Follow the instruction in this video.


We were shown this video today during one of the introductory lecture. This is a proven experiment, a very famous one (that is why i was not fooled today! Yay...!!) that how sometimes we tend to overlook some stuff just because we are focusing on other thing. Too attentive maybe. i watched this many many times earlier actually. Half of the class actually missed to see the gorilla and they were laughing at themselves afterwards.
This technique has been utilise by many in order to distract people attention when an issue arises. They bring some other thing to surface at the same time while people are trying to focus on one thing thus making the actual problem 'invisible' to many that of cause focusing their attention to the side stuff that going on at the same time.

Funny how we tend to overlook at things that is right in front of our eyes. many of you guys actually did not see the gorilla thumping his chest on the first view? LOL
Look at the various changes to the actual experiment from youtube and even if you see the gorilla in this video, you will be surprise on things that you may overlooked in the other video. ^___^
Selective attention, that is how human function by default anyway.