Just some pics from my last trip around some countries in European Continent. Nothing much to say about this two cities (Gelsen and Cologne)

1. Gelsen is very peaceful and tranquil small town only known by the malaysian who studies there :P -just realized that i only took a small no of pics in Gelsen, sorry about that.
2. Cologne (Koln) on the other hand famous for its gothic church. One of the famous place to be visit in Germany.

So, enjoy the pics.

Gelsen (Buer maybe more appropriate)

The church

The statues

The city center

Koln (K O-with double dot on top L N)

The Dome

Hard Rock Cafe Koln

The famous shopping street, as written on the sign, Schildergasse Strasse

Rhine (river)

where else you wanna go? :s

Thats it anyway, more pics will be uploaded next time or just flip thru my Friendster profile for more pics. :D

bb..gud night...