Now is 11.42 pm. i just finished the last bit of fried noodle that i bought half an hour ago. it is very rare for me to go out at this hour just to find food in Malaysia which is very different compared to me in Dublin. However since more mamak's stall open at night, the chances to get much more variety of food is very good here. Over there, maybe only RICO's and Kebabish in Dublin that still operate at this hour i think. maybe FFC (KFC-like restaurant) is somehow available too.

Anyway, lets get to the business. the entry for today is about the motivational camp that i became a facilitator last weeks. Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah SWT as the camp went according to the plan with a bit of small problem here and there. most usually due to computer and mic problems. Technical stuff. the camp took place for 2 consecutive days. the former was for fifth former and the later was meant for form 3 student. I put my best effort to ensure that i deliver my very best and hope that the students will benefit if not much, maybe a bit from the whole lot that i shared with them.

This was actually my 3rd time becoming a facilitator for a motivational camp. the first was during the holiday after SPM which some of my friend from SMKAK invited me to help them handing the introductory camp for form 1 student somewhere in Yan, Kedah. The second was when i joined Farizul, Izzat and Kabi and many more doing a program with SAINA student. now, after years, i joined this latest event. Aimie told me about this camp months ago while it was still in the planning stage. However, i think everything was a bit easier this time since Aimie and others handled the same thing last year over there too.

The Facilitators

Izzat and I arrive a day earlier as we had some briefing to listen to at Aimie's place. There, i got to meet new friends. Some girls whom according aimie that he also knew them through the same thing. Handling program for students a few years back. Among them that i still remember are Syazwani, Najah, Farra, Kak Tiqah, Wan, the twin Suraya and Suriati and a few more whom i already forgot their name since our 2 days handling the program was very short and compact. we didn't really had a chance to get to know each other better unfortunately. Maybe later on using FB or FS, we can get to know each other better. :) There were almost 20 of us but only 5 guys. Me, Moke, Aimie, Izzat and Cha-In. During the briefing session at Aimie's house, we were told that we need to handle some kind of treasure hunt game. At each check point, each of us will ask question base on the subject taught at school. so we had to revise the stuff that most of us already left for about 5 years (the form 4 stuffs). :p It was very interesting to see Moke and Suraya (i think coz i always confuse her with her twin) trying their best to understand maths which both had put aside for some times. Suraya (if i get her right) is a law student in UIA and Moke is a medic student. Luckily Najah was there to guide them. FYI, Najah is a master student in UKM. The best of all is she is only 23 years old! what an achievement. The rest of us didn't seem to have any problem except we just need to focus on a specific topic that we picked.

the day that we need to deliver arrived. It started with some speech from the Penolong Kanan Pentadbiran before we introduce ourselves to the students. Later, Aimie gave a very inspiring speech. TBH, this is my first time i see him giving a speech and surely he got a character of a motivational speaker. Just like his dad who gave me and Jat (Izzat) some advise the day we had a meeting at his house. after a morning break, it was my turn to share my experience with the students. that was my first time holding the mic for more than half and hour after years! Literally! at first i was kind of shaking but as the time pass by, i just imagine myself telling some stories to them which was quite true since i just share my experiences living in oversea. During the QA session, the students were a bit shy to ask so most of the question came to us in a written form. it ranges from the various topic about study and loves which i had managed to answer some of them.
after the midday break, we had the treasure hunt game before the LDK session at the last hour of the day.

Form 5 students

after the program ended on the first day, we headed back to our accommodation place and after at about 645pm, headed to Kuala Perlis to have our dinner. It was so nice that we managed to enjoy our ikan bakar and a few other cuisines which is very popular at Kuala perlis. Everyone enjoyed their time over there i think since that night, we slept very well. too tired and too full too maybe. :P

There was also no big different in the schedule for the last day except that we had a shorter motivational talk by Aimie and the audience this time were form 3 student which expected to have their PMR exam in about 98 days. however, it was clearly that the form 3 student were more shy compared to form 5 student. they were less cooperative coz they were too shy i guess. Instead of having treasure hunt game after the lunch break, we had a maths and english game in the hall. The focus this time was to encourage them to work harder for their PMR exam. Since the school itself always had a good reputation in the PMR exam, i strongly believe that more than half of form 3 student can get straight A's. last year alone, 78 student got 8 A's in PMR! that was just a bit less than half of form 3 student. Maybe one day, those student will be like Aimie, coming back ti the school and contribute back to the society.

with adik-adik form 3

So...there goes my story. My experience becoming a facilitator after a few years. All i wanted to say is that every experience worth more than money can pay. It helps you in many way to develop skills that you yourself was not aware of including talking to girls if u want. :P These skills makes you a better person and are very useful at some stage in your life. Besides, all i hope is that the student will benefit from our short presence in their diary of life. May Allah help them in their journey and ease their problems (exam etc). Abang Muaz (*blusing*) strongly believe that you guys can do it. Take Abang Aimie's point during the talk and Abang believe that if you guys apply it, you will succeed insyaAllah. Lift the mind limitation, aim high, read and drill! InsyaAllah you guys can do it! Good luck guys...

p/s: InsyaAllah if everything is good, i'll be back next year. till then, pray hard and work smart. Wassalam.