The video above talks about curing the problem of 'loneliness'. A very short one. Just a brief idea.

I brought up this issue because I'd seen lots of patient in psychiatric ward with the similar problem and as usual, most of them come with low mood and feel depressed. When you ask about family or support at home, many of them actually single/separated and have poor social support.

Here it shows that the importance of family and social support in an individual. In fact, it also very important in term of long care management for psychiatric patient, be if for schizophrenic patient or in depressed patient. Good social support would sometimes lead to a better prognosis. Social support doesn't just mean that live at home with family but the condition and situation at home are also vital.

So to have a good family, a proper planning is no doubt, very essential. Who, where when or what, i leave all that for you guys to answer. I dont need the answer to that. The point is, do plan and do not just sit back and wait for things to happen. By this age (23-24) it is a relevant thing to think about.


One thing that i like about doing medicine is when i was able to see how people respond to a situation. This may also be applied in other field as well. For instance, today i was in the outpatient clinic and an old lady came in with her daughter. She was diagnosed a couple month back with a late onset of bipolar affective disorder. She had a few manic episodes last time and she was hospitalized for that reason. Her daughter described her as not herself anymore at that time and she herself said that she became very bold. Anyway, what i like the most is when the daughter said that you could never appreciate something else any better than something that you almost lost (referring to her mother). It is indeed very true. 

Normally we tend to take thing for granted and only when we lost it or something, then we feel regret. There is no point anymore at that time. Your regret would mean nothing if u can't get it back. Although we know that in the case of a person, he/she will eventually died but while he/she is still here, appreciate it to the best level that you we can especially our own family members. They have contributed so much to allow us to be where we are at the moment.

Reflect and ask yourself again, what have you done to remember your love ones today.


Note to self:
1. Two patients think that i am younger than my actual age although i have my beard all right today. In fact one of them thought that i was 16! ^__^
2. Old age psychiatric is a good way to allow you to reflect about yourself at the moment.
3. Two of my friends 'secretly' engaged and i only knew their fiancée from a lady friend. Now i know why they said girls love to gossip (or should i say stalking).