Assalamualaikum w.b.t and Hello to all,

Praise to Allah s.w.t the most mercifull and the most justice of all.

here, i would like to express my gratitude and happiness for two of my friends who already take a big leap in their life by bringing another person into theirs. One of them is Mr Najib Jaafar (KMB) who just got married on the 10th of august and another one whose name need to be kept secret (as part of his request) who just got engaged 2 days ago. I'm really happy for you guys!

It was really a brave and mature decision to take such a step. To both of u guys, i pray that Allah will pour all the mawaddah and the rahmah in your realtionship and make ease on your long journey ahead. To the one who only got engaged, plz be remind that engagement is only a period for you to know more about your fiance (in case u didn't really know her which i bet u do!) and to prepare for the next step. Do take the next step in as early as you can. If it is on summer next year, maybe i can join the majlis ye. ^^ Congratulation anyway.

As for those whos "in a realtionship", you guys might wanna think again whether you are really serious or not in it. i bet all u guys know that such a realtionship isn't the best way as it is way far from what is shown by the Prophet s.a.w. why dont you make it a halal way if u think she/he is the best person for you. Anyway, i pray that you guys have the courage like both of them had.

thats all, thx for reading and again, congratulation to Mr. Najib and mr. ++++. May Allah always be with u guys.


P/s: for the pics in the matrimonial ceremony, do visit the link (najib's name). wops, also congratulation to the famous malaysian actress, Maya Karin who just got married 2 to 3 days ago i think. :D