WOW! Time flew so fast. It is already 3 months passed since i officially started my summer holiday on jun 6th 2008. All this summer, I did learn numerous things be it while i was on travel or just at home sitting comfortably on my bed. Early in the holiday, i did plan to do stuffs that may help me to kill the boredom which i expected to experience as all my friends started to return to Malaysia. 

By the end of last week, i did revised all those plans. YES! it did help me to kill the boredom but unfortunately, it doesn't really happen according to what was planned. All the books that i suppose to read, i only manage to read half of the list. All those movies that i planned to watch, I amazingly manage to watch more than i expected! The games (DOTA particularly) that suppose to occupy only small percentage of my initial plan however have taken part more than i can imagine! What a waste of time! YES YES, i did realize that i kill my free time and remind myself that i don't really feel the boredom but unfortunately, with a wrong weapon and it almost cost me my life (just some exaggeration).

The plan to work as nurse on call was nowhere to be found as the bureaucratic process is horror than i expected. Unfortunately, the horror stuff will be continued on this September 16th. At least i still have chance to get back all the money that i spent for the sake of working here during the holiday which has not happen (sigh). May I survive the horrific moment dealing with that unfriendly-looking receptionist guy!

The thing that i learn most is about the summer in oversea (Dublin) IT IS A VERY DAMN BORING MOMENT IN MY LIFE! Though i did travel and so on (which i really enjoy), life without my buddies around (in DUblin) was very horrible. (maybe i'm the type that cannot live without friends around)

Imagine that u wake up at 7 am and u live alone in your small room until midnight and you only get out for 15 to 30 minutes to pray and get some foods but other than that, u do nothing else butstaring at your dusty screen of your old-broken laptop. Or...maybe even boring that u wanna kill yourself when every time you wanted to go to the cinema, u go there and watch the movie alone??!! What a life endured by me for the past 3 months. Luckily the once-in-a-blue-moon football hours with Muhaimin,Eros,Zul and others relief my grief a bit.

Possibly for some of us who stay here during the summer, life isn't so boring coz u guys have stuff to do (apart from traveling) which might had occupied your holiday interestingly. Probably I won't feel this bad if i had did something beneficial other than watching movies and playing DOTA most of the time. However, my plan to start reading did work a bit thought i wasn't really educational book that I read but rather some novels that I find quite interesting. may i'll be able to finish those novels. ^^

This is just an entry to condemn myself as i failed to fulfill my holiday according to the plan and i had wasted so much time for the last 3 months. May all you guys take this experience as some example that not to be followed and to be banned your entire life. Now i really understand why there saying that too much free time can kill.

p/s: after watching so much movie in this summer, i know realize what type of movie that catch me the most. Guest what genre they are? :D
Another stuff that at least i learn about myself which i fail to realize before. :P