I just finished watching another movie. This time, it is Keith. I accidentally found it on ninjavideo as there were still no banner or adds for this movie on the site (ninja). This is actually a new movie which had been released in USA last 2 days. However, it was screened during the Palm Beach International Film Festival last April. (info from IMBD)

At first, this movie seems like another normal teenagers movie which usually circulating around love life among high school teenagers but the twist (disclosure) in the end made it soo touching (at least for me :p)

It has more to offer than the normal movie about teenager. For me, it seems so special coz it shows how someone who has nothing more to offer in his life live the remaining time that he has. Though it was actually based on how he wanted to win or rather be with his lab partner(a girl), i just can't ignore to say that it seems like there are more than that. So, maybe that is why it was screen during the international film festival.
The attitude that this boy (Keith) shows early in the movie seems like he is totally a jerk but deep inside, he is not. It is actually the secret that he kept that make him act like ones. The scenes that both of them spent together on a 'not-a-date' session that Keith call are more or less like the one that u can find in A Walk to Remember. Not a typical dating scenes but rather a special on their own. If u like to watch A Walk to remember, u might also wanna try this one.

For those who want to watch this movie, i have to remind you that there is one scene which might not suitable for minor but there are nothing too much i think. :p Just another scene that the Hollywood producer usually put to make the movie more appealing maybe. Other than that, u can expect to witness the life of western civilisation like those that u can find in One tree hills, Greys Anatomy and etc. U know what i mean rite? :) For girls whose fan of Jesse McCartney, this might be the movie that u want to watch ^^.
I don't intend to put up the synopsis here coz u can find it at IMDB and wikipedia, but for my personal rating, i give this movie 8.5 out of 10. Owh, before i forget, i think the genre is romantic movie. Happy day guys...