It all happened last Wednesday (7/12/2011). The date would probably be hard to remember but definitely I will treasure the experience. First time ever performing a surgery! I stick a scalpel into a lump of a golf-ball's size on someone's neck to remove the abscess and on another occasion, I also removed some adenoids tissue. Alhamdulillah.

Although before this I assisted in a few procedures including caesarean section, popliteal artery bypass, anterior resection of the bowel and a few more, this one was special to me as I held the scalpel on my own and making the incision myself. A very rare experience for medical students I think.

The consultant ear nose and throat (ENT) surgeon first asked me if I ever seen an abscess and perform incision and drainage. While looking straight at him, I answered that I'd seen pericolonic (around the large bowel) abscess but never done any kind of incision and drainage. The next thing was very surprising as he asked me if I want to do any surgery today. What sort of answer would you expect if you ask someone who really into surgery? Definitely a YES and from that moment, there was no way back. Since most of the ENT procedures don't require a full scrub, I put a surgical mask, washed my hand (scrubbing kind of wash) and a size 7 surgical glove.

I sat next to him while he talked me along the way. A small 1cm incision was made inferior to the angle of mandible area by me although at the end he guided my fingers and push it deeper because it wasn't deep enough to drain the abscess.

Honestly I was quite scared since it was very close to major artery (the carotid artery) of that 7 months old baby. Once the abscess started to drain, the rest was just simple squeezes to force the abscess out. Quite a lot of it came out. No wonder the lump was a size of a golf ball! Within 15 minutes, the procedure completed as no stitch required since it was small and a drainage tube was inserted into the lump so that the remaining abscess could drain later. 
We thanked the nurses and the anaesthetist and the surgeon then congratulated me and said 'you can now tell your friends that you performed a surgery'. I'm not sure if they will ever believe it', he added. ^__^ 

Before that procedure, he actually showed me a bilateral (both side) appendicectomy and also adenoidectomy in which he allowed me to do (adenoidectomy) when we saw the same case after that. This was also relatively  a simple procedure although it carries quite a big risk of bleeding. Adenoidectomy is basically a scrapping of the adenoids tissue on your pharynx. No cauterization even required for adenoidectomy in most cases.

The surgeon was so cool and I can't wait to sit with him again next Wednesday hoping that I will have more chances to perform some minor surgery! Hopefully ^__^
A long journey always starts with a small step. Pray for my success guys.