Good morning and happy Ramadhan for all,

its 8 am here in Dublin. The sun is already high.
The weather outside looking very good with crystal clear blue sky. Not a single cloud visible from my window. A rare scenery in Dublin lately.

Currently i'm using Linux OS (operating system). Just trying out after haven't use it for some time already. I already 'own' this OS since last April actually. It is free by the way. ^__^
Using new OS is like trying to explore new computer altogether. The experience of trying to install 'new' software such as Skype, YM, video player and some other is always interesting. You always need to 'venture' into forums which luckily has almost everything that you need to know when you want to install something.
Although window XP, vista and 7 are not the same (which means you need to try new stuff when you decide to change your OS), but since they are from the same company, the experience of changing from one another are never as the same as using the new OS from different manufacture. It was like you see your old friend in their new shirts. The case also apply for the new Mac user i assume. 
So after you get the idea that you want to change your OS, surely you have to find that new OS (if you don't want to buy them). That's is a preparation process. Be ready before you change! Oh, by the way, this is my first entry using this OS!  (^__^)

Top Gear
Last two days, i watched Top Gear latest season, episode 5. 
The fastest production car on earth
One of the segment shows Captain Slow a.k.a James May driving in Buggati Veyron SS (super sport). He was the first to drive that car into what was called 'the unknown zone'. What interesting was that he had to drive it exceeding the speed limit that any driver ever driven in that car. The experience was very exhilarating for him (wish it was me!) i assume judging by his reaction. Just to get into that unknown zone, they had to prepare sets of special tires which unfortunately cost almost 20k £. Apart from that, the track that they use was also among very few place on earth that the car can ever reach it top speed!
However it was a bit unfortunate for him when later on that day, an actual test driver for the company did the same thing which means breaking his record and becoming the fastest man ever driven the production car on earth. Thats life. Things never always be on your side. Anyhow, never ever give up! Keep trying and praying.

Stage of change
Things keep changing. Every change is scary because you never know what is going to happen. Clueless in certain cases when trying to figure out what might await you in front. You can predict the outcomes, but in certain occasion, they are against you or maybe just totally different from what you expect. Plus, along the way, another stuff may add up to the changes and change the course of your life. Completely unseen. So, in order to keep 'alive', all you can do is prepare and pray. 
Preparation is undoubtedly crucial as it may reduce the length of grief period (in some cases) or shock. Especially the mental which usually suffer the most. If you are not prepared, then you may go back to your old state  (relapse) or you may as well find yourself wondering around not knowing where to go.

It's a norm that people are more comfortable to go around their comfort zone in almost everything. Me alike. I don't like new place, new phone, manual car (at least in the beginning of all these) because it make myself difficult. As you starting to get used to all these new things, more stuff will fall back into its places. Once your mental are okay to accept all these you'll go back to 'usual' life which means happy again in your newly altered comfort zone. 

life. an incomplete puzzle
Unfortunately, for some people, as things look as if they are going in the right direction, another new changes might take place. This means they have to adjust everything back so that it can fit the near-complete comfort zone. This is frustrating. Completely understandable. Some who cannot cope may resort to doing things which we might never expect them to commit. It's like you are a few pieces away from completing a picture puzzle when suddenly your little sister come and destroy almost everything.If you are trying to complete the picture puzzle earlier...just imagine what you might do. (>.<)

“Truly, God does not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves.” (Quran 13:11)

So, in a nutshell, be prepared to change. Pray that Allah will guide you along the way. If getting used to new hairstyle is difficult, just imaging when you have to change your life altogether which include you changing your way of thinking completely. No wonder they have to go very deep in Inception. ^__^

1. Am i not ready to make the change? O Allah,please bestow upon me some strength to change myself.

2. "As to why 

I wait for you
Longer than the average person would
And why
I think about you 
More than I think one should"

Ellie Goulding-The End