This happened to me yesterday when i was waiting for iftar. it was 8.25pm, 2 minutes before the iftar (base on the dayless calendar and my watch that i refered to assuming that yesterday is 29/08/09) and i was sitting alone (besides the manager and the kakak kaunter) inside the shop. i looked at my watch while eagerly waiting for the food to be served. then i asked the manager for the time of iftar just so to confirm that it is 8.27pm. then he said "its 8.30 today brother". what? i thought it was yesterday, on the 28th of august. i look at my watch again and clearly i can see number 29 there.

I wonder if it was the date on my watch is wrong or the manager just lost track of the date. As my mind wondered to find any significant event that happened lately, i suddenly remembered that hadi told me last week that he is going to go back to Malaysia on 28th. it was early yesterday morning (the day this incident happen) that hadi took a cab and went to the airport. So, it means that my watch shows a wrong date!!?? no way! i never set my watch like weeks ago and at that time, its still okay. Nothing wrong. Anyhow, i decided to just follow the 8.30 time and had my iftar meal. Just some burger meal if u wonder what do i ate over there ^.^

As i got home, i checked with the computer calendar and NO... it is 28! not 29. how come my watch said 29? i tried to re-set the date on my watch before realized something. To change the date, u have to turn the button at the side twice. if u turn the button at side once only, it wont move to the next date, the same thing goes with turning the date back. so, i guess my watch is actually somewhere like 12 hours early. At the time that it indicates 8.30pm, it maybe actually indicates 8.30am the next day, that why it shows 29th, not 28! lol. And the prove is that now at the moment where it is about 12pm in Dublin, the date was about to change to 30 where it suppose to shows 29. I never realized this before. Silly me. ^.^

thinking again, it is true that for the analog watch, the hourly indicator need to goes around twice before the date add up. in addition, it doesnt tell us whether it is am or pm. so, if your analog watch indicate 11.30 at the moment, u might wanna ask whether it is am or pm. maybe i mistakenly set my watch when i took the flight from malaysia to Dublin. haha.

Take home message:
1. Dont rely too much on your watch. it maybe dead or set at a wrong time before u notice it. especially the analog.
2. keep track of the day even if u are 22 hours/day inside your room.
3. Dont break your fast before its time. :D
4. If u cannot understand what am i writing above, feel free to ask coz with the grammar and everthing, i might confuse u more than u can imagine. O.o