I just encountered a few video while u-tubing a few moments ago. Some scenes in the video were expected but some were really unbelievably true.
This somehow create a question in me, is it wrong to be a racist which i mean against the Jews? Have your own judgment.

The rest of the video can be found on U-tube.

this is another one that i found regarding the same stuff.

Look how cruel the women J (Jew) in the video can turn into though i think she knew that the women M (Muslim) trapped in the "cage" can cause no harm as she (M) is inside whereas she (J) is outside.

Enjoy n remember to notice that this sort of thing will never going to end, believe me! We need to remind ourselves about the situation happening there in Palestine is always going to continue as it is happening at the very moment. Don't be a seasonal when it comes to this thing. Plz all my friends.