Yes, finally...ada jugak la satu medal untuk skuad Olimpik Malaysia. Lee Chong Wei ke final for badminton in man single. Alhamdulillah...which medal is it? Lets wait n see the game on Sunday.

Mmg best sgt tadi masa tgk game tu. walaupun i actually just woke up about 5 minutes before that :D. I was actually a bit late coz at the time i swicth on the TV, the first set game was already halfway n luckily at that time, Chong Wei is leading his opponent from korea, Lee Hyun-il. The day before, i thought that Chong Wei will be facing another Chinese player since i didn't really follow the game from the beginning coz one thing that i knew, all the 4 players that went to semi-final, all their name are Chinese-like names. ^^. Even Lee Chong Wei is also a chinese, isn't he? ^^

While watching the game just now, i was very proud as Chong Wei is trying his best to win the game. Though he was lead by almost 10 points in the second set, the way he struggled to win back the point was very fantastic. Even the BBC comentator was very pleased to see him playing. Even though he lost the game in the second set, the third set was very fantastic. From the early of the game, we can see that he tried his best not to let the Korean lead and he forced him to make a lot of mistakes. In the end he won with 21-13. A job well done!

Anyway, congrats to Lee Chong Wei and all the best for him. Lets all pray that he'll be winning the GOLD medal and distract the attention of our national media from highlinghting the stuff they they should not manipulate! (I hope u know what i mean ^^)

see u again, bb (bye bye)