Hey everyone. How are you guys doing?

I am still in the process of finalising the new layout for this blog.

A few more stuff still need some attention. Maybe by tonight, everything will be ‘normal’ again.

Just now after hours of changing stuff, i just realized that the template that i thought i wanna use is actually similar to this famous blog. So i thought i should change it lah kan? Ye tak Shedot? :D

So, please be patient eh. ^__^

Oh, by the way, i am using a ‘new’ program to write my entry. Just trying it for the first time. It is actually a Window Live Writer. It allows you to write entry while offline and the publish it later on. I think this program is very cool.

If you are using latest window OS (window 7 or Vista), i think this program is actually built in freely just you need to search for it in the start panel. Do utilise this free stuff okay?

This program is more or less like word doc but it allows you to see you post while offline, even before you upload them. I found about this while reading tutorials about blogging. hehe

Make use of the remaining days of Ramadhan.

Anyway, enjoy the clip below.

May Allah always be with you guys.

Oh, forgot to wish, Happy Independence Day Malaysia!