Long since i last scribble something here. sorry about that and million thanks to those who keep coming. please do read previous entries if nothing new posted. Hopefully something will be some benefit to you insyaAllah.

Quick update about my life.
1. Now i am already a final year med student. Quite unbelievable how fast time flies. Life even harder as you grow older. At this stage i have to wake up as early as 5 am and take a taxi to the city center as i have to be at Connoly  Hospital before 7am. My subuh (morning) prayer nowadays is in the hospital! Surgical rotation is very demanding and this is the life that i hope to live and enjoying it one day (a clear message to my future wife [if any] who will be living with me). I finished 3 different rotations so far which included orthopaedic, anaesthesia, surgical and medical. a few more to come in within the next few months.

The weather
1. Ireland as a whole were not prepared for almost anything (in term of weather). Whenever there is a slightly heavier rain, the city will quickly get flooded. Every year when they have a snow, all the transport system down as if they were never there in the first place. Buses and everything just stop working. Plus, they would always have water shortage immediately after the snow.
2. Last week, there was a sudden flood due to 'heavy' rain (nothing like heavy rain in Malaysia). The shopping centre in Dundrum was flooded because the riverbank or something failed to retain the water. It also cost 2 life. A gardai  (police) officer and a nurse.

1. I am planning to stay here insyaAllah once I'm finish with my degree but am not 100% sure about it yet. Many have been talking about staying here. Not to mention some that hate to stay here and wanted to go out as soon as they can. Some feel that they were treated as 2nd class citizen and some are just because they feel that they could do more money somewhere else. As for me, i have my own reason not to rush to go back to Malaysia but again, it is not something definite. Family would be one of the greatest influence in the final decision.
2. I got approval to apply to Malta Foundation Program. Another destination that i think I will consider going if given chances. Thanks to Wanie for her help with the essay that I completed in half n hour. Believe it or not, I managed to slip through although I missed the deadline by one day.

1. I am glad that I met more people this year including some of my malaysian friends whom i was never close to them before. At least i know that a few of them are sort of from Kedah. :)
2. One of them once questioned me about hating the rain. She said "macam mana ni, tak lama lagi nak jadi suami orang dah. Hujan sikit pun takut!" I replied just by smiling. She definitely have no clue about me if she really mean it.

1. All i can say is i have a difficulty to focus on books. I bought many new books but haven't manage to finish any of them yet.
2. 10 minutes reading and i already yawning.
3. The progress is superbly slow now.

I hope Allah will keep protecting you (whomever you will be)
Something made my heart tickle whenever i see a proposal video anywhere on the net. Maybe the time has come for me as well?

pen torch. LOL. JK