Assalamualaikum wbt and good day to all,

Post-posting letters to Malaysia.
A very quick entry just to let you guys know that I'm starting a new project. A picture for a day.
It is on my tumblr site.
I decided not to post it here coz it would just be too many entry of a picture with some short description.
My plan was to post a picture of any kind, every day (constantly insyaAllah) unless out of sudden the site was taken down or something technical happen to the site/me.
I got the idea from a guy who capture a picture every day of his life until his death. It is like a memoir or some sort I think. Many have done this. I think it would be very interesting. ^__^
So, you guys can actually contribute (if you are interested) because there is a section where you can submit something to my tumblr page. It does't have to be a picture. It could be jokes etc.
Just click the 'submit' button on the page if you wish to do so.
Only one reminder, nice okay! ^__^
Maybe in a few years time we can look back and smile at all those pics etc.

That's it for now.

Till we meet again


P/S: I love paediatrics!