To my dear friend X,

Past is past. No matter what you do it wouldn't change, maybe not that much even if there are any. No time to sulk and cry over the past. Let alone to drop a tears again for something apart from HIM if you never cry for your sins. It not gonna change anything. Let it be another history of your long long journey. trust me, time will heal. Be wise, move on.

so now, look forward and go straight. No more left or right turns. just go straight. The path is not that clear but you know that the ending is somewhere in front. Once the haze recedes, it may be clearer. Once you see the actual path, move on. Don't just stay put. even if there is a big wall in front, jump if you can, climb it if its too high. move on. If there a big hole, jump across. Try not to fall into. If there is a river, swim or use a bridge if available. Use whatever you can to move forward.

The energy drive? HE will decide. HE will give you the strength. Believe in HIM! You neither get tired nor faint. HE is the one that provide the energy, if there is no food available, HE will send you something else as a replacement. You might find some stall to shop by along the path. You might also meet some nice people give you their extra food. Believe in HIM and everything is doable. Trust in HIM and you journey will be easier.

Pray to HIM to ease your journey, to grant you strength, to guide you from astray, to enlighten the dark path, to protect you against the devil and to be with you all the time.

May you finally reach the ending of this unpredictably long journey in one piece.

1. I received a shocking news from afar about this friend of mine. I don't want to elaborate it in detail. enough said that it is something very bad.
2. The same thing kinda happen here too. Luckily that it was not that devastating. Seems like this month is a heart-breaking month maybe. Keep strong and stay focus dude.
3. On the other hand, some people are very lucky to start some good progress towards their dream. May you be able to hold on to the right path.
4. Even the two fiancee should know their limit if you know what i mean.