Hi all,

If you are planning to cycle in Dublin, make sure:

1. Wear the high visibility fluorescent jacket (even during the day). And make sure that your bike has lamps that works at night!
2. Wear all the safety gear. At least wear the helmet. If you want to be more caution, also wear the knee and elbow pads.
3. Follow the road signs and the traffic lights.
4. Avoid riding on the pavement as you also would not like to be the one who hit the other!

I just saw an accident involving a cyclist with possibly a car near south circular road about an hour ago. Specifically in Clanbrassil street which has a very wide cycling lane. Still, you never know when it gonna happen. So, as the saying goes, prevention is better than cure.
That bloody scene that i just saw reminded me how previously i took thing for granted by assuming it is safe to cycle without all those safety measures. Thanks God that there are no life lost.
Luckily I wont be cycling a lot like usual anymore, so for those newcomer which i assume many would like to have bicycle, please do be careful especially if you only start to ride a bike here, in Dublin.