanate in Malaysia". I am totally clueless at that time because there are some degree of truth in it. 
So why do u guys think that we need sultan nowadays? ^___^

3. The Turks Story.
Does anyone know what happened in Turkey recently? See how politics works?
U don't jump into power and straight away change everything because that would create havoc! Bit by bit  and they actually did it. Congratulation to Mr. Erdogan. Although he is seen by many people in Turkey as a religious guy (unfortunately the turks do not like that), the secular society of Turkey still vote in favour of changing the constitution.
Educating the people (millions) is not easy. Even after you got majority of people schooled, some of then still do not understand one issue as one! As the saying goes, not all blonde is stupid! LOL. This is when politics plays an important role. Politics is an art of governing people. The same reason also allow us to have our 1Malaysia. Unfortunately, because of the incoherent that happens in implementing it, 1Malaysia seems about to fail. BIG TIME
I am not happy because i know a lot of money had been used to make billboards, adds, button badge and everything that you can name to help spread the idea. No one should be blame other than the gov. themself that failed to planned it properly even after they got the best help from APCO.
So, from this, what we can learn is that it is a good thing to try to unite everyone but you must know the base for that. If it were only for people to support you, you are making a big mistake because in the end, truth always win although it may takes hundreds years for that to happen!

4. Other issues that you might want to check regularly because of the ongoing problem are about the Palestine, and also the flood in Pakistan. I would have to be newscaster if i were to write about it. Hehe. InsyaAllah everyone knows what happened right? Please continue to ease the burden of our brothers over there. A lot of channel could be use to do that. Here are some of them. Muslim Aid and Islamic-relief

So, i think i should stop before i bored more people. Haha. Anyway, the conclusion is, to not to be left behind, please do read news everyday. AVOID TV3, TV2 and TV1 if it is about Malaysian politics. ROFL. You surely do not want to be someone who only works to full his own stomach and never think about other right?

P/s: Resident Evil Afterlife 3D Rocks! ^___^. Can't wait for the next movie. Oh...rumah masih berselerak.