An external force that is trying to penetrate ones comfort zone would probably do better by trying to penetrate a steel wall.

The mindset is much harder than a steel when it comes to changing its form.

Love quotes. they could have both the healing and damaging properties.

And while having paeds lecture last week, something remind me of my childhood. I doodled this during the class (Do not follow this!) Some of my sibling may still remember this monkey that we have back then. I cannot remember if I have a lot of teddies while growing up but i do remember about this red monkey with long arms. The size is more or less of 1L mineral water. I cant recall who gave it to me. Must have been from mama and baba. This was kind of the only teddy that i used to have. Nevertheless, it was quite special because I used it for lots of thing including as a ball!
Reminiscing childhood memories always make me smile. Thanks to Allah for protecting me and granted me such a wonderful childhood life.

P/s: i also have tumblr now. ^__^
So, what kind of 'teddy bear' that you guys have during your childhood? You can leave the answer in the comment section. :)