In the name of Allah, the most gracious and the most merciful,

I'd been finally hired by the Government of Malaysia. Thanks God. 

Yesterday was the first day of working although it was all about filling up the many forms and listening to talks/advices by some officers and plus trying new stuff such as the punch card. In fact, within this week, it was all about introduction to the hospital and getting to know important stuff that a house officer (HO) should know. A tiny bit of it

Honestly, it was quite surreal, especially when people address you with the title 'doctor' in front of your name for almost everything. Two weeks ago, it wasn't there although I had been conferred on June 6th of this year. In fact, before this, occasionally people will joke about it and I will just laugh as I bear no real responsibility yet holding that title. And as of now, it was all a different story.

However, the induction held on the previous week sort of prepared me mentally on stuff that I have to expect when registering with the hospital and the Kedah states's health department. Although it was quite far from home, the induction place is superb. Living and eating in an at least 4 star hotel is something that I don't get for free often. Everything was for free. We all have to just go there and listen to talks and get to know a bit about being a government officer.

And the best of all is the way they pay the claim here for newly posted doctors. I kinda got some extra duit raya for that thanks to the induction which was held in Pahang. About 700km away from my hometown which means more money into the pocket! :)

other than that, we are also very lucky to have a week of orientation period in this hospital compared to others who were posted to various hospital around the country. Some of them even have to start the real doctor's job on their 3rd day.

As my working life starts, I know things might be a bit busy than usual. All I can say is that I will do my best to cater both, working life and family life. 

The above quotes sum up my stand and hopefully yours too.