Thanks to Allah SWT with all HIS mercy and blessing, i am able to write another entry for this blog.

First of all i would like to apologize coz i was not able to update this blog as it used to be. i don't want to give any excuse but most likely is due to this 100th entry which i think is rather significant for me.

when looking back at my first entry, (on Friendster) the purpose of me joining this blogger community in the first place was to practice my writing coz as many realize, i need a lot of improvement. Since secondary school, things has been changing slowly and i do remind myself that it is not as easy as ABC. This maybe due to me myself who prefer watching that reading. So, hoping that the blog can add to the improvement, i decided to blog.I used to have a blog in Friendster but i decided to have a better platform and moved to here instead.

Honestly i don't care if this blog is a bit or maybe very boring to certain people as they need to read a very long entry which doesn't really say about anything useful because it was just me writing stuff that i feel like writing and sharing at that time. Somehow along the way, the contents of this blog change to be personal stuffs, my view on certain issues, recipe and also thing which was posted without really thinking a lot. It make me smile when i go through every entry that i posted since most of them are written base on my mood at that moment especially the one that i tried to play with words and create my very own poem. :p only a few entry were posted to promote events etc.

now, it is already at it's 100th post. at this moment, my mood is not that good considering the amount of study that i need to do during this holiday. T_T However I will never going to give up because after all, it is my decision. no matter how big is the wall in front of me, i will do my best to climb and get the best of it. In addition, after I listened to some inspirational talk by my very own friend, Mr. Aimie during a camp at SMK Derma last few days, I feel as if i got a new energy to start fresh. YES human do need to rely only to ALLAH at any condition including when craving for motivation, but sometimes, reminder from people who is close to u make u realize that it has been a while since u last been given a motivation and it does helps. Believe me!

Anyway, now i need to start studying again and hope that i can perform better when the time comes. As we only plan and work our plan out, everything else is from HIM. So let us all pray that we always get a blessing from HIM in every action of ours. May we not led astray and get the success in this world and the in the hereafter.


p/s: i'll write more on the camp at SMK Derma later. my 3rd time becoming a facilitator. Memory last forever and u can never buy them with money.