Read this whatever thing below only if u have free time or u'll regret it. trust me!

Here how it starts.

Once upon a time, there was a boy who loves to stare at his laptop screen and watching movies. He watches almost all genres of movies as long as he finds them interesting. One day, he got a brilliant idea that he wants to write down the title of the entire movie that he watched from that moment onward.

A week later, the boy revised the list. It turns out that he watched almost 20 movies in that week alone! What an achievement! To his surprise, most of the movies are loves and romantic movies. “What! Oh, don’t worry its normal as some people have more tendencies to watch certain genre of movie” he tried to comfort himself. However, it seems that the boy was actually standing on the ground of reality as he is turning 21 and still single. So he decided to just let things going on as it gives him some sort of relieves over the loneliness.


And now, this boy was so boring and he wanted to share his thought on the loves story he watched and why he kept watching those movies. It is me. Yes, me, the writer. The lame and lazy bump who feels so bored!


There were few reasons that made him loves those romantic movies. One thing is that somehow it tells the reality rather than the theoretical stuff. Most of the theories that he knows about loves usually doesn’t work perfectly as they seems to be in the real world. Even though it was just a movie which someone had created the storyline and all, but this boy believes that things doesn’t just come out of the blue. At least, there must be a basis that made the producer or the script writer interested to create the storyline in the first place.

He believes that loves story usually come from an actual experience of someone even though there might be lots of stuffs exaggerated in the movie. This at least teaches him that love usually doesn’t end in a typical happy ending that he used to hear when reading books like Snow White, Cinderella and all the fairy tales he encountered. This evening, he watched a movie called Definitely Maybe. It was a new movie released around last march but he never had a chance to watch it. Now, since he has lot of ‘free’ time, he decided to watch all the movies he had missed including this one.

This movie, Definitely Maybe was special as it involves a very complicated storyline. It starts with a girl who is trying to make her father reveal her actual mom. The father was so brilliant and he wanted her daughter to make a guess of her mom from the story he is about to tell her. Then the father started to tell his daughter his love story. In that story, there were 3 girls involved and this is when things are getting interesting as the daughter trying to rule out the character one by one by reasoning. Here we can see how a pure thought of a child trying to understand about a real love and at the same time figuring out his actual mom. Though in the end there was a happy ending but the happy ending in this movie was a bit different from the typical one we used to seen as we can see how a daughter tried her best to make her dad happy. (Just don’t want to spoil the ending for those who haven’t watched it yet)

From the movie, the boy thinks that he can get lots of values. Though it was made purposely in the movie, he believes that nothing wrong to learn from the movie as somehow it reflects the actually situation happening outside there. The more he watches the movies, the more he can learn. In fact, it is parallel with the way that most normal human learn. By watching! He (I) strongly believes that it helps him to make decision by deduction when it comes to certain thing such as love matters.

Yes, this love matters are so complicated and full of surprising choices that he need to choose although actually the answers was never certain. Still blur. Sometimes, he himself wonders why it was difficult for him as some people around him can find the ‘answer’ easily. Is it luck or it is destiny? Did he destine for it or not? The biggest question ever! Does it has to be in a correct time and situation to make it happen or it requires something which is more important to make it a reality? With lots more questions to be answered, the boy left it for the readers to give some thought about it.

-Off to bed-

P/s: I'm not really sure if i did write this whatever thing it is but somehow i found the file while trying to clear up my 'my doc' folder. I must be damn boring when writing this piece of s*** that even i myself cannot remember it. I possessed while writing this? :S lol. Thx for reading....happy ramadhan...