salam sejahtera kepada semua,

Talaal Badru Alayna - Yusuf Islam

this morning i am so hungy. very very hungry. The evident that my stomach is starting to beg for food is the sound that it starts to produce. i haven't eat any rice for the past 2 days. luckily the morning before i departed, Mak Lang Solehah brought me some nasi lemak. Mama cooked my favorite meal, fried noodle! yeeeha. i'm not sure is she really knew it or it was just a coincidence. :D

it is 2pm on July 3oth now in Langgar but i am somehow in other places, 7 hours behind.
i'm still waiting for the recheck result. the officer at the exam office reply my email yesterday saying that it'll come out at the end of the month. on the other hand, some of my friend already got theirs although not for all subject. Maybe they revised the BED paper first i guess.
Seriously, the result of the exam for last semester really give me a good blow on the head to wake me up from a long dream. That's how people learn anyway. Work harder for me after this means no more games (DOTA or PES alike), less FB and more READING!

I got a chance again to spend summer in Dublin although it is not really summer here i think. i was quite cold when i arrived yesterday. The pilot said that it was 12 degree Celsius which for me feels like being in a room with air conditioning on at 18 degree Celsius. last year, i also missed the peak summer in Dublin because i was traveling at that time and this year, it was because i was spending my holiday in Malaysia which was much better than traveling across europe.

Although the holiday is still running, the need for study is a necessity. Doesn't matter how much study that you do, but i think this is very important so that you do not start slow when the actual time comes. As for me, focusing on a module also quite hard at the moment since the mood for holiday is still high. nevertheless, i will force myself to do whatever i can to start studying again.

Last but not least, congratulation to one of my best friend, Mohd Hilmi bin Noh for getting married last week on the 25th July 2009. I wish you and Nadz will have a great future waiting for both of u and be blessed always. Anyhow, my apology to Hilmi coz i can't attend the function at your house as promised. we only plan but HE is the best of all planner. InsyaAllah my parents will be there. To others like Hanif and Wawa, Imam and >>>>> , also Amir Ridhwan and Mardiana and a few more which i was informed about the engagement, Happy Engagement to you guys. May Allah bless you all with a better future.

Lastly, back to the first paragraph, i need food!!!! wish i still can eat nasik lemak and roti canai for my breakfast ^^