I'm on holiday mood at the moment. Just finish the exam last Wednesday. The exam somehow didn't went very well. Honestly, I'm just hoping to pass this exam so that i don't have to repeat any paper next semester. I heard that the repeat exam will be before the IC3 exam because student that didn't pass the IC2 exam will not be allowed to take the IC3 exam a.k.a OSCEs. Hopefully i'm lucky enough to escape this threat.

A lot of things is happening and had happened for the last couple of weeks. The election for the new PPIMI Exco is done but the result somehow is still pending due to the presence of 'ghost-voters' which is a bit surprising. from what i know, all these people are actually people that try to mess with the online election system. They don't even register as a legal member of PPIMI and yet try to vote and act cool using their old ID. Worse, some even put stupid names on the ID box like 'hantu' and continue to vote. These people should be ashamed of themself. I hope that they are not the students here in Ireland because if they are, i hope that they know that their action justified their 3rd world class citizen mentality!

Enough with the pending result of the election. lets move on. HOLIDAY!! ^___^
My class only will be starting at 22nd Feb. It'll be surgery in Beaumont Hospital. I'm still trying to figure out how am i gonna reach Beaumont before 7 a.m after this. =O.o= .
So before that, i'm on holiday. One full month of them. Somehow, i may stay around Ireland only if my holiday plans didn't work well. I'm considering to fly to Malta at the moment. The place sounds interesting enough but travelling alone... :(
Everyone else is either preparing for their class next week or already travel somewhere else. Those that did not go anywhere else also only plan to stay and do revision. Not that i didn't want to do it but i think i wanna enjoy myself a bit and after that, start fresh again. haha.
So as to compensate my holiday plan that may not work, today i'll be going to Cork. A small city in south of island of Ireland. haha. Some of my friends there are also on holiday. I think i can spend some time travelling around with them rather that going somewhere else alone. Not a pleasant experience tho. 2-3 days in cork should be better than travelling alone to Malta if i may still go.

Thats all for now, dont forget to make du'a for me and pray that Allah will ease my unpredictable journey in this world.
As a human, we only plan and yet, HE is the All-Planner.
From HIM that we come and to HIM we will return.


P/s: I just want to be myself. Enjoy.