1. It is sometimes annoying when people are 'over' in everything that they are doing including a good ones.
2. Life is full of mysteries. One time you predict this going to happen, next moment u realize it wasn't even close. even your past experience sometimes is not so helpful.
3. It is unfair to judge one's belief because if not than, don't call it a belief. what you can do is tell them what you think is true and guide them if they are willing to. NO USE OF FORCE PLEASE!
4. It is good to have an opponent especially in politics coz sometimes when you are toooooooooooo long in power, the tendency to misuse it is TOOOOOOOO great. at least they can tell what you are trying to hide though both side is actually have something in their mind. EVEN IN PALESTINE!
5. It's hard to focus on lecture when you are always sleepy. you might end up dreaming in a class and having a paroxysmal jerks. ^o^
6. Having enough 7 hours sleeps doesn't guarantee you not to take a short nap on class while at the same time, the lecturer is actually staring at you. Phew...
7. you cannot run away from love. be it loving others, wants to be love and etc. but what makes you a wise man is how you handle it.
8. Microbs sucks! big time!
9. 3 months is not too long but unknown length of waiting is pretty devastating.
10. Being patient is a bit difficult lately.
11. you cannot run away from your friend no matter what coz sometimes they are the one u turn to when u need help. Appreciate them!
12. i'm very hungry at the moment. need to take some dinner. ^^